We have come to Ponnusamy Hotel in Chennai They are offering South India’s biggest thali It’s Rs. 1599 and three people can share it How can one person eat this! To help me finish this monster feast… She’s not ate anything since morning! Let’s welcome her… Not eaten since yesterday? No! Only since morning.. You’ve come here before?
No! Only since morning.. You’ve come here before? We’re ready for this! All set to conquer the feast here at Ponnusamy Hotel We’re here We have Isai from Ponnusamy Hotel with us Can we have a look the plate before eating from it? Sure! It’s diameter is 32 inch Sounds like I’m here to buy a TV! Can we see the Baahubali thali? Where do you get these plaintain leaves? They’re huge Shall we populate it with dishes? Looks like two people have to carry it Woah! You think we can finish it? Is there any time limit to finish this? Nope! This is going to take a lot of time Can you explain about the different dishes? There are 50 dishes here Shall we cover them clockwise or anti-clockwise? Chettinad Mutton Bone Soup For two people Kesari and Gulab Jamun A mixed-vegetable gravy Onion raitha A chicken curry A mutton curry Mutton bone marrow curry Chicken Chettinad Roast There’s a variety of spiced rice Rice with lemon flavour Sambar rice Curd rice and tamarind rice Rice with mint flavour Mutton and chicken Biryani A 750 ml bowl of steamed rice A bowl of Dal (pulses) for vegetarians Let’s get to the inner circle now A papad and some boiled egg Spinach gravy We also provide lemon and mango pickle Dal power and clarfied butter Buttermilk gravy Curd, Sambar and some fried vegetables Rasam Spicy tamarind gravy Chicken, mutton and fish gravy Seer fish fry and balls made of minced mutton Chettinad-style prawn fry Chettinad-style minced chicken Nethili fish (Anchovy/White Bait) fry Shark fish scramble Scrambled eggs Hill banana Betel leaf Egg omlette Chapathi (Bread) Parotta (Maida-based bread) Naan (Another maida-based bread) Raw, sliced onion. cucumber, carrot and tomato pieces Didn’t notice these! Thank you so much! We came super excited and fresh! We’re so full that we’re feeling sleepy. Can’t imagine going to office We required a lot of help to finish this one… You definitely need more than two people to finish this What you see here is the result of hunger of 4 people How was it, Krisha? It was super! Couldn’t finish even half of it We just wanted to taste as many dishes as possible… Coming with friends or relatives? You can definitely try this one For Rs. 1599, this was a new experience Reminds of a PUBG arena, this one Do come and have a taste of this! Do tell us what other hotels you want us cover!