VO: Are you dreaming of a place where you
can simply take a deep breath (takes long breath) and relax? Well, we would like to
welcome you and your family to the award winning Bay Palms Waterfront Resort and Marina. It’s part of a collection of three boutique
hotels located on the island of St. Pete Beach in sunny Florida. “and we love it here” VO: With access to all three resorts you’ll
have the luxury to unwind any way you choose. “ahhh…”
“alright…” “We’re Matt and Kim Hughes. We’re staying
at the hotel…brought our boat up. Docked right up for a little family vacation.” “You’re welcome to bring your boat. You’re
welcome to bring your jet skis. We have boat docking facilities. So we’ve got a lot of
great features that a lot of larger hotels don’t have to offer. and it really is stay
at one and play at all three. We really encourage all of our guests to go back and forth and
utilize all the amenities,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner Robert Czyszczon. “And it’s all within walking distance and
everything is right here. I mean, forget a car.” “So we spent the morning at Busch Gardens
and then we went to um…you know, some really nice restaurants that were actually on St.
Pete Beach. It’s a five minute drive to here. And it was just nice to have the opportunity
to do those kind of big city things and come back and sit on the beach and, you know, watch
the sunset. So it was amazing.” “We really like it here” “The staff is great and friendly. The pool
is always nice and refreshing and It’s a clean place to be. We love being here and we come
here a lot.” “The Bay Palms Waterfront resort has a lot
of one bedroom and two bedroom suites. Great for the families that want a little bit more
space. All the rooms have full kitchens, full size refrigerators, coffee makers, toasters.
We’ve got fishing piers at the Bay View and the Bay Palms where we rent fishing poles
for our guests. It’s excellent fishing back there,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner Robert Czyszczon. “We pulled this jack up on a shrimp. It’s
a good catch. You can’t really eat it but it’s a fun fight.” “It’s just an amazing little place here. It’s
so quaint, so quiet.” “It’s awesome. It’s a great family place.
We have a lot of fun …a lot to do. It’s pet friendly and like I said, the rooms are
great. Everything is really clean. It’s really nice. “If you’re thinking of coming to any of the
Plaza Beach Resorts. Number one – this reason right here. They have more fun then you….they’ll
be worn out, they will fall out. They will just hit the floor and you don’t have to do
anything. There is no fighting to put them down. And every time…It’s just quiet…calm
..cool and it feels like home. VO: Choose Bay Palms Waterfront Resort and
Marina for your next chance to unwind and we’ll take care of the rest. “Just come here and play. Come play.” “Come on out, you’re not going to be disappointed.
Give it a try.” “and it’s just …I love it…it’s…do you
…do you rent by the month? I mean, you know…could I live here? I mean…” “Bye”