Hello, in this video I’ll be presenting to you how the AutoZLounge extension works. The version of the extension that I’m using for this video is 0.2. Please note that there might be a newer version that has more features and improvements that is already available, but will not be shown in this video. As you see I have the AutoZLounge extension enabled. Upon clicking on the icon a popup panel will open. Here you can set the filters and also search for items of a specific campaign using it’s id. You can filter by brand, type, color, collection, size and price range. Please also note that newer versions of this extension will have better filtering based on grouping which should be explained upon release of the improved filtering. Before you can use the extension we need to set some filters. A star represents that we want everything from that filter category. Lets delete this star and enter some brand that we’d want. For example Lyle and Scott. If the brand name has more than just one word, then it’s safer to just enter one word from that brand so in this case I’ll just enter Lyle. We can also enter whatever other brands we’d like. Whenever we finish entering the brands we want be sure to hit the save button. For the next filter category I’ll open up a campaign page for a better example. Here are some products of a campain, as you see they have their brand name shown, but in a situation where the campaign is brand specific then the brand itself won’t show, instead usally a collection name is visible instead. Now we’ll enter the product type. It can be a dress, t-shirt and so on. Lets write the the product type inside the appropriate box. We can enter the full product type name or just simply one word from it. I’ll also enter the product brand so we can test the filter out later. And let’s delete the other brands and leave that one by itself. Now we can enter the product color which is a word representing the color. Please also remember to save your filters each time before closing the popup box, because as you see I forgot to save it and all my changes have been discarded. Here you can enter the collection name. I’ll just leave a star here so we’ll be accepting any collection name. We also should enter the size. Lets say I want 34, because I know it’s available. You can enter as many sizes as you want, like in other filters. The last thing is the price range. Lets just set it to something between the actual price of the product. Now you can either go to the campaign page and the filter will work by itself or use the campaign id to enter it inside the popup. This is most likely the fastest way, because it does not require you to load the actual campaign page. Whenever the search ends we’ll get notified how many items have been added to the basket. So lets check our basket. As you see we have the item we wanted in our basket, if there was any more items that matched our filters then of course those would also be added to our basket. Please note that there is a limit of 30 items in the basket. That would be it for this video. Feel free to ask questions, give feedback and suggestions in the comment section of this video. Have a nice day.