Pure luxury in the middle of Amsterdam. Up to 8.000 Euro
for one night. And 50 Euro
for a standard breakfast. Why does a night here cost so much
how else a whole vacation? What’s wrong with me right now,
is pepper and salt. This is screaming
after a call to the butler, right? An English castle
at the foot of the Zugspitze. Luxurious ambience
and opulent marketing as a lure for the super rich. This is the first meditation house
worldwide. Do you get that at all?
back in? – No, I’m not. Exquisite design
and seductive star cuisine for an equally select clientele. I was thinking about the champagne,
that would be the dates, 1995, but that’s the price.
for the bottle: 1.995 Euro. Top priority: Service that is
All-round carefree package for the guest. What does that mean for the staff? What’s a good tip? Everything that appears,
you’re happy. Daniel A�mann shows what luxury is all about.
and what it can cost. Do you hear anything?
You can’t hear a thing. Absolute silence. That’s luxury. Subtitles: WDR mediagroup Ltd.
on behalf of the WDR Dream about it, too, once in a lifetime in a luxury hotel
to spend the night like this? Most of the time it remains
I’m afraid it’s just a dream, because the hotels are really expensive. But why?
Where are the costs incurred? Aren’t there ways and means cheaper to stay overnight
to get close? Now in “Luxury hotel of all places”. Daniel A�mann’s research
begins in Amsterdam. One of the most popular destinations
for city breaks. The TwentySeven counts
to the most luxurious hotels in Europe. The most expensive suite costs here
up to 8.000 Euro. Per night. Hello.
– Hello, sir. Welcome to Hotel TwentySeven.
– Thank you very much, sir. I take your luggage.
– Direct? Yeah, okay. Service, whether you like it or not. His luggage
Daniel A�mann has already left. And is immediately notified by employee no.
One to employee number two. A classic, opulent lobby
is not here. Because the hotel
lies in an angled, listed buildings
in Amsterdam’s most expensive location. No rooms, 16 suites,
a star restaurant, a bar. The credo: absolute privacy
with 24-hour service. I see,
you’ve got a microphone like this right here. Is there a code there that says,
“TV’s here”? You’re not supposed to see that,
that’s actually classified. But sure, it’s easier for us
to communicate. Is there a code?
“Difficult guest, careful”? No? – There are
no difficult guests here. No, of course not. The international noble public is safe totally easy to clean
and relaxed. Before check-in:
Appearance Butler Johannes. Yes, a real butler. Hello.
� How are you today, Sir? Welcome to the TwentySeven.
– Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be one of your butlers, Sir.
Please follow me to the check-in. Go straight on,
I’d like a drink first. This is guest service agent Victor.
– Hello, there. My name is Victor. Welcome to our
Hotel TwentySeven. – Thank you very much, sir. Please take a seat. Every guest gets
a glass of champagne, or is that,
because the TV’s there? That’s what every guest gets. When I see the glass in front of the bar.
what would it cost? Victor might know that. How much is that?
– 15 euros. Then we already have 15 euros here.
Let’s try it. Seen in this light, 15 euros have been saved for the time being. Well, at prices between
400 and 8,000 euros a night? That’s what you do with paper.
That’s 80, 100 grams. It’s really thick paper.
– Yeah, that’s it. Okay. (laughs) Now to the room.
Uh, the suite. Just once pull away briefly,
I paid for it. You can take it with you to your
suite or your butler will take it. No, it’s okay. It’s done. Hope you enjoy it.
– Great. Daniel has one of the cheap suites
booked: 650 Euro. Per night. During the week and in
the absolute low season in winter. Thank you very much, sir.
– Welcome home. 55 sqm luxury, spread over 2 rooms. Noble design from all over the world. Per tablet you can create a light mood
and room temperature according to your wishes. The bathroom is also exclusive,
with whirlpool, steam shower. And high-tech toilet. Also included:
the 24-hour Butler service. Could he perhaps get the clothes
or the clothes for you? Yeah, why not, huh? Right, yeah, you’re like that here now.
– All right, all right. He’ll be happy to do it for you. So he hangs the things
in the closet for me? – That’s it. Whatever you want. Would you like me to do that while
you’re having dinner downstairs? Yeah, it’s best.
That’s how we do it. Perfect. Perfect. Coins get a butler
by the way, rarely infected. The tip is
at least one note the rule. The tea, the coffee and the water is
all included within the room rate. The rest is of course on the menu. Most expensive bottle I’ve ever seen.
I can buy: Dom P�rignon, 290 euros. Is she in here?
– Yes, sir. There, 290 euros. Will the then frequent
out of the minibar? Or how do the guests do it?
– I’m sure it will. And sometimes there are guests,
who drink that every day. Okay. (laughs) Stay with us for a week.
and drink it every day. Johannes has 2 years on a
Butler school in London. Starting salary in a luxury hotel:
about 2.500 Euro. For one night
in the most expensive suite John would have to
for more than 2 months. Price
luxury knows no bounds. A few examples
of the most expensive hotel rooms in Europe: The Furka Suite
at The Chedi in Andermatt costs 15.780 Euro per night,
at least. The Royal Suite at the Hotel Adlon in
Berlin just under 16,000 euros per night. Et La Suite Shangri-La
at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris is around 17,000 euros. Almost cheap against the penthouse
Suite at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes: for 28,450 euros per night. The most expensive is in Geneva: The Royal Penthouse
at the President Wilson Hotel. costs 52.630 Euro per night. Most luxury hotels in Germany
are located in Bavaria. This is the place
especially wellness holidaymakers. With approximately 1.2 billion euros
Turnover per year one of the most important target groups
of the luxury hotel business. The vacation starts right here,
Klais 3, if you will. Because the hotel says that it’s the
and picks up our guests right here at the track. Well, I’ll be curious. Daniel A�mann’s goal: the best
Wellness hotel in Germany, frontrunners
in the most important industry ranking. Are you the driver now?
or what’s your position? I am the
Deputy hosts. Oh, well, at the highest level.
drove here? – At the highest level. Deputy host is
by the way, the charming paraphrase for deputy hotel manager. And this is Christian Uhrlau
for almost 3 years. The Hotel
he’s known for 12 years. But is everyone actually going to be
I was picked up by your guest personally? An old man once told me
said: Managing by walking around. That’s why we’re always on the move. Is there still
Do you ever tip anybody? Every now and then, yes. And that goes to the
own bag, or who gets it? We’ve got a little coffee shop. Do guests come too?
from Hattingen? Hattingen lies,
if I may ask, where? What do you mean, you don’t know?
– No. Rhineland-Palatinate? No, in the Ruhr area. At Bochum,
Essen, Dortmund the corner. Dortmund we have many guests,
Bochum we have one. And now a Hattinger.
– The one I know personally. Yes, now you know
Hattinger, too. Now the list is checked. Wellness hotels like the Kranzbach
make it clear Guests of the Nobelhotels
define luxury no longer exclusively
about extravagant, expensive design. The trend: Luxury, which is
down-to-earth and authentic. 2.7 million people have 2017 Wellness holidays
made in Germany and for an increase in sales
of about 13%. No segment of the industry
grows faster. What do you get here for your money?
but you’re out of your mind? That’s what Daniel A�mann wants to find out. Check-in with reception manager
Claudia Stampfer. I booked half board.
– That’s right. How much is it now? Your room costs for the
Single use per night 283 Euro. This includes
Pamper half board, which we have included in all prices
have already included. It’s breakfast, a light lunch, in the afternoon our
Cake and strudel buffet and in the evening our menu to choose from. There are 12 room categories here. The most expensive
costs up to 700 Euro per night. The hotel is now
well above the average price German 5-star hotels of scarcely
160 Euro, without breakfast and extras. For 283 Euro per night Daniel A�mann gets here
Half board and this room. Let’s start right here. Here’s actually
my closet. Stop right there,
I’m gonna go around for a minute. Hold it right there. Well, here I am again.
Now I’m in the bathroom. That’s a smart idea, isn’t it? Can the wardrobe of both
Fill and remove pages. Not bad,
I’ll come around again. Yes, this is the room here:
pleasantly large. Let’s take a look in the bathroom:
I did a nice job too. First and foremost, the most beautiful thing,
come around, when you’re lying here in the tub,
Let me show you this for a second. You lie here in the bathtub.
then you have the view here. That’s great, isn’t it? You’re looking right at the mountains,
into the fir trees, into the forest. But the view
there’s even better, and that’s when you’re
right on the terrace. This is
for me personally the highlight. Now, everybody be quiet. Do you hear anything? Nah, neither do I. You can’t hear a thing. Maybe a little back there.
Pool that’s rippling, but otherwise absolute silence. That’s luxury. In Germany, 8,300 hotels have
a star classification. 4 stars are among others
for a 24-hour reception, Beverage service,
Hotel bar, breakfast buffet. In the rooms a.o. minibar, couch
with side table, bathrobe, Slippers, cosmetic articles
and heating in the bathroom. Only 1.5% of all hotels
belong to the deluxe class. And that’s what makes them different:
multilingual staff and additional staff
like concierge and bellboy. Fresh flowers
and a 24-hour room service. Internet terminals, safe,
Ironing and shoe polishing service and the bed uncovering in the evening. Back at TwentySeven,
in the heart of Amsterdam. * Music * The hotel’s own star restaurant promises on his homepage
“World-class gastronomy.” The exclusive dinner
is not included in the room price. How much do drinks cost?
Food and service extra? And: Is it worth the money? * Music * We were parked in the hallway.
had to turn off the lights, too. That’s why it’s just
a little darker in the picture. Because that could bother the guests. Sure, for privacy,
when people here pay a lot of money, then I can understand it too. condition for permission to film: constant monitoring
the hotel press officer. Other guests are welcome Daniel A�mann
and not address the team. Now I’ve got a table,
but I have to go through the kitchen, so we don’t go around the front.
and don’t disturb the guests. Oh, yeah, you want to come, too, right? Hello. This is it? Here, yeah? Thank you. I’ll take care of it. There he sits. In the last corner. Hurry up over there. That’s enough. Yeah, they’re far away. Here, too, every guest is provided with
a glass of champagne. How much is the glass going to cost now?
– Sixteen and a half euros. 16.50. There’s probably
even more expensive, right? Yes, we have Don Perignon, too.
from 2009, and that’s up to 35 euros. 35, that’s 0.2 l then, right?
– Yes, 0.2 l. Okay. (laughs) Yeah, cheers then.
– Cheers. So hardly there,
I’ve had two glasses of champagne. That’s good manners here:
always champagne. If you can’t get any more, champagne. The selection of wines: for luxury hotels
an important calling card. Most expensive bottle
costs here approximately 2,000 euro * Music * I was thinking about the champagne,
that would be the dates, 1995, but that’s the price.
for the bottle: 1.995 Euro. And when you get it thicker, you get a bottle, too.
for 3.865 Euro. At the same time, the overnight stay
cheap again, right? Has anyone ever seen that bottle
for 3,865? No, I’m afraid not yet. It’s still in the fridge. I’d say
it’s about time, isn’t it? But I’m not doing it either. Maybe you’d like that.
No? I’m afraid I can’t. Guests from Holland, Germany,
but also increasingly from Russia, Families as well as business people normally enjoy here
a 5-course or 7-course menu. * Music * For 75 or 100 Euro. Daniel A�mann tries to save money and orders only
Starter and main course. * Music * As you might expect,
of course it tastes great, too. But it’s just a bit clear. I realize that I’m probably
not the canap� type. Unless you end up eating seven courses,
as it is thought of here, then of course you get full. But then you’ll get rid of 100 euros. And where does Daniel A�mann land?
with his selection � la carte? Now we have here
a total of 125,50 Euro. It’s an announcement for me, too,
I think. We had the glass of champagne,
16,50. Then we have the two glasses of wine,
22 euros, a glass 11 euros. Then the starter at 25,
the main course with 55 and a little water for 7 euros,
You’re at 125.50 euros. I’m going to let
I’ll write it in my room. But I have to say,
It’s already ringing in your wallet. What makes people tick?
who’s here for a night spend so much money
like others for a whole vacation? Daniel A�mann wants to know more
about the guests of the luxury hotels. With the camera in tow
anything but simple. The people
they all don’t want to be shown, they don’t want to be on TV. But Sandro
I’m glad he wants to be on TV. You have some answers for me,
Yeah? Sandro’s in charge of the drinks.
And about the diamonds. Diamonds in a bar? Yeah, there’s a drink with a friend.
real Klunker in the glass. The price? Here’s another one:
27,000 euros for a drink. Can one at sunrise
or sunset. Has anyone ever ordered this?
– Yes, we had two times. First time it was ordered
but it was discontinued. Something went wrong. And what was wrong
on the first order? It was a personal matter from the
couple who ordered it, not from us. It was negative, the answer, so…
– Ah, okay. That’s annoying, of course. Sandro just told me,
Someone ordered it before. for 27,000 euros,
there’s a real diamond in there. But unfortunately, that one has no.
I said. That was a marriage proposal. If he’d had a bottle of that stuff before.
I should have ordered some champagne, then maybe she would be
I was in a better mood. 27,000 euros. For one drink. Real diamond included. Daniel would rather choose a nightcap
from the lower price region for 12 Euro. Among the most popular drinks
a classic counts: whiskey. And in a hotel of this class. it must not, of course.
to be anybody. I think it’s 600 per shot. One shot 600,
that’s just one shot of Whiskey. He just told me,
there’s a bottle up there, It costs a pin, 30 cc’s,
600 euros. That’s the range,
where you can’t keep up, that you can’t understand anymore,
at least I am. 600 Euro for 30 ml.
Almost as expensive as Daniel’s suite. Nevertheless, the whiskey is often
bartender Sandro reveals. Either now I could
50 of these screw in or just a pinch of that
Schnapps here for just under 600 euros. Well, you better get to bed. The Kranzbach at the foot of the Zugspitze is going for another luxury–
Promise: Relaxation and peace. What’s the end result?
on the bill as well? One of the great offers
there’s wellness in this hotel. Equipped with my mules,
the bathrobe and the in-house purse
I’m gonna go look for it. Most lucrative target group:
Couples over 65. They’re doing
just under 1/4 of the total turnover the wellness industry. You know,
where’s the spa? Is that it that way?
– There. That way?
– Up ahead, right. Do you have to go?
May I come with you? – Yes, it is. Where did you come from?
– From large cakes. Where’s that?
– I’ll show you. Oh, we can look right here. There’s the needle.
Thomas, you stay here. Thomas, here. You know where it is.
He found it. There, the 2, there’s big cake.
– Ah, great. 95% of the guests
come from Germany. But especially for longer stays.
and special cures even from the remotest corners of the world.
of the world. Then I’ll show you now,
where I come from. We’re going to have to do that for once.
I’m gonna stick a needle in Hattingen. Hattingen lies in the Ruhr area.
– Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is Bochum. Actually, since
someone came from Hattingen. Then we’ll do it here again.
Hattingen, that’s where I’m from. Well, that’s a little bit. The use of the 5 pools,
8 saunas and steam baths is included in the room price. Applications such as massages or
Beauty treatments cost extra. The absolute majority
the wellness holidaymaker wants package deals. Even though the
is usually a little more expensive as separately booked
individual applications. Hello.
– Good morning, sir. Greetings. Hello Mr. A�mann, good morning. Hello.
– Greetings. Oh, are you a masseuse?
That was a good grip, though. What are the classic ones?
Back massage, how much does it cost? Wait a minute, I’ll show you. The healing massage lies when you
25 min at 38 euros. Or 68 euros, when you say it’s okay
a little longer. This is also the classic
Treatment that many guests book. Now we are at 38, 68 Euro
with the classical healing massage. Can I save some money? if I book in advance,
over the Internet? – No, I’m not. You can’t,
that’s a set price? No, we’ve got a special offer for all the guests.
the same price, nobody is disadvantaged
or preferred. Then I’d make it look like the crowd
I’ll do it. Then I’ll take a look at
the classic healing massage of 50 min and the meditation. What’s the total price? 68 for massage
and the 14 for meditation. Okay, 82 euros we’re on. And you come deep down relaxed.
out again. Yes, I’m curious. Worldwide competition is leading to the wealthy beauty customers
to, well, creative ideas. At Ada Barak’s Spa in Israel
you swear by snake massages. With real snakes. The brave can get their act together here.
from the smooth animals, that gently over the body
and let them wind and relax. Under Japanese Geishas was nightingale excrement
as a special tip for clean skin. In the modern version sterilized
and mixed with rice bran. It couldn’t be more exclusive: During the gold massage
at the Hotel Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz 24 carat gold leafs
on the skin. Should tighten the connective tissue
and let the skin shine all over again. Which wishes are the most important
German luxury guests, hotel manager Klaus King knows. Absolute privacy
can be found in the tree house Deluxe from approx. 600 Euro per night. But send rooms alone
are not enough, to meet the needs of our wealthy clientele
to convince the people This is really the first
Meditation house worldwide. This was written by the world architect
Kengo Kuma built and is framed
with 1,550 wooden shingles, where each is different. When I hear it, world architect,
1,550 wooden shingles, then the question forces itself upon me,
how much did this place cost? This place was a good seven figures. I’m gonna go talk to
of 1.5 million euros, yes? Just talk about it. Do you get that at all?
about the meditation courses, you’re selling back in?
– No, I’m not. So that’s more like image? It’s image, it’s marketing.
and it’s good for the guests. That’s the most important thing.
– Okay. (laughs) 1 h Meditation group
costs just 14 euros, but is a unique selling point. More than 1,000 hotels advertise in Germany
with their wellness offer. It’s a place where you build
a meditation house for over a million, to distance yourself. This gives the hotel
Attention and therefore guests. In addition to wellness, equipment and
upscale cuisine set luxury hotels also with many psychological
Tricks to create your own fragrance brand. Do you smell anything? It definitely smells nice,
so doesn’t smell bad. We have a
own Kranzbach fragrance, He’s also going into the underground car park,
in certain corridors. It’s a natural scent.
about natural resins from tree resins. It’s being sprayed. That’s what the parking lot smells like.
after relaxation. Hello, greetings. Have you been here long?
– I’ve been there about 30 minutes. 30 minutes, okay. Are you a frequent guest here?
– For the second time. What do you think of the hotel?
– Tree house. We were just there,
we looked at each other, too. May I ask, perhaps:
What do you pay for your room? Or for the house? I think I’ll pay 600 a night. But with company probably?
– Two. To 2. then about 600 a night,
okay. If there are any more complaints.
there, here we have the boss. Hello.
– Hello, nice to meet you. No, I’m perfectly happy.
– Everything’s fine. Great, yeah. We’ve come for the tree house. and also
about the new meditation house. Let me tell you something:
it cost about a million and a half. But you must now
I don’t want to feel guilty about it, if you pay only for 14 Euro
book the meditation. He says you have to
I wouldn’t finance it here anyway. That doesn’t pay off. Have a nice vacation.
Thank you. Thank you. The old porter’s lodge with a
of the hotel’s most exclusive suites. 100 square meters,
a ladies’ room and a gentlemen’s room. This is available from 332 Euro per person. You have to book at least
for 2 persons and 2 nights. That’s a good 1.300 Euro
for the weekend. For a few questions.
sit down? – Anytime. Is the question of whether we’re going to be
or a lady’s bedroom. I think that’s where we should be
to get to know each other first, Let’s go on the sofa. I was wondering, now.
we’ll talk about 310 euros a night. Is the rich clientele
a good clientele? The rich clientele, like you.
to describe it is more difficult than the middle class
or the one where you don’t have to. What makes that more difficult? The hard part is simple,
they’re more spoiled than others. The claims or
Expectations are often higher. And, of course, you have to do that.
as a hotelier. You’re playing them something, you put something in their heads,
what they expect. And if you’re going to have these expectations.
you’ll be through. Who was that? A lot of actors,
a lot of politicians. The important thing is: Everyone has a white bathrobe.
They’re all the same. And everyone pays the same. And you’ll never get a picture
I’m gonna see somebody’s face, where I get photographed. In the world of the outcast
of luxury hotels are the salaries of the staff
very earthly. The hotel has 180 employees. From the cleaner for a good 1,800 euros
to the head of the department, also known as Chef de Rang,
for up to 2.800 Euro. Part of the service staff is currently preparing
for the dinner that’s coming up. Here is about every single guest
Book kept. Hello. Just keep going. 9a: 3 persons, take the dog with you. 87a: Water with gas. 22 and 200: 4 persons,
Water with, water still. Table 42:
the lady has a garlic allergy. Table 30: gluten-free. Can I hook up for a second?
How do you know all this? Is that in advance
were queried? Are these empirical values
from the first few nights? Yes, experience
from the first evenings, and then we’ll do
this micromarketing. For example, if we know about a guest,
who has gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance,
we’ll put it in a file. It’s very elaborate,
but help us, and the guest has a little wow.
Effect: They remembered something. When I sit here as a guest, What can I do for you?
Give pleasure? What if I take the crumbs away myself? Finally, if there’s anything
is rewarded with a good tip. With a tip. What’s a good tip? Do they talk about 5 euros, 10?
– From 5, and then up. Everything that appears,
you’re happy. – Very good. Half board
is included in the room price. Another choice, e.g.
just breakfast, you don’t have it here. And so also no possibility
to save money. The drinks cost extra. The wine, by the way.
until the next evening stored locked up,
so enjoy it for several days. * Music * The next morning. Time for the inclusive breakfast. 50 kinds of homemade rolls, 90 different types of biscuits
from the in-house baker: the former federal winner
and European champion in the baking trade Eberhard Holz. Now, if you’ll excuse me for saying this.
with other hotels, how is this gonna work?
an enormous additional expense? Where is the additional cost here?
in a luxury hotel of this kind? That’s already financially a
great feat of strength, no question about it. But it pays off.
for this house. If that’s the way you want it,
like downstairs, this spa department, we are the marketing department
from the house. Because with a good breakfast.
I have to go, right? – Yes, it is. Have you got
some more numbers for me, so how much you need to order, what your order looks like,
how much does the order cost? About a month
we have a material input between 13,000 and 16,000 euros. 13,000 to 16,000 a month,
just to show off the baked goods? The baked goods.
– Just the baked goods? We also make the chocolate.
and the cakes, and that’s all. It’s still in there, okay. But sausage and cheese?
– That’s none of our business. That’s good. That’s good. That’s marketing too: a way to
sumptuous, handmade breakfast, about which even the spoiled
audience still speaks later. Time, the wellness weekend
to add up: one night with half board:
283 euros. Plus the wellness program,
Drinks and tips. total power
just under 400 euros for one night. And: You have to book normally
for at least 2 nights. Back in Amsterdam. What extras end up in the luxury–
City Hotel still on the bill? Breakfast
is not included in the room price. Tomorrow, here we are. First night over,
I’m hungry now. You can get breakfast here.
not down at the buffet, by the way, but either � la carte or man
I can take it up to the room. I’ll have it taken to my room.
to the hospital. The standard breakfast, 30 euros,
I’ll order once. And that’s what I picked out:
fresh yoghurt with fruits. If we’re back to 16 euros.
Breakfast: 46 Euro. Let’s go. Here comes the guest
not the breakfast buffet, but the butler
with the breakfast to the guest. I’m looking,
I had 46 euros in my head, but now we’re 52.50 euros. What else came along?
Or did I look wrong? The service
to bring it up to the room. Okay, that’s the 10 euros?
– Yes. Okay, 10 euros for you to tell me.
to the room. Been a long way, huh? If the butler service
becomes classic room service, it’s gonna cost extra. What’s wrong with me right now,
is pepper and salt. We don’t have that here. I’d say that screams
after a call to the butler. Good Morning, this is Daniel. I need salt and pepper. Okay, thank you. Come back as soon as you can. * Doorbells * What’s that? If that’s salt and pepper,
it just lasted 30 seconds. I’ll put it to you on the table.
– That was very fast. * Music * I had the feeling,
he was waiting for the call. and was already standing in front of the door
with salt and pepper. Maybe he was standing outside the door.
and waited. I’m going to take a look. Nah, it’s not there yet. No, nobody there. But he was really quick, the
only took a few seconds, until the one with salt and pepper
at the door. There’s a price to pay. Luxury also means to be able to
not to have to take care of anything yourself. Of course not
to tidy up and clean up. Talking of cleaning: There’s one thing I have to tell you.
I’ll have to show you. Where the luxury for me here is all
clearly unfolded, is on toilet. Look here, there goes
I’ll open the lid myself. It’s all luxury,
you don’t need. Take a look,
when you sit on it. Shh. Can you hear that? Then a blower comes on,
which sucks the smell away. Below we have
nor underfloor lighting, I remember it from the car,
when we were tuning. Is there any now?
at the toilet. The toilet lid is also heated. And we have various
Setting options. I wonder what’s happening,
when I’m squeezing the woman here. Conclusion: pure luxury. I don’t know, I don’t know,
if it’s absolutely necessary. * Music * For perfectly made beds
in the morning and in the evening the housekeeping, as well as the
for absolutely flawless cleanliness. I’m gonna go
a few things differently, and you can take a look,
which would actually be perfect. Okay. (laughs)
– Yeah, fine. One turn, but stay here. Stay here and turn around. Daniel A�mann prepares
a small, playful test for housekeeping chief Miriam. Let’s see how many details
actually catch her eye. What did that housekeeping lady
like that? * Music * So, Miriam, it’s done.
– Okay. (laughs) It’s served. You can do it. Like a test?
– A little test, yes. * Music * That was definitely the first thing,
recognized them directly. * Music * Yeah, that’s right. Point number two. How many points to go? Not bad, that was point three. I wouldn’t have thought so,
that you see it the same way. Yes. This one should be
not all the way to the end. Yes, this one was number one. Number two. Fingerprints definitively. What is really important is that
the zip lines will be always under. The zipper
must always be down, she says. You did it. You don’t care, whether the remote
left or right? To the guests at TwentySeven
apparently not. Daniel A�mann is on the way to the boss and owner
the Amsterdam posh hostel. I think this is where we’re supposed to meet,
at the restaurant. Here you’ll also find
wiped off diligently. Eric Toren,
two-time hotelier of the year, already owns several hotels. A year ago
the TwentySeven came along. The man doesn’t seem to have enough
I’ll get it for you. The only question is, what from? I once did a rough job
I’ve done the math. If the hotel is completely
would be booked up all year round, you’d be about
7 million euros in sales. What’s the price here?
Where’s the money going? Turnover doesn’t mean profit, you know.
will also have some cost. I think we’re gonna win something,
that’s over 3, 4 years. They don’t calculate for 3 to 4 years.
in the black, that you can make profits?
– Yes, because… Also e.g. the lamp here,
These are design lamps. How much is that?
– Uh, a lot. Is it possible to
in concrete terms somehow? More than a Mercedes. More than a Mercedes?
The one lamp? And we’ve got six or seven of those. Okay, what class of Mercedes?
E-Class? Higher class. Because everything that is design,
is of course expensive. And that’s handmade,
and so we have a lot of things here. That every room
is individually designed, is in hotels of this category
almost self-evident. For the equipment give
luxury hotels are worth millions. A worthwhile investment. The yield per room
is in the deluxe class almost twice as high as that of a
average 4-star hotels. But the elitist audience
I’m sorry for any mistakes. That’s why the TwentySeven For six months before the opening.
rehearsed with test guests. Eric Toren in the 2,500-euro suite. It’s triple, bulletproof glass. I’m thinking 5,000 or so. On the walls: no wallpaper, but noble fabrics
and international art. The carpet: one in Nepal
according to Dutch design specifications hand knotted unique specimen. The room doors:
extra thick, completely soundproof. The suite costs in high season
up to 8.000 Euro. The salaries have the opposite effect
of the staff is manageable. What does a butler like that deserve?
for example here to get started? Between 2,400 and 2,600 gross. How many people
are busy here, to make this work?
– I think 80, 90. For just 16 suites
mind you. And what has Daniel’s Trip de Luxe
now tasted in total? Goede middag.
– Goede middag. I’d like to check out sometime,
please. 650 Euro pure overnight price. Restaurant, bar and breakfast
on top. And there’s more:
Tips, snacks and a minibar. And that’s how you get fast
over 940 Euro for one night
in one of the cheap suites. Thank you very much, sir.
– Have a nice day, bye-bye. Only 1.5% of all hotels
can keep up in the luxury segment. The most important criteria
for the wealthy guests: 24-hour all-round service,
extravagant design and an extensive
Wellness offer. That seems to be paying off: The demand for overnight stays
in German luxury hotels has been in the past summer months
by a whopping 30%. Trend: further upward. Copyright WDR 2019