-♪ Suggestion Box ♪ -Here we go. Here. The first one is from
Suzanne Kowalski. “Hey, Jimmy, I heard that
Shaquille O’Neal recently opened his own chicken restaurant
on a cruise ship. Is that true?” Yeah, it is true.
He was on the show. Shaq was talking about it. It’s called
“Shaq’s Big Chicken.” And it’s on Carnival Cruises. They’re going to have it
on some of their ships. I found out about the ships part because I just saw
a commercial for it featuring Shaq himself
rapping about it. -Really? -It’s pretty fun.
Check this out. -♪ Shaq Big Chicken,
chicken on a ship ♪ ♪ Chop up the chicken,
eat a chicken strip ♪ ♪ Chicken, ship, shop,
Shaq, chicken, jock ♪ ♪ Chicken in the kitchen,
I’m the captain of the ship ♪ ♪ Shaq chicken Captain,
got to get a napkin ♪ ♪ Napkin for the captain,
for Captain Shaq ♪ [ Chicken squawks ] -I just saw that commercial. -I did not.
I had not seen that till now. -Yeah. Oh, yeah. This next suggestion is from —
These are all suggestions. -From the audience.
-Yeah. This one’s from Larry Wintrock.
“Hey, Jimmy. Have you seen Mark Wahlberg’s
daily schedule? He posted it on Instagram,
and it is insane.” I have seen Mark Wahlberg’s
routine, and it is intense. Let’s take — This is 100% real.
Look at this. He wakes up at 2:30 a.m.
Works out at 3:40. Plays golf by 7:30. Works out
again in the afternoon. I mean, it is nuts. Anyways, we wanted to see how a different Mark
handles this routine. So we had our very own
Mark Kelley from The Roots attempt to follow
Mark Wahlberg’s schedule. Let’s see how it went. [ Alarm clock ringing ] -There you go.
Yeah. Interesting. That’s how it went.
That’s as long as that lasted. Yeah. That was quick.
-Wow. -This next suggestion
from Brenna Hoskins. “Hey, Jimmy,
you should make a paper airplane and see how far
you can throw it.” I don’t see any harm in that. No one’s ever gotten hurt
from throwing a paper airplane. Right? Let me try it. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Wind rushing ] -Watch out. -Ow! Ow! Ow! Jimmy, why would you do that?! Why would anyone
throw a paper plane? -I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry about that. Can someone check on John?
Is he okay? Is he alright? -You threw it
through my glasses! -Oh, my gosh. That shouldn’t
be possible, Jimmy! This feels malicious! -Sorry about that. Let’s move
on. I’m sorry about that. It went through his glasses.
This one is from Theresa McKeon. “Hey, Jimmy, the other night, I noticed a light switch
on the wall next to you. I was wondering.
What does that control?” Um, well — Oh, wow. I never actually
really noticed that was there. I have no idea what it controls. Well, let’s see. [ Laughter ] I guess it doesn’t do anything.
I don’t know. -Why would they put it there? -How am I supposed to know
what it does? -It seems insane.