I think it looks better this way First day at the Athens bar show The preparations are endless,
but we will be ready Look at this awesome backpack you’re the man – you have to see the gorilla – Gorilla who?
– i have also a gorilla backpack But I was out of space Now we can see the bar academy stuff They look so sweet See You tomorrow. bye! One more bar show for mr. Orfanos. I want to talk now with all these things
How do you feel? I feel awesome! I am a bit nervous, but I feel awesome – Thats why I love you man.
– I love you too And here it is Achilleas Thanasoudas Are we gonna do some flair? – Of course! Did you bring bottles? – Nope but but you should have! – From tomorrow Yes! Thats what I mean! Tomorrow dude! Bye! We are waiting for Babis and he is right here. Babi Stop And It’s the great moment that we will talk to Babis for 30 seconds Not again… First Day on The Athens bar Show
and its time for the first drone flight It is a bit blowy but I think we Are gonna make it Are we ok? Perfect! On the same time we are to close to
a military camp, that means a non flight zone – This Is empty Inside? – This one? we will see We are interrupting to explain again
what is the Athens Bar Show Following the book cover,
Together we are Stirring the Future of the bars but how can I explain it better? If it was candy,
it would be hazelnut praline, for professionals If It was a tablet,
it would be i-pad for professionasl If it was a scooter, it would be T-Max for professionals If it was a boxer, it would be Mohamed Ali for professionals As follows that Athens bar Show is the biggest bar event of the Domestic Bar Scene 7th Athens Bar Show
and sorry for interupting first hour in Athens Bar Show, we are in a good way Micky? Goodmorning – Welcome – Nope! welcome is for you -Oh wright, I am an alien here – You are from Thessaloniki – Nope! I am from Athens and I live in Thessalonki – My scalp looks good Is it recording? oh yes is recording – You can feel it from the voice – It is the Bar Academy News Voice Style Not one, not two, not three, four, five
but all the nametags with mr. Apergis – How are you boy? – Mr. Axarlis how do you see the first 3-4 hours of the Athens Bar Show? – Its not 3 hours I am here 7 already I mean for the crowed Christos – Its nice, its’s warm outside, a boost of electrolytes and everything will be all right – Hello, how you doing? Bye! From the good things of Athens Bar Show – Say a good morning please
– Good morning sir How is your day? its cool A year after, your cookie was super awesome,
for the history to remember – How do you feel Mr. Korovesis?
– perfect, I could not be better – I am leaving you now ok?
– Salute! – He is recording video – It’s a Video George, not a photo
– Ah? really? hello, how Are you? – You tricked me twice – Hello how are you at the Athens Bar Show 2016 – Natsis! My boy! My handsome man!
Are you having a good time? – I have a great time, what about you? Wow, very nice hair by the way And the night falls over Athens Bar Show 2nd day on Athens Bar Show the weather will betray us I think but we don’t care we also have a cover here And lets do some questions to the people 2nd day on Athens Bar Show,
how do you feel about the weather? I are extremely happy, the odds was for rain, but it is sunny But the truth is, that we were 100% sure that there was no rainy day, other people said that we didn’t expect that, because it NEVER rains – Us you can see, Yiannis did a small insult and because unfortunately there is universe causality ther was a Nemesis for the second day I don’t know if you can see,
but the weather is not sunny anymore – I think we will be wet – Let me see
A bit higher the camera – the birds fly low, it will rain – It rains a bit… – just a bit – we just found the mutual characteristic of George Bagos with Tom Cruise He has the Tom Cruise syndrom tell me why mister bagos you are on the stair? – you don’t understand? he is 1,90cm… what is Athens bar show for you? what? i hold the microphone – Why you hold it? – Athens Bar Show is, the biggest bar event in our country from Ho.Re.Ca. until today I have to correct your answer because it was XENIA, it was not Ho.Re.Ca. – Great Age comes with bad things Athens bar Show is the biggest chance of the year,
for professionals to come togethet and having you with a microphone disturbing us – you ruined it at the end, but never mind – It is a difficult question, but i will answer with forcefullness many new products, connection with major professionals celery foam! and the 2016 champion Achilleas Thanasoudas how that happend sorry but I have these on the back – and lets show of that it was no luck lets do what we did on the previous video,
lets go at the most exhibitors why you are not moving? – Mr. Kaidalidis do a quick call please – Everything perfect! Everything Superb!