Hello, I’m therapist, myaling.
Is the your room comfortable? Hi, The room is so comfy. That’s a relief. I will offer SPA service at your room in an hour
because you reserved the room with SPA service. Meanwhile, Would you please take a bath? Okay. I see. Thank you so much.
I’ll be there in an hour. It’s Jasmine tea. Here you are. I will provide you with foot bath service
while you drink the tea. Is the water temperature okay? Now.. I will be using the foot scrub.
This product is great for sensitive skin. After that..
I will care your cracked heels using a foot file. I’m done having a foot bath. Now it’s massage time. Please nestle down in bed. Now.. I will give you a relaxing massage based on questionnaire that you wrote ahead. This program is progressed in the order of scalp, shoulder, arm, hand, calf, and foot massage. I will comb your hair before I start scalp massage. And I will knead your scalp lightly with my knuckles. And I also will massage the area behind the ears. Let me put a hair essence to your dry hair. After that.. I will put a hair cap and massage. Now I will knead back of the neck and your tight shoulder muscles. Good 🙂 I will give you a arm massage after I brush your hair neatly. It’s arm and hand massage time. These days the weather is very cold, so I will be using a blend of aroma oil and aloe soothing gel for moisture. I will put a Moist Cream Pack. And.. Let’s try the other side. Now, Please lay on the front to massage your calf and foot. I will massage like before. Please tell me if it hurt. Please lie on back now. The massage program is done. Have a good dream, bye –