hi there Are you trying to check in? Well, you just come to the right place now didn’t you? Cause this is the check-in desk Yes, [step] [right] [up]. Come [here]. [I’m] not Gonna bite [you] Okay Now I just need a little bit of information from you and then I’ll give a lot of information to you, and then we’ll get you right up to your room. How’s that sound? Okay what’s your first name? and your last name, and I’m gonna need you to spell that for me Okay, oh! Have I seen you [before]? You know yes? Yes, that’s [exactly] where I used to be A receptionist for a cranial nerve doctor…doctor Gibi? Yes, well, I’m daisy. [it’s] nice to meet you again. Oh No, no, Dr.. [Gibi’s] great. [I] got fired [I] mean what ho no, no, I mean, I [don’t] want to get into details but I’m not supposed to practice nursing too much anymore It’s okay but now I’m here at the hotel and I Love it more than ever okay, okay? (Wants to die on the inside) So I got you in our system. Found you right here, so You can actually pick a room yet You like a little bit of surprise in your life, you like to be spontaneous. I can tell So let me tell you what rooms we have that are open for your reservation We have the Coastal view and You’re going to get partial views of the gulf of Mexico shoreline Got your own personal Balcony and you can do a choice of King There are some loud Patriots right now around the hotel Even though there’s clearly a quiet policy posted everywhere Sorry about that so Coastal view, as I was saying, has Your own personal balcony and choice of King or two double beds Do you have anyone traveling with you? you don’t oh no, it doesn’t matter. I just curious if you have questions loading Okay So you could do the king pad or you could do the double bed? And then have a bed to throw all your clothes on if you don’t feel like putting them in the closet, that’s what I sure do So the next step up is the gulf view Same size same Balcony same choice of king bed but this one get a full view panoramic, in fact of the gulf of Mexico and pool Okay Next I can put you up in the Beachfront that’s obviously, Beachfront Or, I can give you the large Beachfront. That’s about 100 Extra Square feet Okay, would you like to do a large Beachfront? [Okey-Dokey] oh So you can choose your beachfront room on the regular level or on the club level So the club level is reserved for those who seek the finest experience possible You seem like somebody who treats yourself Okay, because they’ll give you extra services and amenities Would you like to learn more about that floor? okey dokey let me see what I can Do for you Okay, so club level so This is going to be on the 14th floor and It’s basically a bunch of free food you call beverages and cakes and savory Snacks Mm-Hmm and It’s the best floor for the view if you want to see, um, Gulf of Mexico Sunsets Mm-hmm. They’ll give you [a] free glass of champagne if you’re over 21 Okay Okay Sounds good. I’ll give you that complimentary wireless internet access Two garments press Daily Mm-hmm. That’s two and you get [stress-free] check out in the club lounge upon departure. [I] know that checking out could be quite stressful for people Okey Dokey. So, that sounds all good I will put you on the club floor And the beachfront we decided Large Beach front Okay now Did you want to go to the Beach? Since you’re on the beach front Yes, okay, [so] [what] days did you want to go to the beach on? Monday Wednesday, Friday perfect days actually Here well most of the people we have in our hotel right now are here for that business conference You’re not there for here, but that are you know okay? Well, they’ll be [meetings] all day and you Will get to enjoy speech I’m very jealous [yum]. You know what I’m just staring out [the] window I Mean you can tell I don’t get much fun But anyway Mm-hmm. It’s a private beach Nobody’s Gonna bother your hair when you do free Sunscreen [we’ll] get her bella And there are some strapping young lads who will deliver? drinks for you on the Beach That’s lovely so I have you signed up for those three days now Got to recently do sign ups and so that your chair will be ready for you by the time [you] get there and if you want to go on the other days Just give me a ring Me ring anyway. I’m sorry okay now were you interested in the services that we have here you are Smart, okay, we have the best services ever mm-hmm. You got to make friends with the spot people They’ll give you perks all right the shoulder Stone wash themselves okay, so You can reserve my phone in your room or [just] do a reservation for you right now [right] here Okie Dokie so Spa treatments go [in] [at] nine and close at seven and the Spa facilities open at six hands and close The facilities are the whirlpool and the Sauna and steam room locker room Mm-Hmm if you book a treatment with us That use of the room is free if you don’t it is $35 But you think you want a book treatment okay, [I] will come over some of these options, so We have the essence package It’s our most intuitive treatment your therapist will design a unique treatment You’ll be a combo services. They do a soak in the tub [um] posh Facial and I think you can add on either manicure or pedicure Okey Dokey This one you can choose the length All of our packages are a hundred ten minutes this one you can extend 274 240 just for Extra money so the peacefulness package Is designed to promote? relaxation and sleep while releasing pitch Mm-Hmm yeah, I can tell [you’ve] got some attention right there so They use a lot of oil fair [if] your therapist guide you through calming [turning] to peaceful dance a lot sounds lovely [I] haven’t tried that one yet Next we have the rejuvenation package And this one uses essential oil and [is] still alleviate body congestion Okay, if you feel congested Maybe that one’s for you. I don’t know and the stewardess therapy package it’s very alone with therapy heavy and Are you coming from Far away? Okay, okay, this one’s supposed to relieve Jetlag [and] stuff so Which one are you interested in? Good choice bold. [I] like it. I Can do for you? the ten o’clock left o’clock Two o’clock or three o’clock Okay, I’ll put you down for this time and you get there they say half an hour early to experience the Sauna all that stuff, but I always get there an hour early Mm-Hmm And would you like to make any reservations and the lunch restaurant or after your treatment? Yeah Perfect, and that’s the day you have guests coming, okay? I’ll put you down photos extra people out download Steal food from there all the time. I mean No, I don’t ok for now It seems like you are all set. I just love to you Point out on a map Where you’ll be headed for your Spa treatment ok now you’re on the 14th floor And then put you [in] about right? here Now you’re going to go down this hall, and that’s really all laters [art] Take that elevator to B6. What [ok]? When you get out, you’ll pretty much know that here on the spot for But you’re gonna take a right, and that’s where the [check-in] Duska Check in there, and I’ll send you back ok other notable things Here’s the pool and if you find a pool going to do is walk down And that will lead you to a private butte. That’s where you’ll go home ok Ok is there any other questions you had about? [these] People ok no questions are here’s your map [and] if I can just get a credit card from you Thank you so this is just for Any wild parties you might have first of all? If you’re breaking things down thing whatever they’re [gonna] charge your card right here If you have any wild parties let me know Okay, well here is your key very nice room $14.99 I will not forget [pact] [I] Hope you have a wonderful stay Yes, well, thank you [for] [choosing] [this] hotel All right You can go to your room. Now. Don’t worry Still stand enough to ask Go on shoot get up there the nice room you up Okay All right