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April 15th. Hang with us for about 10 minutes as we bring you the best
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local spirits, cool stuff. Later on in the episode we’re gonna hook you up with a
discount to your favorite Asheville restaurants and a new feature that we
call the AVLFN Restaurant of the Week…*mimicking echoes* we don’t have effects but now… the News! Ramps are back! What the heck is a ramp? The thing you use to get on i-40 as trucks
cut you off? What Mike uses to catch air on his rollerblades? “Air”. Nope!
these are the little adorable delicious green veggies that smell and taste the
pungent garlic and onion. They can only be foraged and reappear every spring for
a very short time to the delight of many local chefs from red cream cheese at
Ziggy’s to a Ramp and Burnt Orange donut from the Underground cafe’s chef Jay
you’ll find this coveted ingredient all over Asheville restaurants this time of
the year. So ramps are back and you can check out a spread of ramp dishes next
Tuesday April the 23rd as The Chestnut is hosting a guest chef ramp dinner
featuring guest chefs from Corner kitchen Coppertone… *deep voice* Coppertone. *buzzer* Hemingway’s
and Zambra. Totally cool event and frankly we’re ramped up about it. I’m ramped up about it and I’m gonna use copper tone to make sure I don’t get a
sunburn when I enjoy the food from the Copper Crown restaurant.
-Laughs Last week French
Broad Chocolate opened Cookies & Creamery located in their former factory
on Buxton Road true to their name the new spot will be focusing on comfort
desserts like lemon bars, brownies, blondie’s, cook–
that sound good, yeah I know — cookies and also serving French Broad versions of
beer floats, yes using local beers, ice cream and beer… milkshakes and sundaes are
also involved one of the new creations that Cookies and Creamery is touting is
this breakfast sundae with peanut… with peanut butter ice cream,
house-made granola, honey drizzle, whipped cream, and cinnamon sugar brioche
croutons hmm kids of all ages are sure to be delighted at the new cookies and
Creamery now open… oh boy Matty? Yes? There goes my diet.
– Yeah. Wow. I’m that predictable. Yeah so is your diet. Next Monday April
-Laughs- 22nd corner kitchen is bringing us the
dining in the dark experience. Diners will be served a menu of locally sourced
low carbon footprint meals in a low lighting environment – oh ha ha
I get it.. to shed light on Earth Day doing so is so important to this green certified
restaurant that co-owner Kevin Westmoreland was quoting saying “In an industry
in which it is somewhat difficult to be green I want to make every effort to do
so.” So, turn off the lights heighten those senses and be sure to try their
locally sourced and sustainably grown cuisine at the dining in the dark
experience on April 22nd. You know I love, I’d love to be more green but
I just don’t like my veggies. well I’d like to see green right now. You wouldn’t know. I’m okay Adirondack inspired cuisine? Yeah you know, just when I thought I
heard it all Sawhorse, a new restaurant opening a few days from now on the west
side of town just had to go and bring something different and unique to the
ville. Chef Dan Silo is bringing the flavors of his childhood that permeate
the Northeast and southern Canada to Asheville his hearty country comfort
food menu will include freshwater fish homemade sausages meat pies and a
self-described obsession with maple syrup. A high praise to any restaurant
that has a self-described obsession with maple syrup. Sawhorse
we’ll also be serving a Sunday brunch where yes
maple eggs are on the menu. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as Sawhorse is
set to open any day from now. Matty I have I have actually something to admit
here. Yes? When I first saw that it was Adirondack inspired cuisine I thought to
myself how can you be inspired by porch chairs? I don’t even know what to say… Wow.. What just happened? (continuing) Shay Brown Some people will get that I swear. Not me. Shay Brown events
– Adirondack chairs! We got it! the third time *laughs* Shay Brown events and Stu
Helm: Food Fan are bringing Asheville to the 2019 donut throwdown on April
24th. This benefit bake sale styled event will be open to the public and
showcasing the sweet magic circles from local donut shops: Vortex, Dope Donuts,
Mister Bob’s from Marion and more will be participating and selling their goods.
A judgment will take place as with the local shops all vying for votes from the
judges to the land of the top donut spot. This year judges include local star
Baker, Ashley Capps, a cop, and a nurse, I’m totally not kidding. DOUGH not miss out
April 24th from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Masonic Temple downtown. DOUGH not miss out. Did you get kicked out from the last one? Yes for eating the displays. The first ever
Chow Chow festival Asheville’s new multi-faceted annual culinary
extravaganza has just released a full list of events and activities on their
website and tickets are now on sale! WHAAAAT the citywide three-day festival from
September the 12th through the 15th will include markets, tastings, workshops,
seminars, there’s gonna be food truck events, farm tours, Lazoom is even
involved. Events focused on local wine spirits, farms, cheeses, beers, chocolates,
and makers of all sorts will be featured We here at Asheville Food News strive to
focus a spotlight on the culinary adventure that is Asheville but this
event for three days will be harnessing the full power of the Sun to shine on
the food scene in our town with our diverse combination of farmers, makers,
chefs, and artisans, Chow Chow will no doubt harold the declaration that
Asheville is deserving of global attention. Bro you went really hard on
that one yeah… I need a drink… Well we know here in Asheville that it’s not only the food
scene that stands out it’s also the amazing beer and spirits produced by the
local makers and then crafted into cocktails by local artisans our own
Urban Gastronome stops by the Times Bar downtown for some local seasonal flavors Welcome, what’s up? Hey listen, um just kind of in, I want to get
a drink I’m looking for like local spirits, local flavor, just local. I just
want something that’s just gonna represent Asheville in the best way
possible so can you give me something? I got you I just put out the spring menu. Tired
of this cold wet weather so one of our bartenders and I made this sweet drink
called secret garden so we’re using a chemist gin from right down here on
south slope -cool- guys are killing it. we infused it with some rose hips give
it like super floral kind of note on there a little bit of grapefruit juice
and some lemon juice for some citrus so just kind of back in season finally
feels good to be making spring drinks again. Spring drinks. And then man my
favorite spot right now Dobra tea shop oh yeah dude I love using teas and
cocktails it’s like built-in flavor combinations already just throw in a
drink so I was hanging out down there I picked
up some jasmine tea the other day okay man a little bit of this just red
wine reduction give us some color and sweeten it up… And then… just because it’s
springtime and it’s my favorite thing gonna throw some bubbles on top it’s ironic you use a little bit of that copper there to kind of go with the
chemist is their signature – that is your thing. there you go oh wow Spring time Asheville
cocktail man. Cheers. So, talk to me a little bit about the flavors and things
like that that I’m fixing the experience yeah so we we just wanted to really go
floral like we’ve been all winter we’ve been making these kind of hearty rich
big cocktails and we wanted to go the opposite direction so a lot of jasmine a
lot of rose a little bit of citrus to brighten everything up some bubbles to help it
sparkle so light and airy and delicious all right so let’s suit we got
right here… oh wow
oh wow that’s astonishing flavorful aromatic yeah definitely I can I can
actually pick out several of the ingredients that you talked about in
that that is great that is absolutely wonderful Thank You. Appreciate it. yeah, Cheers. On top of this right here talk to me about the Times talk to me about the
building and things like that. I mean we lucked out so we wanted to
open kind of a nerdy cocktail bar but kind of keep it casual and low-key and
we lucked out in vests and W building so this building was built back in the late
20s by a guy named Doug Ellington it’s one of the first like Art Deco buildings
in the city he’s kind of he built City Hall in the high school and we were able
to kind of sneak in here and take this little space and just kind of turn it
into a little nerdy craft cocktail bar Wow I’m gonna tell you about amazing
cocktail great flavors very aromatic I don’t know what else to say but cheers
to you – amen Cheers to the Nerds. Cheers. What a cool
piece. That was awesome. Yeah, so listen be sure to visit Chris at
the Times right off a Pritchard Park downtown and get your spring cocktail on.
All right guys, we’re about to wrap it up here, but it’s time that we hook you up
with that new feature we told you about at the beginning of the episode every
single week we’ll be bringing you the AVLFN restaurant of the week *echoes* We will get it. Every week we’ll be hooking you up with discounts from some of Asheville’s
best restaurants and this week the restaurant of the week is… VIVIAN! That’s right
Vivian is the european-inspired new American eatery in the middle of the
River Arts District pumping out some seriously incredible eats. We suggest
making a reservation and try hitting them on a weekday to beat the crowds but
for this week only if you mentioned that you heard about them right here on
Asheville Food News they will take 10% off of your entire
check. How gracious of them? We’re so happy to have them as a restaurant of the week
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