Hi there. My name is Seb. I’m the owner and chef of Seb’s Wood Fired
Pizza. Basically what we do with this food truck
and the open trailer; We do catering services like wood-fired cuisine. For lunch; for businesses, corporates; And evenings, like food truck events, private
parties, weddings; all this kind of stuff. To do so, I use this eight-by-eighteen pizza
trailer With a fifty-one-inch pizza oven, Wood-fired oven that we build with our other
company, Which is the Rocky Mountain Wood Fires Ovens
and Trailers. Now we’re going to go through the process
of pizza-making in this oven. Basically we do the dough at the commissary
kitchen early in the morning. The dough recipe is kind of pretty basic, We only use the starter, the yeast, the salt
and organic flour, And I mix two different kinds of flour So I got a really precise range of gluten. As soon as the dough is ready, the oven is
ready; we can start. The very unique thing about these kinds of
ovens Is the principle of refractory heat. Basically the heat comes from everywhere. The floor, the dome, the sides; everywhere, So you have a very balanced cooking. How do we start to heat up the oven is my
trick. I put the wood on that side and I start the
fire And if one area of the oven or the floor is
cooler, Which happens sometimes, I use the propane to heat up this spot. Let’s make a pizza. We’re going to make a French-style pizza. We’ll start with the dough. Take the dough ball, dip the dough ball in
the flour; Different techniques about dough-shaping,
pizza-making. My technique is I want to get rid of the air
that’s in the dough, Just in the middle, so I keep the edges. Both sides like that, quickly. Then I’m going to start to stretch the edges. We are getting there. The pizza we’re going to make today is a French-style
pizza; you’ll see why. I’m going to start with crème fraiche, Which is kind of sour cream but thicker. French, so better. I have organic potatoes that’s previously
cooked in the oven. Pre-cooked in the oven. I’m going to put on top of the pizza. We do put some onions; It’s very important that they are very thin-sliced
so they cook better. Same thing with the bacon. You need to slice the bacon when it’s frozen
so it’s easier to slice it very thin, So it cooks better. Like that. Everywhere. Then the French touch is French brie on top
of everything; So the brie melts on everything. Try to keep the bacon and onions open, so
they cook pretty well. Now using this American metal craft pizza
peel I’m going to put the pizza in the oven. Just a little bit of flour. You won’t have to do that if you do many pizzas
in a row. Then we put the pizza in the oven. Going to add a little bit more wood to make
it faster. Right there. See? Usually I cook the pizzas; I mean the oven is at 750-degrees, 800-degrees, The pizza cooks in one minute and a half. I use this kind of peel, a smaller peel From American Metal Craft, as well, to turn
the pizzas. Now the pizza is ready And the fastest way to cut the pizza is, I think that these tools are just amazing. This knife from American Metalcraft is just
amazing because this; Just see. One, two, three, four. Very fast. Then I can use the knife To drop the pizza on the plate just like here. Then the pizza is ready for the customers. Okay, guys, thanks for watching this video
we really appreciate it. Showing you how we deal with our pizza trucks;
pizza making. I hope you learned a lot of things. Don’t hesitate to come like us on our website Seb’s Portable Wood Fired Cuisine Or the Rocky Mountain Wood Fired Ovens and
Trailers. Thanks for American Metalcraft for providing
these tools. We love them we use them every day and they
are just great. Thanks again, guys, and take care.