When people visit the booth, I want
them to feel like they’re on a journey. A journey similar to
the journey that I took when I went to
the Vallée de Joux the first time. Audemars Piguet…
Their origins are from this place. And it’s not just that
it’s a beautiful landscape. It’s rooted in watchmaking
for centuries. For me, I wanted to be able to
sort of honor that. I want them to be able to
walk through the spruce forest. And then from there,
arrive at the desk, where the watchmakers are,
which symbolizes the caves. And then behind them, they’ll see
these massive layers of strata. And then finally, I want them to end
at the escape room where it’s the moment where
you’re being transported to the sun setting in Switzerland. So the booth could only have come alive after that visit to the Vallée. And so I want the same sort of feeling, or
I hope that people get the same sort of feeling, because we’ve tried
to push the boundaries so far that… you’re only in wonder
when seeing it.