Some customers are very well acquainted with good food These are some of the people who say “Wah, why is your booking so long? I want an earlier booking.” Then you know that, really Your cooking is good There is an instant gratification when people say “Oh, your food is so good!” That makes me quite happy In my kitchen I don’t serve chilli No red chilli, green chilli, nothing chilli People think Singaporeans Cannot survive without chilli I have been serving around 4,000 diners a year Nobody has told me that my kitchen is lousy without chilli Chilli really masks the taste of the ingredient So why should I go through so much effort to buy something really nice and fresh The duck, from beginning to end takes three days to prepare Two days to marinate then one day to sun dry it then I will be relieved All the sauce will seep into the duck You do not need any sauce to accompany it I did not use a barbecue pit last time Last time, I used a dragon pot as my oven for roasting the duck Just overturn it The fire goes below And hang the duck above It is an oven already I start preparing the soup from eleven in the morning It will take eight hours If you use gas, it is very difficult You basically cannot There is some difference When you drink the soup, your gums and lips will feel a little sticky If you were to cook in a restaurant you’d be bogged down in the kitchen All you see is the fire and the wok It’s not for me I just like to talk And know people and to have fun People who come so many times, again and again I have become friends with already I try as much as I can To stick to the three principles of Cantonese cooking Firstly, the taste has to be pure You should be able to taste the freshness The second thing is the natural sweetness of the ingredients It’s not about using sugar to make it sweet You have to accentuate the sweetness The last thing is In Cantonese it’s called: “Xin” You try to make the things that you are serving have an “Oomph!” to it I don’t know how to describe it There are no words It’s really very “xin” The food is so good