Today on Food Snot we’ve got Arbys Steak Fajita Flatbread… It’s time for Food Snot Hi I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food
Snot and I’m here today with my lovely wife Renae. Hiiiii, and today we’re looking at Arbys Steak Fajita Flatbread and we also bought the steak fajita flatbread fiery version what do they call it? Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread. There you go…because it’s got some
kinda hot sauce on it. It has a ghost pepper avacado sour cream – so it doesn’t have an actual ghost pepper – they put the ghost pepper flavoring inside the avocado sour cream. Because if there was an actual ghost pepper on there I might grow hair. So you can see it’s got the steak and some lettuce and tomatoes and I think there’s a sauce underneath. It’s supposed to have roasted peppers. I have the hot one here… fiery .. Renae has the regular one. Let’s go into fast motion and give these a try This thing is dripping like a mother. Initial reaction. Well, first of all, I think we should make the disclaimer that Tom Cote here already is in love with Arby’s itself so he’s a little bit biased. I am biased. Alright let me start – this sandwich is phenomenal the meat is completely delicious – the
sauce is dripping all over the place is amazing. The flatbread is so good. I’m taking more bites. Is yours hot? Mine is hot, wanna trade and try some of the hot one? It’s not fiery hot by any stretch. This is drippy very drippy. You have a whole puddle there! Yes! So this is the one without the fiery hot. She’s trying the fiery hot. The fiery one is better. The fiery one is way better .. this is good but man I had a flavor explosion going on in that one. The regular one – it almost taste like it doesn’t have any seasonings but the fiery one has all sorts of stuff. It does so give me it back. So head on down to Arby’s and go get the Steak Fajita Flatbread but get the fiery one. Oh my goodness this is so good. Do not get the
other one – the other one was not bad .. if I hadn’t tried this one first .. I think I
would have liked the other one better but this one has it just packed with flavor .. it’s so good. But this one – the regular one is really like I don’t know I don’t even want to finish it – It was just
kinda bland. Yeah. If I was a nicer person I would let you have some of this but you
had enough, don’t you think? Could you pass the salt or something? Renae, I gotta tell you .. I gotta dance
for that fiery one. That fiery one…I want to dance. For only the fiery one. We’re not dancing for the
other one – this dance is for the fiery one. Let’s dance. can you believe how I dance like an idiot for these videos? You’re so cute. Oh brother. so when you go to Arby’s .. what’s your favorite thing to eat? Well, when I was in high school I skipped seventh period every day to go get the chicken bacon and Swiss with curly fries.
I gained like 20 pounds that year. So you went to Arby’s every day after school. During school – I skipped school. Wow. Thanks for joining us on Food Snot. You guys, if you don’t know this and you
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