>>Howard: Nothing seems to warm up our kitchen, or
our hearts, better than a homemade right-out-of- the-oven dessert… and who better to help
me than my good friend, J.M. Hirsch, welcome!>>JM: Thank you!>>Howard: a self-proclaimed dorky dad and the food editor at The Associated
Press. Welcome back …>>JM: Thank you so much. You know, I love to
bake with my son, Parker, but any recipe that you do with a kid it has to be fast, it has to be
easy and, most importantly it has to be delicious…>>Howard: And I know Parker is like your biggest
critic.>>JM: Oh my gosh, if I can earn his thumbs up,
I know I’ve got a good recipe.>>Howard: So the Crumb Bars we’re making today
… they really must be amazing. So what do you say we stop talking and start baking?>>JM: Let’s do it.>>Howard: OK.>>JM: Ok, over here, in a food processor, I’ve
got some flour, cornmeal, sugar and a little bit of butter and we pulse it a few times,
and it’s going to end up looking like wet sand.>>Howard: And if you don’t have a food processor,
you could do this with a hand mixer, but this way is a lot faster.>>JM: Now we’ll press about ¾ of the dough
into the bottom of a baking pan to make our crust… We’ll spread some apricot preserves
over it… making sure it’s nice and even. For our crumbly topping, we’re going to
mix our leftover dough and a little bit of brown sugar. If we want, we can top this off
with a few chopped nuts. I like pine nuts, but you can use whatever you like.>>Howard: And after it bakes, we cool it before
cutting them into squares – and that’s it… And if your mouth is watering…don’t
worry… JM’s recipe for Apricot Crumb Bars is online now, and I bet you’re
gonna love ’em.>>JM: Now you see why Parker gives these a thumbs
up.>>Howard: Thanks Parker… not only are these easy…
but with every bite… there’s lots and lots of… as Mr. Food would say… “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!®”