Introducing the APEX MR-C Series Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration System. The MR-C is a commercial water purification
system with a simple turn-key operation. It is designed to provide high quality taste
and odor free water for drinking and commercial applications. APEX strongly recommends using a Twin Alternating
Water Softener to softener the feed water and remove iron to protect the RO membrane. Hard water and iron can precipitate and damage
the reverse osmosis membrane. Twin water softeners have two separate resin
tanks. This enables one tank to regenerate while
the other remains in service. The APEX WS-2050 Twin Softener is recommended
for the MR-C Series and will ensure that softened water is always available, even during regeneration
cycles. WS-Series Twin water softeners use high performance
DI-Tech UXC-10S water softening resin. This high purity resin is manufactured for
the treatment of water that is intended for human consumption. It also has the benefits of exceptional water
softening and economical brine use. Additional pre-treatment with APEX backwashing
iron filters, zeolite particulate filtration and activated carbon may be necessary for
well water applications. For a personalized filtration system evaluation
please submit a copy of your water analysis to the APEX engineering team. We’ll custom tailor a filtration system to
meet your exact needs. Here’s how the filtration system works. Water first flows through a 5 micron particulate
cartridge that removes Rust, Dirt, Silt, Scale Particles and Sand. This protects the system from clogging and
damage. Next the water passes though two 10 micron
solid block activated carbon cartridges. These cartridges remove Chlorine, Chloramine,
Carcinogenic THMs, TCE & Other Solvents, Radon and over 100 other organic contaminants that
cause taste, odor and health concerns. The final stage is the reverse osmosis process. Water is forced under high pressure through
a semi-permeable thin film composite membrane. The MR-C Series comes with a high pressure
booster pump to ensure maximum efficiency and water production. High and low pressure switches automatically
monitor and protect the pump and motor. Heavy metals like Lead, Copper and Cadmium
are removed while purified water passes through the membrane. The RO process also removes Salts, Nitrate,
Arsenic, Fluoride, Radon, Barium and more…… This highly efficient system can provide up
to a 75% recovery rate. The system should be plumbed according to
local codes. The panel mounted pressure gauges and flow
meters provide at-a-glance status of the system. A simple TDS meter can be used to verify the
MR-C’s performance. Purified water can be stored in a pressurized
or atmospheric storage tank. APEX carries a wide range of water storage
tanks suitable for any application. The APEX MR-C Series Commercial Grade Water
Purification System is suitable for food preparation operations like Bakeries, Coffee Shops & Restaurants
as well as Healthcare Facilities & Laboratories. Reverse Osmosis System provides particle and
mineral free water for misting at Supermarket Produce Displays, Greenhouses, Hydroponics
& Botanical Gardens.