[MUSIC] My name is Ligaya Micosa.
I’m the Administrative Assistant
of the Executive Office here in
Courtyard Riyadh Diplomatic
Quarter. [MUSIC] …Good morning. Basically,
I’m the overseer of the
Executive Office.>>Ligaya joined us without any
previous hospitality experience. She had worked in hospitals and
been a caregiver. And one of her
biggest strengths is organization. On
the other
hand, she’s an amazingly quick
learner, very, very diligent about
stuff done on or before the
deadline. She is just phenomenal in her
work ethics,
and the quality and quantity of work she produces.
>>My husband lost his job, so my husband and
my daughter has to go back home.
So, in short, the bitter truth of
separated, it’s going to be
tough.>>She is supporting her
family by herself. And the fact that she did not let
impact her work professionalism, and her working abilities
just says a lot about her.>>Maybe he was thinking that I
quit, because of what happened. I was able to deliver still the
that he is expecting from me. I’m patiently waiting for it,
I know my family, we will be
together. [MUSIC]>>There’s a line of people
usually every
morning wanting to seek her
advice.>>Maybe because I’m the only
female, so
they usually come to me to ask
for help.>>She’s the only female in a
staff of
about 200.>>They look at me as
a sister, being able to be of help or
to serve the best I can. I find that it’s fun for me.
>>It comes naturally to her, or it seems effortless and natural.
She has lived the Marriott
philosophy. [MUSIC]