A California coffee shop is getting a bit
more attention than they expected after deciding to ban police officers. Too bad for the smug
Antifa punks, they wouldn’t be laughing when they saw who was out front a few days
later — and it was all caught on video. Mad World News previously reported on Hasta
Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California. The owners announced a “no police officers”
policy, saying that they would not serve any uniformed cops. “We know in our experience working on campaigns
against police brutality that we are not alone saying that police presence compromises our
feelings of physical & emotional safety,” Hasta Muerte Coffee posted on its Instagram
page. “The facts are that poc [people of color],
women and queer police are complicit in upholding the same law and order that routinely criminalizes
and terrorizes black and brown and poor folks, especially youth, trans and houseless folks.
For these reasons and so many more, we need the support of the actual community to keep
this place safe, not police,” their statement added. Even worse yet, they openly support a well-known
cop killer: The coffee shop also supports convicted cop-killer
Assata Shakur (JoAnne Chesimard), who escaped from a New Jersey prison and fled to Cuba
after being convicted of the murder of police officer Werner Foerster in 1973. The Women’s
March supports Shakur, and the felon has even received support from Congresswoman Maxine
Waters (D-CA), who is being challenged by conservative Latino Omar Navarro (R) in California’s
43rd congressional district.. [Source: Breitbart] Too bad for them, things have been blowing
up in their face ever since. In fact, neighboring businesses were quick to express their outrage
over the sentiments of the establishment’s owner. However, things just got a lot worse
after the entitled brats saw who was in front of their building a few days later — and
it wasn’t quite so funny anymore. Happening now: pro-Trump demonstrators outside
#HastaMuerte cafe in #Fruitvale #Oakland after the shop declined to serve a uniformed officer. — Erin Baldassari (@e_baldi) March 18, 2018 As it turns out, a group of flag-waving, cop-loving,
pro-Trump patriots decided to stand out front for a little demonstration. “This is Trump
country,” the protesters were heard chanting according to the East Bay Times. They also
chanted, “Blue lives matter.” Of course, it wasn’t long before whining
liberals did what they always do best, erupting into a full-blown temper tantrum. At first,
the idiots actually pulled out their phones as if they were going to call the police.
“After five minutes of standing outside the coffee shop, a man comes out and threatens
to call the cops,” protester Ashton Whitty wrote in an email to Breitbart. That was about
the time the anti-cop punks changed up their tactic. Just like that, the coffee shop recruited
the help of others who support their anti-police sentiments, presumably through social media.
Before long, there was a full-blown confrontation between the protesters and supporters of the
coffee shop who came out with signs and were heard chanting, “Let’s go, Oakland!” Sadly, things quickly took a turn as the liberal
thugs started to lash out. Unable to control their emotions like adults, the crybabies
started to get physical, trying to rip a flag out of protester’s hands and even attempting
to hit demonstrators as well. Fortunately, police quickly arrived to separate the two
groups. If ever there was proof of what is wrong with
the left, this is it. These people don’t want to have a discussion, and they certainly
don’t know what compromise means. All they want to do is dish out ultimatums, then start
beating people into submission when they don’t comply. This is not acceptable, and it violates
many of our constitutionally protected rights. I hope the owner of this coffee shop never
has to call the police. I would hate to see how cops respond to an emergency when they’ve
been verbally abused, insulted, and attacked by the same people calling for their help.
My guess is, help may be a little delayed — if it shows up at all. And, who could
blame them since these are the same people who’d quickly cry police brutality as officers
simply try to do their job? I’d be hesitant to act in such a scenario too.