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today we’ll be going over a few stories Bray Wyatt has fans once again trying to figure
out another Easter egg from a recent FireFly Fun House episode The characters mentioned how the clock has
been stuck on 3:16 ever since stone cold Steve Austin showed up Bray Wyatt fixed the clock and the number
that was shown was “11:19” The camera fully zoomed on the “11:19”
so fans understood it as a possible Easter egg that had a hidden meaning The number one fan theory that got popular
and actually made a lot of since was The Undertaker Undertaker made his debut on November 19,
1990, which can as be written short as “11/19” So fans expected Bray Wyatt to appear on Smackdown
and attack undertaker to continue his whole theme of attacking wwe legends Even though Bray Wyatt did appear after in
a dark match the B team after Smackdown Live went off, he never attacked the undertaker So clearly that theory didn’t fully check
out… Bray was asked about the meaning on twitter
and he responded with this tweet, letting fans know that it can possibly have multiple
meanings, so let’s go over a few theories that are left When you look up the direct meaning for 11:19,
it states the following, “11:19 symbolizes endings and conclusions, but it also signifies
a fresh new start” So does Bray changing the time from 3:16 to
11:19 mean that wwe legends’ time is up and now it’s Bray’s time to shine with
a fresh new start? That’s one of the better guesses out there
right now, but it’ll be interesting to see how Bray uses the number going forward Will he use it on a regular basis and continue
to hint at what it means? We’ll have to keep an eye for that In other new, Matt Hardy has gone public with
his frustrations with wwe Matt Hardy, soon to be 45 years old, took
to Twitter to say that he doesn’t have much time left as a wrestler and he doesn’t want
to spend his last few years sitting on the sidelines Matt Hardy had a decent run in mid 2018 with
his “woken” persona and feud with Bray Wyatt , but Matt was forced to go into temporary
retirement after dealing with a serious injury However, Matt was cleared to return this year,
but there hasn’t been anything planned for him on the wwe creative side of things So where does Matt Hardy go from here? He’s still signed with wwe so he won’t
be able to walk away and go to another company We’ll have to wait and see if wwe gives
Matt Hardy one last feud before he hangs up his boots for good What are your thoughts on today’s stories? Let us know your thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s
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