on this video I am heading to the Walking Street from my hotel if you get jeepney or tricycle it’s better however I am walking now because I wanted to show you around on the right side there is a good hotel that called ABC some beggars and freelancer ladies wait around this corner usually yes even daytime it is possible to see many freelancers in the Angeles City on the right you may see the exchange office moneychanger looks unsafe but it is not you can buy Philippines pizza with your dollars however as I know they accept minimum 100 US dollars on the left you may see the jeepney terminal from the capital you can come to Angelis city through buzz it takes around 3 hours and costs around 160 Pizzo it is around 3 US dollars other way is travelling in a private fan that would be more comfortable but of course expensive not less than 3000 piezo arriving to the Clarke Airport is another option distance to the center is only 15 minutes around this area you may see many beggars and homeless people on the right there is a dirty and weird bar looks like a prison on the left there are many mobile phone accessories shops honestly walking in this area is not very comfortable traffic beggars narrow sidewalk etc that’s why I usually traveled by tricycle when you use the tricycle ask the price before get in [Music] driver is going to ask the destination and then we’ll tell you the price you should offer half of that price everything is about bargain here some of the girls you see on this video are freelancers on the right a street vendor try to sell me something especially evenings if you are walking alone street vendors never leave you alone [Music] they sell cialis viagra and many other stuffs I don’t need to say that you shouldn’t buy sex drugs probably they are fake and you would never know if they are fake or not be careful about the street vendors who ask too many questions about your details and of course be more careful about monger kids it is very common in this area I observed many mug a boy and girl while they were looking for a hunt on the right famous Phillies sports bar they have delicious foods drinks and a nice view desk you may observe muggers beggars freelancers from this spot it is the best place to drink something before going to the Walking Street on the right there is a nice cafe bar you can try huckle here on the right there is nice coffee place their coffee and desserts are delicious of course there is nothing here now Bar Girls rest until 5 o’clock I came back to the bar where they have hooker I ordered lemon and mint flavor no risk on these flavors always good iced coffee I want cold coffee first he’s Abdullah he said he works for the club next to this place but today he works here for temporary socializing with staff [Music] they are friendly guys if you haven’t watched yet check my other videos from Angela’s city if you liked the video please thumbs up and leave your comment and if you want more videos please subscribe to my channel [Music] you