What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Greenpoint, Brooklyn And today we’re going to be checking out a speakeasy bar But it’s not what you think Most people when they think of speakeasies in New York Think of those glitzy stuck up cocktail bars Well today We’re going to play some pinball
And drink some beer how does that sound? Fun, really fun So from the exterior it just looks like a laundromat with a couple of pin ball machines It’s cool This is actually a working laundromat I love it already This place is so cool We’ve just walked through They’ve got a bar with craft beer Twenty different pinball machines And the coolest part of course was that door to get in here Because I seriously could not tell if this was a bar from the outside This is a really neat speakeasy You are bad Really bad I see a pleasant surprise in store for you my friend Be ready to recognize it when it comes to you And by all means enjoy it Laundry Pinball Pinball, laundry You’re almost as bad as me They’ve also got a pretty nice selection of games here We’re going to play the best bar game ever Jenga Easy You never played jenga right I’ve played jenga before Then you would know.. I forgot.. I’ve played it’s been a long time You made it Uh oh So you know you’re going to lose right? Probably I saw that coming I really did Would you come back?
I think it’s a really cool idea If you have to do laundry Definitley I hate to wait but I hate to go home So a beer, an arcade It would be perfect Alright members of the Barrio That was a really unique experience I have to say Walking through a laundromat And seeing people doing their laundry And you can go in the back and have beer or wine Or play some really old pinball games Classic new york here Again we’re in Greenpoint It’s called the Sunshine Laundromat I am going to link to it down below If you want to check this place out It would totally be a really cool first date I think If the person you’re with is into this sort of place For sure If you’re new here definitley subscribe Leave me a comment Tell me is this the sort of place you like that I cover on this channel Or if not where would be better?
Alright guys thank you so much for watching Until next time What?