You know the specialty of Kozhikode city? It is very clean. These walkways are all neatly maintained. I liked it a lot. In Kozhikode, I liked the beach.. and many other places. Which is your favorite place in Kozhikode? Among the specialties of Kozhikode, which is the one you like most? If you mention that in the comments, it might be useful to other viewers also. This is Arayidathu Palam. If you go straight, you reach Medical College. While going towards Medical College, on the right side, take the first right to reach Amma Hotel. We could have parked our car here. There was a little space..but okay. Walking is a good exercise. We came a little early. When it is crowded, it becomes difficult to go inside kitchen. They said that frying starts at 12 noon. We reached here at 11:30 only. At 12 o’ clock, if we can see their frying and other cooking, we will take some video shots also. This is seer fish, it is called neymeen in Ernakulam. We call it ayakoora, here neymeen is different. This is the vessel for rice. The other one is for vegetables. Here, the preparations are going on for frying fish. This is their main pan for frying fish. This is a special one, it has raised sides. So oil won’t spill, but at the same time it is flat. Now we are inside the kitchen of Amma Hotel. It is very hot here. Mackerel is being fried. Then seer fish also, we call it neymeen. These two are getting ready. Getting deep fried. There are two people here, Rafi and Sajitha. I really admire what they do. Standing in this hot kitchen, and frying things. It is not an easy job. In just 10 minutes, I am sweating all over. You can try frying this. No, no.. I can’t burn my hands, you only do. Why should I burn my hands? My only wish is to eat. They are preparing tasty food, so we will enjoy. Actually, they are using unadulterated, fresh coconut oil. They serve this with the oil. All masala will be mixed in that. It is a special taste. There was an old granny here, it was her recipe. When the floods happened, a portion of this place was also flooded. So renovation work is going on. She has dust allergy, so she is staying with her daughter now. I have come out of the kitchen. I wanted to breathe some fresh air. Here I saw a Food N Travel subscriber. She recognized me and asked, you do Food N Travel videos? She is Arfana. She came to Amma Hotel to get food parceled. You are taking it home? Yes. Have you eaten from here before? Yes, I have eaten before. Did you like? Yes. When you say Amma Hotel, don’t think of a posh place. It is a small setting. Yes, it has the taste of homely food. Let us also try eating now. We only saw the fish fry. Now we will eat. You take the parcel. We will eat here. We saw Arfana just now. Here, Baburaj has also come. He also has a channel, Abhirami Creations. His channel is a different kind. What all do you show? I show mostly camera related matters. He has a studio also. He is a specialist in cameras. If you need any camera related info, you can watch my channel. I am a regular viewer of Food N Travel. You too watch. We are waiting for the lunch. Lunch will be served. Tasty seer fish fry also with that. Anas, what are you going to have? Yes, shark. What will you have? Baburaj is on a fast, he came here just to see us. Thanks a lot. See this.. rice looking like pearl drops. Cooked rice.. Mackerel, seer fish, shark.. I want seer fish. All these are of different prices? Yes. This is rice soup, right? See, I am getting rice soup to drink. This is just like our homes. Is this dal curry? Yes Does this have vegetables also? No, it is dal curry only. What is this? Fish curry. Let us start. We’ll start with the dal.. and mix it with rice. But before that.. we will taste this fish fry. It is mixed with all masalas. This masala has a special taste. It is very spicy. Taste of coconut oil is also there. It is good. The special dish here is this fish fry… in coconut oil. After adding all masala, it has been fried in coconut oil. It is all made in the local way, like our home food, rice is also like that. We will have this together. When you eat this fresh fish.. it’s a different taste. When you keep fish in fridge or freezer, the taste changes slightly. This is really fresh. Fish curry and fish fry. Let me finish this food. Very tasty food. When you come to Kozhikode, it’s a good place.. to have homely food. Keep watching our videos. Always be with us. Bye for now. We had food, now let us ask for opinions of others. They are all Food N Travel friends. Please say hello to our other friends. Do you all normally come here? Yes, I come here sometimes. Your house is nearby? Yes. They are all from Thrissur. So you are all from Thrissur? How is the food? Superb, especially the fish fry. That is the specialty here. Then rice soup also. Yes, it is an immediate energy booster. So you people enjoy. When Baburaj came to Ernakulam, he took our photographs. Me and my family. He has given me the prints of those. How is it? Good, right?