Hong Kong has lots of great bars and clubs but if you want to party on a Wednesday the place you need to be
is definitely Wan Chai, the infamous area used
to be home to Hong Kong’s red light district but
these days its got some of the best night life in the city. So let’s grab a drink. I don’t want to start
a night out in Wan Chai on an empty stomach, that’s crazy. Ship Street is home to a
bunch of bars and restaurants which means it’s the
perfect place to kick start with some great food and drinks. Alright, thank you. This place is pretty unreal
and a must on a night out in Wan Chai, it’s like walking in to a completely different world. Live shows, crazy costumes and
some pretty damn good drinks. Ophelia, I’m feeling ya, but it’s time to go have some fun. Billidarts is one of my go to places ’cause I can play all my
favorite drinking games. They’ve got electronic darts, pool, and dedicated tables
for slap cup, flip cup and the Hong Kong staple, beer pong. It’s not going well. It’s not going well at all. I’m out of here. Phew, that was intense. Let’s go chill out a bit. it’s pretty hard to find,
it’s towards the edge of Wan Chai and you have to
go down a little back alley but when you get here,
Djiboutii’s a great place to step out of the intensity of Wan Chai, grab a drink and unwind. Alright, it’s time for some
late night Wan Chai action. Hong Kong has some
amazing live music venues and The Wanch is one of my favorites. You want to listen to a great
band until the early morning? This is the place. There’s no better way to end the night than with some street side Thai.