Hey guys! I’m in Seville! One of the best
places in Spain to eat tapas. And I’m crossing the Guadalquivir River to go over
to Triana, one of the proudest neighborhoods in this city. We’re gonna
go on a tapas crawl, we’re gonna eat at several tapas restaurants. It’s gonna
be a true neighborhood local tapas crawl across these amazing places. And I
have a team behind me tonight. We’ve got Jamie, we’ve got Cyra, we’ve got Hayley we’ve got Lauren. People from Devour Tours. And we’re gonna be
exploring it together. These guys live in Seville so they’re gonna be helping us
out. Is it going be amazing? Lots of tap us. Lots of Seville tapas.
Super local. In a neighborhood Triana, where bullfighters and flamenco dancers
are from. It’s going to be delicious. So let’s go! So guys we’re here in a very typical
Sevillano Bar. Bar Santa Ana has been open for over 100 years. The walls are
covered with fantastic wonderful images of Semana Santa, of Easter Week, which is such a big deal here in Seville. And of virgins. And all these paintings all
these photos are actually gifts that over the decades have been given to the
owners of the bar. What a special place. We’re going to have a vermouth to drink
and we’re gonna kick off with more tapas. Cheers guys! I’ve almost finished my
piece of cheese it’s a mixture of sheep, cow and goat’s milk.
Mmmm. Creamy, beautifully cured, delicious. One of the great things about going out
for tapas in Seville is that you can actually order tapas sizes. So menus come with three columns. A tapa column, a media ración column and a ración column. And each one is larger than the one before so you have a lot of
flexibility for ordering for one or two people and you can really try a whole
bunch of dishes. So Hayley tell us what we’re drinking here. We’re having some vermouth casero or homemade vermouth. Which is a fortified, aromatized wine It’s ham time. It’s always ham time, early in the night. No matter how long you live in this country you will never get tired of ham. I
suggest that if you’re you’re coming for just a few days or a few weeks or
whatever it is, you just have to go nuts Pairing it with homemade vermouth that
they make and have especially here in this bar. Delicious. The bells are ringing behind me as we
line up beside our next tapas bar. Cervecería La Granda. Famous for its shrimp. Let’s go and check it out. So, Cevecería La Granda, like all great seafood or marisco bars it has that smell of just fresh shrimp, of seafood. It’s delicious. You have it with beer here. So we’ve got some shrimp coming. I love this place already. You’ve gotta remove the head. Then you start picking at the legs. Then you can go around and take the body off. I’m doing a really great job of it. Shrimp going in. Mmmm I love that you peel
them and drop in your mouth. It tastes so fresh. And if you’re someone who doesn’t
like seeing the head on your shrimp or once your shrimp deveined well you’re
in the wrong country. Sorry this is where it gets real. And it’s amazing. Sometimes
I even don’t even totally peel them I just drop them in. It’s all roughage. Okay we’ve started light and now we’re
heading to our next stop which is one of the most famous tapas bars in Triana. It’s a must stop in Triana. This place has been open since the 1960s
and they have one particular tapa, one dish, that is so famous that you don’t
even have to order it by name. You just say “Dame una” – give me one of those, give
me one of them. And they will serve you this tapa. And that’s what we’re gonna
try. Okay I’m in love. Right here we have some of the finest pork loin in the
world on bread and on a bed of potato chips. I mean, stop. And also we have over
here – because you get your vegetables in Spain as well – radish with extra virgin
olive oil and beautiful sea salt over the top. Man I love this combination. Okay
and one more dish just arrived – mushrooms with garlic and parsley
alioli. Here we go! Thank you Hayley. A little hard to pick up.
All right going in. Wow. Perfectly grilled mushrooms, Really parsley and garlic
flavored allioli on top. What a beautiful tapa. Okay we’ve got an excited, we love
this place so much we’ve ordered another famous tapa which are the carrots
which are done in cumin, correct? They’re slightly boiled with cumin. Oh my god I
love this tapa. So coming now. Okay so it may seem like a strange thing but
these carrots down there, which are pickled carrots with cumin, garlic and
vinegar are one of the most incredible things you will eat in your life. Oh my
God, oh my God. I’m going for more Delicious, delicious. Come to Las Golondrinas
and try these tapas, they are amazing Can’t stop eating. Last radish. Going in there. Watch out for the oil. Mancho. Wow. It’s like drinking olive oil while
eating this large, crunchy, bitter thing and then a little
bit of salt on the top, And it’s built with a handle. It’s amazing. My favorite tapa
in the world right now. So, a number of bars in. The wine, the beer, the vermouth
is starting to have an effect. We’ve had some delicious tapas so far. Now we have a
reservation. Hayley we have a reservation I believe? We have a reservation at a
place we’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna eat more tapas. So stick with us. So
we’re here in this spectacular bar Casa Cuesta. Opened in 1880 as a wine shop and
is just beautiful inside. These high ceilings, the tiles, the bar, the wood,
the marble top. And on the walls there are posters from the early 20th century and Easter Week. It’s just spectacular and we’ve got some delicious tapas coming so
hang out. Okay tortilla española – Spanish omelette –
one of the most famous tapas. And here in Casa Cuesta served in a whiskey sauce. A
sauce that is so traditional here in Seville. It’s reduced whiskey, olive oil
and garlic. Wow. When you live in Spain you fall in love with tortilla it
becomes a personal obsession and when you douse anything in whiskey sauce, it’s
love at first bite. Okay next tapas. Carrillera or carrillada, which is pork cheek. Here slowly stewed till existing falling apart. With a Pedro
Ximenez sherry sweet sherry sauce. But it’s not sweet. And it is one of those
dishes that takes me right back to my grandmother’s cooking. It is just a
beautiful slow-cooked meat in such a rich sauce served on a bed of gorgeous
hand-cut fries. It is amazing full of flavor. Okay I’m super full but we have one more stop. We’re going to una abacería, which
is a very typical part shop part tapas bar here in Seville. The kind of places
you need to discover. This place is very hidden. It opened about 40 years ago it’s
run by the son of a chef. We’re gonna be drinking sherry. So let’s check it out. This is called of Abacería La Antigua. Very
hidden here in Triana. It’s run by the gentleman who’s working the bar behind
me. You can’t quite see him now but he’s busy. His name is Rafa and he is a well known
ham carver – renowned ham carver – there he goes. And this place is run by him and
it’s places like this that just make me feel so lucky to live in Spain, to live
in this country. These places are beautiful. They’re full of atmosphere and
tradition and to sit here and drink this gorgeous wine and chat with my friends
and be with him I feel very, very lucky. Salud! Cheers! Everybody I’m here with
Enrique who is here from Triana and like the proud Trianeros he says,
“I’m not from Seville, I’m from Triana.” Enrique, dinos. De dónde eres? De Triana. No de Sevilla, no? And that is what we love about Triana. Sevilla está cerca. Seville is close. Pero estamos en Triana. And Enrique’s from Triana. And that’s what we love about Triana. That pride, that local pride. Muchas gracias Enrique. Hasta luego everybody! Thanks for watching. Ciao!