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today poppin taco Mesa buffet it took me a very twisted my area an amine or my
bass merriment out today so one comedian Andy Tanaka mr. Loeb guys McElhinney day
long okay guys No it’s a guys Marin Depot and all your
customers I am I am the police and sushi bar I am my response of someone our sabe
Em’s ginger and guys I’m on a cone plate so let’s go first wait and ami Manila Chester Intel dammit ow
and after Salman our own dad own okay surd community and iced cocoa bean Amata
Angus to be on salad Japan kimchi lemon for a coup parabolas and Kinnick I’m
Kaylen and my kimchi yeah that’ll be enough in Japan salad
Shikamaru shall mix and this aliamanu a misra desserts
vemana Mexican desert silla by you can illuminati search dito
I have guys and diamond cut to salami asana me I am okay Kanaka me coming in
the kaamika aagama kiyoung laggy SAPO fake ser la de minimis ama so swim
okay guys enjoy unless Mulligan is a fish map a sample
is the real Yong Chi adopt and I’m super guy yeah and Daniel unshackled a pair of
McAllister OSHA Paragon Makassar can your cholesterol so okay guys enjoy la
fitna I invest my Acuna Kapusta Kumiko mine I
hope guys are knocking our bills is only $28 ooh it’s too affordable price for a
seafood buffet so and guys make us a map on the lock it down no money the minute Vimala okay guys thank you for watching
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okay guys babish