Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.
Today’s video is going to be a little staycation vlog. This is actually the
first vlog I’m filming on my new Osmo Pocket so if you notice the difference
in quality, hopefully you do, I’ll have this device linked down below. I’m still
getting the hang of it, as you can see it hopefully is autofocusing and following
my face but I’m going to show you guys a little bit of our room. So we are staying
at the Clement in Palo Alto. So it is on El Camino kind of close the Stanford
Shopping Center, if you’re familiar with the area. This is a luxury all-inclusive
hotel, so basically within the price you pay you get all the amenities you would
ever dream of including food, service, hospitality,
luxury. I’m talking luxury everything. So I’m gonna show you guys a little bit of our
room we’re gonna head down to dinner and just have a relaxing staycation. We’re
only here for one night. Unfortunately this weekend is a little
rainy so we were hoping to check out the rooftop pool tomorrow morning like after
breakfast so we will see. We’re gonna be taking some photos around the hotel and
whatnot so yeah hope you guys like. If you have any questions leave them down
in the comment below. Without further ado let’s get into the room tour. OK so we
are staying in a suite and when you first walk in this is like the living
area. Got a nice couch and in true Silicon Valley fashion we’ve got some
light reading materials on the table here, yes! So before you arrive and check in there is a concierge service that will ask you
what your snack and drink preferences are and they’ll go ahead and stock the
fridge based on your requests. So here we have the essentials like bubbles, juice,
soda, some Red Bull, cheese and fruit. So this is a place where you’re gonna be
able to work and play. Got a nice TV. And of course, fully stocked on that Nespresso Virtuo line. So that is living room, let’s go into the bedroom. Here we are super duper cute, we’re gonna be taking a
lot of photos in and around the room. We just checked in we’re starving so gotta
get some clips before we mess everything up. Here is the shower, love all that tile
detailing. There’s actually heated floors in this bathroom, the most epic bath tub, definitely going to take a bath in that later tonight! So we are scoping out the rooftop pool
situation at night. Oh, that looks really nice! Alright so, I’m in my robe, I’m
chillin. Boyfriend is up at the pool, actually he’s in the hot tub. It is raining
otherwise I’d be there but this is freshly washed hair and I’m not trying
to mess with that. So I’m just sitting down here at the desk to do a little bit of work before I open some wine, run a bath and you know bring it in for
the night and I just want to show you guys some of
the amenities here that’s included in the all-inclusive service at The Clement
so includes valet parking, you know, all your treats and stuff in your room,
breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in the kitchen downstairs,
overnight shoe shine, Wi-Fi, your personal assistant, concierge service,
gratuities, everything so you don’t have to worry about that. Everything’s taken
care of here, it’s so well thought out. In my little welcome kit there are
these adorable postcards, I’m definitely going to be sending these out to some friends. And a really really nice touch is that if you’re here on business,
they included stationery with my name on it so great thing if you’re here for
meetings or events or networking, you know, Stanford, Sand Hill Road, we are in
the heart of Silicon Valley here so I think this is a really nice touch
you can write some thank-you notes and I’m sure they will help you send them out
here as part of their concierge service. This hotel is really for the busy
Silicon Valley business traveler, maybe for the busy working couple that wants a
little bit of a staycation. If you want to feel at home when you’re staying away,
this is the place to come and they thought about every single little detail
for you, everything from bath salts to a
shoe-shining service, you have everything like hot tools already stocked in your
bathroom. It’s spacious, it’s luxurious, it’s relaxing, and it’s cozy.
This is definitely a really nice gem in the Bay Area. Again, I live in the Bay Area so I don’t often stay at that many hotels here at home. I will have all the details
for the hotel linked in the description box below if
you want to check out the property some more, book a stay, or just kind of see
what they have to offer. I think I’m gonna start running the bath because
this tub is huge and then I’m going to open some bubbly. The heated floor… is this what the heated floor… no, this is thermostat? But it has a foot symbol? I’m ready for
my tootsie’s to be warmed. How does 75 sound? So about to pop some bottles. Well, just
one bottle and I just pulled out this nice chilled a fruit plate out of the
fridge. Yum. Morning everybody! It is day two at The
Clement and we opted for the in-room dining for breakfast. That’s a really
great benefit of staying here, you get access to the full menu and they’ll
bring it out to room whenever you’d like. So for breakfast today obviously got
some coffee, we got that in the room but you can order whatever you want from downstairs. We’ve got corn flake crusted french toast, I think it has like blueberry
compote on it, looks really good. We have a side of fingerling potatoes and bacon, of
course, applewood smoked bacon the best. And then I got the lobster eggs benedict
which looks insane like look how much lobster meat is on that and then a side the
berries of course. And yeah, we’re gonna dig in. We’re taking some pictures
obviously, breakfast in bed shots for the ‘gram and the blog. But good morning
and cheers! All right you guys that is a wrap for our stay at The Clement in Palo Alto, you can see here right behind me. So the valet
just pulled up our car and we’re gonna head over to Stanford Shopping Center to
check out what’s new. I know they have a new Shake Shack that is like the latest
rage. I’m not gonna wait in line for multiple hours just for Shake Shack
because I’ve had it before but that is the newest and latest greatest over
there. So thank you again so much The Clement for having us. So if you want any
information and details about the hotel everything will be linked down below. I hope you
enjoyed this video. Again, check out my travel playlist for more hotel reviews,
destinations, and whatnot. Definitely follow me on Instagram to see where I’m
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I’ll see you very soon in the next one!