Hi my name is Emiliano. I’m the kitchen manager here at Alisal High
School, My typical day begins at 5:30 in the morning. Where I receive deliveries I turn
on the ovens I open up the school and the Cafeteria to get things going for the day. I manage 11 employees um I have assistant
her name is Alicia. Hello my name is Alicia Hernandez I am the
assistant manager in the cafeteria. My job is to take care of the children. I really like my work, I like to talk
a lot with the children. In a typical day we prepare about 3,000 meals. Thats including our breakfast our lunch and
after school snacks. Our goal here is to provide you with the best
foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We like here at Alisal to have a variety
of food, so that the children can choose from what they like the most. We offer free lunch
for everybody and we really love for you guys to take advantage of this program. It’s the first year that we are doing it. We encourage you guys to take the necessary
items, so that you meet the daily requierments of the calorie intake, that includes your
breads, your dairy, your fruits and your vegatables. And you know in addition to the free lunch
we offer, we also sell items outside on the carts in the hut behind the school as well. Pizza our sub sandwiches our bagels and cream
cheese and our hot items like our Hot Cheetos and our Flamas. I love coming to Alisal I love coming to work. I love the students that are here. The environment is very positive. We are all very happy to work here
at Alisal High School.