Hello there welcome to proper Dubai
where we give you the most accurate, the most comprehensive and the most
down-to-earth reviews on everything Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My name is Stuart
Matthews and today I’m in a very sunny Dubai to look at this – Al Bandar Rotana. So location wise this hotel is on Baniyas
Road that’s just on the north side of the creek here in Deira. We’re not that far
away from the Deira Clock Tower roundabout and just across the road from
where the Dow’s moor up and offload their goods which if you’re staying here
it’s really worth having a look at absolutely fascinating. So just to give
you a bit of background because I’m aware a lot of you won’t have come
across the Rotana Hotels Group before Rotana was set up in 1992 and now has over 100 properties in 26 cities I’ve used them a lot in the UAE and in Qatar
as well and they are great group high-quality with some great staff This is one of their newest properties
here in Dubai and it’s called Al Bandar and it’s two properties in one. One is a
hotel and one is a service residence but they’re both combined in two different
wings using the same facilities as well So let’s go and have a look As this hotel has only been open a few months
everything in this room is nice and fresh and new and works really well This is what they call a studio
apartment but here they also have one and two bedroom apartments which also
have their own living room as well If you’re staying in Dubai for a longer
period of time or you’re traveling with children to have a washer and a
dryer can be really convenient and to have a kitchen which means you don’t
have to eat out every night can make life an awful lot easier Also being new the lighting in this room
is really well designed there’s floor lights, ceiling lights and
what they call indirect lights as well which are all controlled by the control
pad next to the bed So this room is really nicely decorated
and one nice little touch is they’ve left a couple of books in the room for me
these are very glossy coffee table type books this one is the Louis Vuitton
travel book and I’ve also got an Oriental Art book which is very nice
touch Not that anyone’s going to read them at
all but they look nice And lastly, just one thing I always find
funny this is a general safety announcement that’s the same in all the
Rotana Hotels Where is the fire extinguisher and the hose reel? “are
strategically placed in all corrrrridoooors” It’s in the corrrridoooor. Is that near
the corridor? So I’ve now been here for three nights
and I must say the studio apartment has worked really well for me having a
fridge and a microwave in the room has really been useful One evening I did eat at Morgan’s which
is the gastro pub here I thought food was very good
huge selection on the menu but the best thing 4 o’clock to 8 o’clock Happy
Hour. Well done Rotana! Although I didn’t eat at the buffet
restaurant which is called Salt and Pepper I did have a look round and it was a really contemporary feel
and the food looked absolutely great So I’ve just paid 370 Dirhams per night
for room only that’s about 100 dollars or 80
pounds and that’s one of the lowest you’ll find either direct with Rotana or
even going through Trip Advisor In peak seasons expect to double that Its a little bit noisy above this main road
but I must say you don’t hear it in the hotel I hope you’ve enjoyed this review
if you have, please check out the other ones on my channel which are reviews of
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really brave please hit subscribe So from a very sunny Dubai see you next
time do not panic extinguisher and fire hoses are strategically placed in all
corrrridooors please remain in your room and await……