Airport Lounge Myths DEBUNKED You may not know this but there’s a HUGE
number of Lounges in all major airports, and not just those attached to the individual
airlines. Here’s a few more commonly held misconceptions… They cost a fortune …?
They don’t have to. There are many different types of lounge available – you can book one
for under £20, and once you’re in there’s complimentary snacks and drinks, less people
and a comfortable seat! You have to dress up …?
Nope. In most cases it’s just No Offensive Slogans, and No Football Shirts. You have to fly First or Business class with
a premium airline to get in …? Nope. Anyone can buy access to the independent
lounges, and they still feel like a luxurious, tranquil space. Absolutely no kids! …?
Depends. Some don’t allow children, some limit children under 12, but there are many
that welcome them, such as Gatwick MyLounge. It’s not for me…?
There’s a lounge for everyone. Some are a quiet space to plug in your laptop or read
the paper; some have spas; some have game consoles, and in some you can pour your own
beer! But all will let you start your holiday early, giving you extra convenience and affordable
luxury before your flight. For more information and the best deals on
airport lounges, go to