Open this door, and
you’ll see pure luxury. Ira and Moryia Rockman
are preparing the chalet for the next guests. Everything ready for the guests?
– Yes, and some flowers. We’ve also got a private bar. We can receive the
guests there. We usually get
a bottle of champagne ready and a small cheese platter so that people feel
at home when they arrive. What’s the nightly rate? Between 5,000 and 10,000 francs
a night, depending on the season. But that’s not your
most expensive property? No, no. We have some much
more expensive ones. Some in Gstaad are a bit dearer and we have much more expensive chalets
in Verbier und Zermatt. There, one night can cost
up to 40,000 francs. Butler, chauffeur and chef included. Ira and Moriya Rockman’s firm
lets out about 500 properties: chalets, luxury homes in the Mediterranean
and the Alps, mainly through Airbnb. Some 70 chalets in Gstaad alone. The market’s booming. The number
of homes on offer is shooting up from year to year. When people come here
they want to be themselves and live like they do
at home. They feel happy and
are able to say: “I was part of that
wonderful place, Gstaad.” A new Airbnb feature called Beyond will focus wholly on luxury
homes in future, thus competing with luxury hotels. Gstaad Palace. Five stars.
Luxury going back 105 years. Family-owned
for three generations. A double room here
costs about 700 francs. Hotel manager Andrea Scherz is keeping
a close eye on the Airbnb competition. You can see here that they have
beautiful interiors. Very spacious, lots of room. The hotelier reckons he is losing 20-60 overnight stays
a year to Airbnb. It’s as if a new five-star
hotel had opened. The five-star hotel simply
takes away a slice of our cake. Airbnb is taking a slice
of the cake. So we have defend
the cake by being innovative
and offering services that our customers can’t
find at Airbnb. The high-end hotel is investing
heavily in leisure facilities for instance so that this will set it apart
from Airbnb. A very high standard of service,
24-hour room service, a concierge,
who organizes everything. We obviously have a
huge variety of leisure choices. From masseurs and chi gong to fitboxing
and personal trainers. Eight bedrooms, five bathrooms
two buildings, a hamam – You get all that in the Airbnb chalet. Beautiful lake. But local colour and authenticity
are now almost more important than luxury. You know: there are hotels that are fantastic
when you go in. But you don’t even know
where you are. On Mallorca,
in Turkey or Switzerland. You’re in a hotel. People are getting away from that.
They want to sense where they are. Airbnb is entering the luxury segment. The new internet platform
for high-end homes is set to go online
by the end of the year. And the Rockmans will certainly
be there with their chalets.