This is a historic moment! One of the flights that you most wanted
to see will finally happen. I’ll fly Air France’s La Première First Class
from Paris to São Paulo. But, before that, I’ll show you all my experience
here at Charles de Gaulle Airport. This is how the La Première Air France
experience begins. With a car that picks you up anywhere in Paris to take you to Charles de Gaulle Airport. – Hello!
– Hello, how are you? – Is the check-in here?
– Yes, it is! – Oh, perfect! This is the check-in area, where you can
sit in one of these chairs. I gave them my passport already, an agent came to introduce herself and she’s
the one who’s escorting me to the lounge. This is not the lounge yet.
It’s just the check-in area. – I’m already being spoiled by Naserra! She’s the one who’s escorting
me to the lounge. – Yes, right away! We’ve been now through security and
passport control. No line at all. The La Première passengers don’t have to wait. They take the same type of line as the passengers
with diplomatic passports. And my line was even faster, because
there was nobody in it. We’ve also been through security really quickly. There’s a special area for us, so our
luggage have priority. – Welcome to the lounge!
– Thank you! – So, Florida is in charge of the lounge tonight… – Hello, Florinda!
– Hello! – How are you?
– Good and you? – Hello, I’m Jayme!
– Florinda! – How are you?
– Very well! Thank you! The lounge is beautiful. I like this entrance… Wow, super cool… – This is your boarding pass. Boarding will start around 10:35 PM. I’ll be back a little earlier to let you know
exactly at what time we should leave. If you want to sleep, relax, don’t
worry about the time because I’ll be back.
– Thank you very much! – Enjoy! The La Première Lounge is 1,000 square meters.
It’s exclusive for Air France’s first class passengers. It’s Sunday night and there are only a few
flights with first class cabins, going to cities such as São Paulo,
Johannesburg and Mexico City. And that’s why there aren’t many people
here – what’s good, because I’ll be able to show you several details of the lounge. I’ll start by the relaxation area, where there are these lounge chairs for those
who want to relax before boarding. And how interesting is this
wall that they call “zen wall”. There’s a projection of colors and lights
to bring a greater sense of relaxation for the passengers who want to rest here. I really liked the textures of the walls. Everything is white in a super clean style. And check that design. So cool! Look at that light! There are several individual cabins like this one. In each one of them, a toilet. There’s also a whole equipped bathroom
for the passengers who want to take a shower. The lounge also has a spa, with facial and body treatments
that you have to book in advance. In this reading area, there are magazines and
newspapers from all over the world: France, Germany, United States, China, Japan… And if they don’t have something you want, a staff
member goes look for it in the airport newsstand. My experience will start at the bar. I’ll try one of the La Première’s cocktails. – So, you’re gonna choose a cocktail for me? – Yes, the Grey Goose Alain Ducasse martini.
– All right! Because, actually, the cocktail list and also all the food and beverage is signed by Alain Ducasse, right? – Yes! – We have the Alain Ducasse champagne…
– All right! – We have the Grey Goose Ducasse…
– Ah, Grey Goose Ducasse… All right! Cheers to all of you who wanted so much to see
the Air France’s First Class experience. This is the self-service buffet,
but the passengers can also order any “a la carte” dish. Some salads, they look good. – This is a salad…
– A beetroot salad. – A smoked salmon… – A tea selection.
– A Kusmi tea by Alain Ducasse. – Some pastries… Chocolate also by Alain Ducasse.
– Very nice. They also have a water bar with
labels from Corsica, Spain, England, Norway and the Bay of Arcachon,
where the biggest dunes of France are. I think I’ll start with a small salad. I’m gonna start with this pesto
salad, please. Thank you. Then you just get a table to start your pre-boarding
gastronomic experience. The La Première gastronomic
service is signed by Alain Ducasse, who’s a celebrity chef, owner of
30 restaurants around the world, here in France, in Japan, Qatar, China… And everything is really impressive,
especially their presentation. This gastronomic experience
justifies your earlier arrival at the airport. How charming is that!
According to him it’s a truffle sauce. Simply delicious! Here’s an interesting information. In 2018, the British consultancy firm Skytrax gave Air France the best first class lounge
dinning prize in the world. Which I’m now confirming. This is probably the best pre-boarding
gastronomic experience that I’ve had, perhaps, in my whole life. Amazing! I couldn’t leave without the dessert. – Strawberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream.
– Thank you! At this table, a book with messages
from the lounge’s clients. And of course I’m going to leave mine too. “You’re amazing! Bravo!” It’s almost time for my flight from Paris
to São Paulo on Air France’s First Class. And Naserra is in the elevator waiting
to take me to the boarding area. The car is waiting for us. – But you’re driving?
– Yes! And it’s a pleasure to drive this kind of car. Before that we had Jaguar and now we have BMW. Which is very comfortable and easy to drive. – And you can drive almost as fast as the 777, right?
– Of course! – And this is a little present for you…
– Oh, thank you! It’s so kind of you! This is so kind… Thank you very much, Air France team. This is nice, for my luggage. That’s the car that brought me to the
boarding area and, behind me, the Air France’s B777-300 that will
take me to São Paulo. Paris-São Paulo on Air France’s La Première
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