today is a super exciting day because we
get to travel to Vietnam for four whole weeks and I get to try Asia flatbed
which I’ve never done before. I’ve only ever flown economy so that’s super
exciting, however, there is a glitch in the plan we forgot to get visas! Don’t do
that, that’s stupid. We do however have about
an eight hour layover in KL and I think that there’s a service where you can get
super super urgent visas within four hours, at least that’s what the website
says fingers crossed. First impressions of this seat is that
it is awesome it is so super duper spacious compared to normal economy
flights and heaps of legroom at the bottom for your bag. You can control the
seat, it comes with chargers and water and a drink on arrival. It’s not champagne
but I don’t drink champagne, so that’s fine! Lots of buttons. So this one makes
you sit up straight, lie down flat, and then this one I think it kicks out a foot rest. Yes it does! I really, really like Air Asia flatbed. Look at this! You get a legit and decent
pillow as well. How good! I think we’re about to get blankets. YAY! Oh my gosh, it’s so warm and snug We also get a really cool iPad to watch movies on. Let’s check out the menu. YESSS! Oh, Chicken teriyaki with mushroom. That
Bento box looks quite good. We pre booked our meals before coming onto the flight
because when you do that there’s a lot more variety to choose from. So from here I think there’s only one, two, three four, five meal options. I ordered the Thai green curry. So it looks like the Curry’s got some
green beans, some chicken, some other little veggies in there. It looks really
yummy. That’s an awesome curry! It’s a little bit
spicy but not overly so, nice and creamy and the chicken, it’s a bit dry, but still
tastes quite nice. That was a great dinner. The best way to finish it off is
with ice cream! That’s really good.
After an awesome meal it is time to recline
and go to bed That was a really good flight.
I enjoyed it, had a lot of sleep and the cabin crew was really nice and friendly
and on top of that, good news, we have a letter of invitation to Vietnam so all
we have to do now is print it off, get two passport sized photos and find our
luggage and recheck in. Go, go, go! So when you’re in the Malaysian Airport
what do you have to do? Eat more food! I got the signature wonton noodle soup,
looks pretty delicious. I’m really keen for the egg noodles Looks like we found a printing store for
the visa invitation. Thank you! So now all we need to do is get the passport photos, which apparently we can do in Vietnam so I will see you there! Just kidding, we’re
in the lounge! So this is the AirAsia lounge it’s quite small but there’s still
some food, lots of things to choose from. There’s a shower if you need it with
soap and shampoo and a nice clean toilet. Okay, see you in Vietnam, for real this