Sharma ji! You used to come on Sundays But Monday today? She’s cooked apple gourd at home And I can’t take a divorce Sir. Socialist water or capitalist water? Even today my remotes have a plastic wrapper around them What do you think? I’ll finger your glass and come One minute Vegetables Rs 300. Dal Rs 200? Everything used to be cheap before How did the price increase suddenly in 20 years? Raghuram Rajan is doing the dishes inside I’ll call him outside to explain inflation to you Shall we order by then? Yes yes I’m a mother after all Before giving the order I need to take a viva Your time starts now. What is this babycorn? When daddy corn gets drunk and comes home to mummy corn You get babycorn after 9 months What comes in Kashmiri pulao? Sedition? What is Chinese Bhel? Arunachal’s revenge Why does the menu have bittergourd fry written on it? Madam, cause we can’t write shit And in front of this dish There are 2 chillies drawn Is this supposed to be spicy? Sir? Why did you marry lady Supandi? If the question-answers are done Let’s give the same old regular order? Yes One starter That will come after the main course 6 butter naan That will become rubber naan in 6 minutes 1 butter chicken obviously Why do we have anything else in the menu? One black dal Dal’s butter chicken. One paneer item Because imagination is a sux. And one rice item That will have a cardamom for no reason And for this useless Chintu? Bro do you have tacos? Bailamos’ son. this is Default-e-Punjab Cool, get nachos then Okay. One masala papad. And w hat do y’all have for dessert? Sir we have chocolate fondant, with Belgium chocolate ganache Philadelphia cheescake, key lime pie, nutella macarons. I’m just kidding! Gulab Jamun is what I’ll get Everyone got shit scared Gulab jamun filled the mouths Be a bit quick about it I’m filled with entitlement right now Sir, this is food Not an xvideos clip that you will fast forward to reach the best part You guys wait for an hour I’ll come in 10 minutes Superb! Superb! Been waiting for so long! Where’s the food? Good exposition. Amazing food is here Warm food is here It’s your food! What an amazing food Look it’s your food Your food is coming What an amazing food is coming Look at this beautiful thing It’s your food Not your food Fooled you Two for you Two for the mother Two for you And for the last guy Zero! It’s not like you have to become Shoaib Akhtar I’m forced to love you all. Cheers! Hello maid, Come in for the picture Okay come Come on Is the whole family ready? Very good. You, yes A little to your status quo Yes, yes, you A little more to your status Yes Move, move, move! Move! And… Yo, want to come to blue light area? But we just sat on a rat! Let’s sit on Biryaani Come on How long will you be happy with sweet corn soup Why don’t you go then? Big wings have come out You wont come? No Sure? No Come on No Pussy! No Flysucker! No Son of a Baygon! No Chitif****r! No Lizard’s babe No Pollen thief! No Okay, if… Shut up you bedbug! Can’t even clear the entrance for Typhoid But you’re dreams are to go to blue light area Don’t forget We were born in the sewage And that’s where we will die You’re not a butterfly You’re a gutterfly Sister’s larva Okay fine… I just asked What’s wrong with that? Think bigger than toilet Our fly lives are fixed Today, we are… Today, we aren’t Learn to stand on your six legs Open your compound eyes! The world isn’t that small Don’t you want all your dreams… You’ve heard that song, right? Namak Ishq ka. Have heard it, right? You’re getting me? On the tongue Salt Love Getting it? What I’m trying to say… Right? Blowjob! This gay! It’s a disease Disease. Honestly I read it on WhatsApp WhatsApp never lies Will you take it if she gives? You will, wont you? What will she give? Blowjo Look femininism is good It’s nice I support! Femininism! My wife is a lady, after all! How did Pooja get promotion? Tell me? Do you know? How? Blowj These ladies… all of them Slu…. Have you noticed Yusuf, never plays well against Pakistan Have you ever been in that area? Seen what flag they hoist? Have you seen? Say whatever you want Their women extremely hot! I can drive! Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me sir, excuse… Boss! Excuse me. Excuse… Sir! Are you blind? Uncle. Stuart Little Broseph. Brother. Biraadar. Uncle Tambi. Big brother! Ae dikra. Ae babumoshai. Apapaa Aiyaiyooo Look, bhai is here! Bhai has come! Bhai bhai Is anyone watching? I’m peeing here Oh no! It’s all wet I’m leaving my phone here Expensive phone! And all my cash too Oh no, so much cash! Need it for the bus Are you listening? Aao… Wait! Manager! Hello sir, how can I help you? Been so long but no waiter has come to the table! Sorry sir, let me try Chhu Chhu!! Hello sir how may I help you?