Hello my name is Joe and I’m here with
Poolmaster and today we’re going to assemble the Rio Sun Adjustable Lounge
and it comes in two different fabrics one being the Mod Dots and then this
fabric right here is the Blue Currents. Also inside your box you should receive
a set of instructions. The instructions will list all the components as well as
the tools that are needed to put together this product. For this one in
particular all you will need is a Philips head screwdriver.
For step number one you’re going to take both your straight bar as well as the
curved bar and you’re going to also take the end caps and place them on both ends of each bar. Now before we move on to step two, if you did have any issues with
the caps going inside the bar you can always submerge them into hot water and
this will make the plastic more pliable. Alright for step number two you’re going
to take your lounge and flip it upside down. You’ll notice on one side that it
has two red dots. These are very important because when you take your
crossbar you’re going to place it on the mounting racks and then make sure that
the red dot on the crossbar is also on the same side as the red dot on the Lounge. Now that we have the curved bar on with the red dot matching with the red dot on the
lounge please make sure to also do the same thing with the straight bar
matching the red dot from the bar onto the lounge and then on each side make
sure to place your mounting brackets and then tighten to secure. For step
number three you’re going to take your pontoons you’ll notice on one side
there’s a cup holder and then on the other side of snack bin. You flip that
upside down – the side that has the cup holder that side will go towards the
foot of the lounge place it inside of the crossbar here and then the side with
the snap band will go closer to the pillow of the lounge and then make sure
to take your crossbar and make sure to line up the pre-drilled holes and then
place your bolt in and tighten them to secure. Now that you have secured both
pontoons to your lounge go ahead and flip back over and make sure to add a little pressure to the middle and now
you are ready to lounge away in the pool My name is Joe with Poolmaster and we
make water fun!