My name is Hans Hornemann. I’m the designer of the Ace collection, which is a flat-packed concept
that is easy to take home from the shop and easy to assemble. When you take the box home, put it up on the
table and take out the seven parts. The backrest, the seat, the four legs, the assembly manual, the two screws and the tool. Mount the backrest into the seat. When the backrest is mounted, mount the two
screws – one on each side. Tighten the screws with the tool, flip the chair around and attach the legs. Now that you have seen how easy it is to assemble, I would like to show you three tricks
to make it even easier. When sliding in the backrest, ensure that the backrest is all the way in. Give it a few taps to ensure that the two sewings on the backside align on top of each other. To put in the screw you must be sure that the hole in the backrest
and the thread in the seat aligns. If the hole in the backrest is above the hole in the seat pull the backrest. If it’s below push the backrest. To be sure the two holes intersect look through the hole in the backrest and see if you canfind the thread. To be able to mount the screw it is important
to have the correct angle. You can practice the angle of the screw by
mounting the screw in the seat without the backrest. Here you will be able to see the correct angle. Just remember to take out the screw before
mounting the backrest. You must be able to turn the screw with your
fingers only. If it is too tight, adjust the backrest by
pulling or pushing as showed. Turn the screws all the way in with your fingers. The tool is only for tightening. I hope the tricks were useful. Now it is up to you to enjoy the
Ace Lounge Chair.