The Bars is 32 different points on the head. They are basically like hitting delete file on your computer bank. Garbage in equals garbage out, so when you have too much
stuff on your computer, it sort of jams it,
and things don’t work. So with this stuff, what it does is
it eases off your brainwaves so that you have a greater possibility
of creating more. My first Bars Class was amazing. I went on first to the table, and I don’t actually remember a lot. I remember having my head touched Then it was this complete blank. I don’t even know what I am
thinking right now, I got off the table
and I was a lot of space. Then I actually got the opportunity to run Bars on the other person. Getting off the table,
again she was all space, I was space. We looked at each other
and went: “Ow this is wild”. I had a Bars session , and between having my Bars run and the verbal facilitation she did with me, over that hour and a half I got off the table and I was speechless. Because what we were
able to change and how I felt after
an hour and a half, was like a year
with this other lady. The reason The Bars Class
is a prerequisite for so many of
the other Access classes is because it’s the first-class
where we actually learn to receive for most people. In that, the receiving element is so vital. Because if you’re sitting
in a class for example and you have much more
capacity to receive, will you get much more
out of that class? if you’re sitting across from a friend, having a great conversation, your ability to receive means
you get way more from that conversation. It changes the fundamentals
of how your life shows up for you, when you start to open up to receiving. I think the way I felt about it,
was new and familiar at the same time. It felt like it made sense. It felt like it’s quite intuitive. I woke up the next morning and there was a sense of lightness that I don’t think
I ever had before in the morning When you wake up you should
be all groggy and sleepy, but then you wake up
and you’re like: “No, this is totally different”. Over the course of the day
you learn to do it. You trade twice. You’re there with a Bars facilitator, somebody who knows
how to teach you this. The beauty of it is you leave there and there’ll be all kinds of people
that you can trade with, after that. So you can get Bars,
you can gift Bars. It’s one of these things that allows you to be a gift to people in your life,
like few things on the planet do. I usually talk about it being something that can dissipate
and get rid of all the monkey mind – words that people understand –
all that chatter that goes in your head. And if you’re going to experience it – I mean fine, come and have a session – but why wouldn’t you learn to do it? Then you can share it with other people. Everything that I’ve done from this, has been about trying it,
finding out how it works. This is what I try to encourage people to do. You don’t think it works?
Try it, see what works for you. Because if you find out
that it works for you, then you got the tool
for the rest of your life. My son – who was nine at the time – he and I did it together. She said practice it for 30 days. So I practiced it for 30 days.
Every day my son and I did. Then I was like:
“Who else can I get my hands on?” And then I have more people come
and more people come. It just dissolves. It’s not like the thing
that’s there, comes back. It’s just … you’re free!