What is your Bars story? Hi everybody around the world!
My name is Trina Rice. I’m an occupational therapist and an Access Consciousness
Certified Facilitator. This is my friend Jack. I’ve known Jack for many years. We have worked and played together. We were going to talk today about
how Bars has assisted him in his everyday life.
Jack is 21 and he has autism. One of the many ways we communicate is through his iPad. So I was just going to
ask him a question. What has the Bars helped you with? Anxiety And anything else? Calm. And help him be calm.
We had a conversation earlier so I asked Jack for some of
the things that he’d like to share. He typed with me
and this is what he was saying. It helps me not take on
my moms thoughts. I feel less stress
and have no anxiety. It helps me be calm. I am sad sometimes.
Sad because I have much to say. This world needs Bars. Bars helps with communication. It helps me to express
needs and desires and what I want to say. I can talk in very different ways. One of the ways that it really has helped,
is it helped Jack to be calm and to have more of a space him
and to be around others without taking on everyone else’s stuff. It has also assisted me in my ability to have that telepathic communication or to be able to talk to Jack
without necessarily using words. Because he’s so fast energetically and I can pick up on more of that
than I ever used to before. I remember when I first started
typing with him and doing the Bars. I was getting information.
One time, I am like: “I need to go to the bathroom.”
I kept getting that in my head. “I need to go to the bathroom.”
“I need to go to the bathroom.” And I’m thinking to myself “I just went to the bathroom.” Then as soon as I was
saying that in my own head, Jack pulled out his icons that he has,
and he pointed to “bathroom”. And I’m like,
“Oh, that was Jack talking to me.” But I had thought
it was my own head. That’s how fast
the communication occurs. And the Bars has really assisted us
in being able to talk better. One of the things I wanted to share
is Jack is really brilliant. So it has helped him remain calm. And to communicate with others
in everyday situations. When he goes to his day program.
When he’s here at home. And when he was previously
going to school. One of the things he did,
is he typed a poem. I would like to share that with you, because it’s amazing. The things that he says.
And he says he has a lot to say. So I’m going to read it to you. This is from Jack.
It’s called, “Great Change.” We are here to change a lot. To change meanness
into kindness. To change the stories about earth. Earth changes real fast.
Deal with the changes. Great things are possible. We are demanding great creation. That we see the difference. We need people
to look at things greatly. They need to see vast, then it becomes easy
to see the beauty of people. Not fake. I am here to show people
the beauty of them and the greatness of the earth. Then we could love a lot more. Go be. I think that is amazing. I’m very grateful
to have Jack in my life and honored to be able
to be around him. What we’ve both learned
by just being with each other, I think is immense
and the Bars has assisted. So if you know anybody
that the Bars could assist, particularly those with
autism or other needs, then please by all means,
share it with them. Thank you so much.
Do you want to tell them thank you? Do you want to tell them bye?
Bye! Bye. Thank you guys. If I had to choose one main story, it would be one that you guys
have already heard, but it’s one that changed
the trajectory of my life, my family’s lives and my kids lives and that is actually my brother’s story. When Dain found Bars
and chose not to kill himself, it changed everything. I would really love to tell you that I knew that my brother was suffering
the way he was and I didn’t, because he was really good at
keeping it all together and making it look like
things were fine. But they weren’t inside. So when I look at the Bars
and what they can change and the way they’ve gifted
to me and my life… that’s the first thing and the most
important thing to me that the Bars has gifted me, my family, my kids and really the future. Because where would we be today with Access and Dain’s creations on this planet and how they’ve gifted
to so many people, if the Bars didn’t show up in his life? So when I look at all that,
I just have to say, Thank you, thank you, thank you Gary. Thank you for bringing the Bars. And thank you Dain
for answering that ad. And thank you Shannon
for putting that ad out. I’m so grateful to the Bars
for that one reason and many other reasons,
because the gift to my life immensely. But if I had to choose one story,
that would be it. I used to hate myself. Really, really hate myself. I would wake up in the morning, “Ahhh… I am still me. I’m still here.” Every day it was about just getting through and, “Okay, alright, we can do this, we can get through today.” Every day. I’m not saying I didn’t have moments
of happiness and creating joy. There were certain things that I loved
about my life, but I hated me. I hated myself so much.
And I did not know how to change it. I remember this one night. I was with some
of my most beautiful friends. We’re talking about the future. “If we could have anything, what would it be?” “If we could change anything,
what would the future be like?” I said to them “Do you know
what I would ask for?” “This is really weird, but I would
just like to stop hating myself.” “I’d like to wake up and
not hate myself.” “But I don’t know how to change it.” And they were so kind and sweet and they had no advice to give me, because they knew
I had tried everything. I had tried self-help books. I had tried different modalities. I had tried things
and it didn’t change. Nothing would change it. It was almost … I don’t know, maybe that last request of that universe,
“Hey could you help me out?” Access Bars have changed
everything in my life. They’ve changed my relationships. They’ve changed my friendships,
my body and my financials. They’ve changed everything. And one of the greatest gifts is
that I don’t hate myself anymore. I don’t wake up with that heaviness,
with that dread for who I am. Access Bars gave me
a gratitude for myself that I truly didn’t know existed. So that’s my Bars story.
I’m Cassie Summers. Thank you. Thank you Access. Thank you Bars.
Thank you for watching this. I found out about it
about 5,5 years ago, from a friend of mine,
and I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful that I did. I was a bitter, angry,
depressed, judgmental woman who hid that even from myself
to a large degree. But I really just didn’t want
to be here anymore. My life was not fun, wasn’t joyful. So I had a session
and I really had no expectations. I didn’t know what it was,
I was just intrigued. After my first session
I no longer had that monkey chatter, that I had going on non-stop, 24/7. And most of that was
judgmental chatter at myself and it was such a space of peace. I remember sitting in my car
after the session, going, “What has just happened?”
I had no idea. I remember calling
a friend and saying, “I don’t know what that was,
but I want to find out more about it.” So I did.
I went and took a class and learned how to run them myself. The rest as they say is history. Fast-forward 5,5 years
and I am joyful and happy and grateful for everything in my life. I recognize the amazing contribution that Access Bars has been to that. So if this intrigues you at all,
interests you at all, I cannot recommend enough
to find somebody to run your Bars and see what it might
contribute to your life. The worst that happens,
great saying is, “you feel like you’ve had
a great massage.” The best that happens,
like it did for me, it changed my entire life. So thanks for watching
and have a great day. Hi! I’m Julia Sotas and I’m a Certified
Facilitator of Access. I want to tell you about
my amazing Bars story. One of my favorite stories
─just because I really like this topic─ is Bars and pregnancy. When my friend was pregnant
with her beautiful little boy, I ran her Bars about four times
during the pregnancy. Maybe once every two months
while she was pregnant. And she had so much ease
with her pregnancy, it was unbelievable. Her labor was 3,5–4 hours. She didn’t need to get an epidural. She was thinking it was going to be so bad.
She had so much ease. She was so strong
that all the doctors were like, “How are you so strong?”
She’s like, “This is amazing.” It was just so different for her
than for other people, I’ve heard this many, many times. A lot of women who get their Bars run, have really short labor times. I think everyone I’ve heard
is under 4 hours. And her son is such a
beautiful little boy. When kids have their Bars run
when they’re in the uterus… because if you’re running
the mom’s Bars, you’re also running the baby’s Bars, whether your hands
are on the baby’s head or not. Then the kids come into the world, knowing that everything’s
going to be okay. They know that
the universe has their back. He has such a presence and such a beauty and such a zest for life.
He’s about four years old now. And I look at him
and he looks at me and I’m like, “Yeah, I ran your Bars.
You know that life is great.” So it changes things.
It changes the kids. And it makes it really easy on the moms. So definitely, I would recommend for any pregnant woman
that you know, run her Bars. Because it creates something
really beautiful in the worlds of the mom and the baby. And in you, the giver. Because you know
you’re creating this gift on the planet. Thank you! Bye! Hi! For me getting my Bars run opened up a space of possibilities that I had been searching for 25 years to no avail until that day. And let me tell you, it’s never too late. Hi! My name is Lisen Bengtsson and I’m a Certified Facilitator. Many years ago,
I think it’s about eight years ago, I got my first Bars session
during an evening class with Dain Heer. People were offering sessions for free and I was like desperate,
I wanted to change anything. So I was like, “I’ll take one.” During this session,
I had this experience of energy. Massive amounts of energy
flooding out of my body. I was like, “What’s really going on here?” Because I had no explanation what it was. I had no clue what they were going to do. And I woke up after the session
and it was so different. There was space,
there was lightness and there was nothing in my head left,
No thoughts. Wow! I only knew that from meditating
many hours at a time, where I got totally empty. Wow, it was a first step
in getting to know myself without everything else
that I thought was me. And things changed a lot. Like things in my body, how I ate. Sleep, I sleep so well now. Before I would wake up
for every sound. I could hardly sleep when I was flying. Now the plane takes off
and I’m already asleep. A very different life. There’s one client I met,
I just want to tell you. He got one session and one Bars class, and he was free from his lacto-intolerance. He was very sensitive and reacting to everything with milk products. And after the Bars class, it was gone. He said, “It was never painful,
nor did I feel that it limited my life. I wasn’t struggling without milk. But I had no idea how delicious
my world would be with it.” So he’s so grateful.
Have your Bars run! Hi! A few years ago my life was described
as walls caving in. I felt like I was everything to everyone and I was freaking out. My son was close to 2 years old, and I was miserable. We had such a challenging time
to conceive him, so I went into a lot of guilt about not enjoying my time as a mom. I remember looking for
me-time and self-care and that’s when I came across
this Access Bars workshop, with the lovely Emily. It was just something for me to try. And I went there, had my Bars run. That night when I came home
was seriously the first time I could look at my son and
see how much he adored me. And how excited he was to see me. And I could receive that and share it. It was such a celebration of an evening. It was just amazing. And that choice to go
to that two-hour workshop changed the course of my life,
of my son’s, of my little family’s. It’s so funny because now
my daughter is that same age. I truly have a before and after Bars. An image of how I was as a mom before and how I am a mom now,
and there is such a difference. There’s challenges and
we can go around, through, whatever and I have my Bars run. I run my children’s Bars
and I bribe them to run mine, just touch my head. I just wanted to share
that there’s another possibility that I was asking for. I didn’t even realize I was asking for it. I am so grateful,
my children are grateful, my husband is grateful
for what Bars before and what Bars after has
actually created in our lives. Let’s see
For me having the Bars run creates so much more peace and ease. I used to suffer from
massive depression, and it has created
a lot more joy in my world. Some of the coolest stories are…
I ran Bars on a co-worker that had been through many wars
and suffered from PTSD. He was having problems
with insomnia. After one session he said
it reminded him of the movie “Office Space” where this guy goes in for a treatment
and afterwards everything is fine. He’s just floating along
really happy and peaceful. He said he felt like that. He was like, “Something’s up,
I feel fine, I’m not jumpy.” And he had this ease and space. He said, “I feel so relaxed,
I don’t even feel like working.” It was kind of funny. Somebody else who took a Bars class and had her Bars run
for the first time in the class. She was an artist,
a dancer and also a writer. She had always loved writing. But there was a part of her
that she held back a bit, and wasn’t letting her
true brilliance shine. After that day
she felt the space and said, “I am willing to let
my true brilliance shine” and she started creating massively. Then the last one… there are so many! The last one that I can think of right now
is somebody came to me and she was about to
go in for an operation. She thought it would create more ease. She did it for
two different operations. She came in and had her Bars run. She actually had massive anxiety about having Bars run in a hospital. She said both times the operation
and everything went super smooth. Everything was ease. In the past she had problems
with people giving her IVs. It would take a million tries.
And she said everything was easy. Even the doctors that came to her
were just kind and easy and there was just space
and ease in her world. Those are just a little sampling, but those are the ones that popped. Man, there’s so many more stories. I’ve been hearing so many amazing stories. So if you get the opportunity
and you haven’t had it done, I highly recommend it. Yay! Hey everyone! Dr. Anthony here. I wanted to talk to you about
Access Bars. I’ve been a holistic chiropractor
for the last 19 years now and after trying
so many different modalities, the Bars are probably
the most powerful tool that I’ve ever come across. The results that
I and my children got to enjoy the results that
I personally experienced, are really beyond comprehension. Anywhere from ease
to reducing anxiety, getting rid of depression
and just restoring joy in one’s life, are just some of the few things that the Bars can contribute to your life. I’s amazing. Why everyone on the planet
is not doing it, I have no idea. But they should,
because it’s really a game-changer, a life changer. At the very least,
it’s something really nurturing, kind and relaxing for the body. So get your Bars run.