Welcome to another BIKE O’clock episode! In today’s episode there will be battle between Czech republic and Abu Dhabi Me and Ondra will represent Czech republic and our mate Vasha decided to represent United Arab Emirates Each of us will pick 2 tricks and everyone has to do all the tricks My 2 tricks are 360 and Footjam whip We are switching to Abu Dhabi where Vasha is spitting some weird rhymes Hi everyone you’re watching BIKE O’clock I’m going nuts and I’m ready to rock Hello to my friends in Czech republic Ondra asked me to do this trick Footjam whip and three-sixty But here in Abu Dhabi it’s a little bit risky My arm is inked Let me show you this trick! Let’s do Ondra’s tricks – 360 & FJ whip Now it’s your turn Vasha! I’m picking Backwards manual and 180 and what’s the weather like in Czech by the way? It’s super hot here! The sun is shining! I’m already burnt It’s no good, wish I was back in Czech That was close If you land it now I’m buying you a donut! Really? Son of a bitch! He did it only for the donut! My friend owes me a donut You can choose any I don’t care man So give him the cheapest you have And for me the best one Here you go That’s the motivation How is it? It’s really disgusting It’s a donut with just one drop of jam Yeah but it was just a 180, that’s all you deserve You’re right, next time I’m doing a tripple backflip My tricks are 360 nosepick and 360 tailtap 360 tailtap and 360 nosepick? No problem! That was really awesome! What can I say? Bike is ruined, self-confidence is ruined, too and I failed to land the trick So I guess no donut for me You’re right Today’s episode is over We rode a bit and had a bath I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked it subscribe and see you next time! Switching back to Abu Dhabi! This was my part from Abu Dhabi I hope you enjoyed it Please subscribe and follow us on socials