Hi guys! Welcome to a new video. By now we’ve seen a few first class lounges like Cathay Pacific Yes and we were still missing one European first class and that is what we’re flying today Yes! We’re being picked up now by the La Premiere limousine and going to the first class check-in area and there we will show you what services are available Air France provides a limousine service for their first class passengers We also could have arranged a pick-up from a hotel in the city but we stayed near the airport. Even for the short ride, this service is available and it will take us directly to the “La Premiere” check-in Right! Fun fact: This Citroën was custom designed for “Air France” On the glove box, it’s not visible right now because our bag is blocking the view, it says, “La Premiere” Let’s go! So this is the check-in. It’s set up like a lounge with a check-in counter. Pretty cool And we’re the only passengers currently checking in Let’s see if we’re still going to be the only ones on board. But first we’re going to show you the “Air France First Class” lounge Ah I see it’s similar to “Lufthansa” and “Qatar Airways” You get a little envelope for your boarding pass Looks very stylish Very cool. Air France escorts you past everyone Yes, but security control is mandatory of course. I had to take out my camera. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Yes, we have a lot of luggage …and of course it has to be checked. But that’s not a problem. It took no time at all We’re in Terminal 2E on our way to the “La Premiere” lounge It’s the only one at Charles de Gaulle airport Well this is the “La Premiere” first class lounge Bright and spacious. I imagined it much smaller from to the pictures I’ve seen beforehand There’s a lot to do and see but we have to be careful because there are a few people in here already So we took a seat in the fine dining area . We’re going to eat here because we’re pretty hungry and see what French cuisine has to offer [in French]: Welcome The menu is pretty extensive. I’m having a hard time choosing what to eat. I think we are going to have a very good meal here After the fine dining there’s also a little buffet over there. But I’ll show you that later on. In the intro, I already mentioned that we tried out a few first class lounges including the “First Class Terminal” which you saw on our first class flight with “Lufthansa”. It’s a really great terminal with a great lounge. Also, the “Cathay Pacific” first class lounge in Hong Kong is excellent. Dominik: Also “Singapore Airlines, The Private Room” Yes! “The Private Room”. Almost forgot about that! It’s one of the best lounges. I think the “La Premiere” first class lounge is in the same league I’m very impressed. Look at this. It’s a very stylish room The French have a really good sense of style. Stefan will show you something later on. In our Martinique blog, I’m not sure if it’s online yet, probably not, we went to a rum distillery and we chose the same rum which they also offer here in the lounge. Right. The “Depaz.” Up there in the left hand corner. Here we have the magazines; and the lounge attendant told us if we wanted a specific magazine which wasn’t there he would go downstairs to a kiosk and buy it for us. Pretty nice I was already thinking about which magazine I might want but never mind. I have my laptop Behind us you can see the “Skytrax” Awards You already know what we think about “Skytrax”. We’ve made a video about our opinion on the “Skytrax” evaluation concept But here I actually have to agree “Skytrax” voted this lounge as the best first class lounge for a few consecutive years. Dominik accidentally ordered something but it’s pretty nice. Mac and cheese It sounds much better in French And what did you order? Oh right! That’s the vegan option And ‘why is it so empty in here?,’ you may ask In some first class lounges such as “Lufthansa,” status holders can also gain access which fills up the space. For example, with our “Oneworld” Status we also have access to the “Cathay Pacific” first class lounge in Hong Kong, even if we only fly economy class. Pretty cool In here it’s different, for better or worse, depending on your perspective. In this lounge, only passengers who paid for a first class ticket can gain access The steak is delicious. Very very good. And the mashed potatoes… Those who know our channel or me know that I like mashed potatoes a lot. Perfect! I really like the food here a lot. We still have some time. About 3 hours left until boarding. Maybe we’ll eat something else later on. What shouldn’t be missed while in France? Cheese, of course! We got Camembert and I can’t remember the other varieties the waiter told us about But he explained them very well. I just said, “Please no dessert; I’m stuffed!” However, when I see this display here… Delicious! I think this is cheesecake. These are strawberry tarts I think Here we have the chocolate. I can use the mallet to break off the desired amount “Choco Crossies,” yum! I’ll have some later A big selection of water. How many? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 different brands of water! I know this one! “Fiji Water”. Many airlines have it too. But there are so many different ones I’ve never heard of before. Interesting! After the delicious meal, now I’m going to take you on a little tour through the “La Premiere” first class lounge In the background you can see the relaxing area with the chaise lounges to rest on. I just used that one. There are two lounge chairs back there. There aren’t any private rooms here to sleep in though But on those, you can lie flat which is also important. We’re heading further back and here we find the showers. There are many to choose from. At least 5 showers And due to the fact that the lounge isn’t that full, a shower is practically guaranteed for you. There is a rainforest shower in here. The toilet area is unique. It’s like a padded cell. The walls are padded and finished in leather. Pretty cool! A great idea. Well thought out. Behind the showers there’s a small day spa. Treatments are complimentary. But I don’t think it’s open 24 hrs. Only 6am-6pm There’s nobody here anymore. You can also have facial treatments like cleansing, different lotions etc. One of the coolest features of the “La Premiere” lounge is the “Red Bar”. It’s not very big but pretty great. There might not be as many kinds of whiskey as there are in the “Swiss” whiskey-Bar or in the “First Class Terminal’ of “Lufthansa” in Frankfurt for example But they have a very good selection of whiskeys here This is a “Hibiki”. A Japanese Whisky, which is one of my favorites. I’ll probably be drunk after this glass and won’t be able to make a flight report anymore. Oh well… I can let Dominik do it. We’re here for more than 2.5 hours now, almost 3 and still have an hour to spare until we get picked up and taken to the aircraft in a limousine. That’s why I ordered something else I saw earlier. The French are extremely good at making desserts, especially chocolate cakes Of course I had to order it It’s the one with the warm chocolate core (Lava Cake) I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m going to enjoy that and then it’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful first class lounge. I have to say I’m very impressed by it and it felt very good to be in here. It is very quiet because it is not full at all. A few people arrived, but there aren’t more than 10 people in this spacious lounge. It doesn’t feel overbearing at all. The service is handled very discreetly. Just one look and someone is coming over. There’s no staff permanently around you asking “would you like this or that etc.” They don’t bother you at all. Which I like a lot. Now I’m looking forward towards my chocolate cake and then to the flight with “Air France La Premiere”. But this will be in the next video. Just click on the “i” up there. That takes you directly to that video. Or at the end of this one, there will be a selection of videos where you can find it as well. We haven’t departed yet, but I can imagine that this flight could be one of the best inflight experiences ever because according to the seat map it looks like Dominik and I will be alone in the first class cabin in the Boeing 777. They only have 4 seats anyway. If we’re actually by ourselves, it definitely will be an unforgettable flight experience. I’m very much looking forward to it. OMG! That smells yummy See that? Let’s take a closer look. Dominik: What’s that next to it? That’s vanilla ice cream, and one chocolate cake. Ahh… Look at that! Dominik: Melted chocolate… And now you know why we always have to work out so much in our vlogs. When we are in a hotel we always work out at least 2 hours in the morning. Why? If you want to eat something like that you have to make up for it. Dominik: At least we do Now my conclusions. Some would say now I’ll start to complain but I really don’t want to. The “La Premiere” Lounge here in Paris is terrific Great design, I really like it. The couches aren’t the most comfortable if that’s your focus. The food is outstanding. Really great! And there’s a large beverage selection. If I’m going to compare it to the “Lufthansa First Class Terminal,” for example, I have to say in the FCT, there’s a huge bar, I can take a bath, I get the rubber ducky, it’s just a treat, here I get chocolate and other things… Also, the dining area the FCT is definitely on the same standard and not many first class lounges provide as much as the FCT and “La Premiere” or even “British Airways” with their [Stefan: “Concorde Room”?] Yes, with the “Concorde Room”. It’s also outstanding. There is nothing more to add. I guess we’re being picked up soon to take the elevator down to the limousine and then off to the aircraft We had to reorganize a little because originally it was just us two in the cabin but due to the flexibility of first class tickets there is going to be another passenger in the cabin as well. I won’t explain the details now. But these things happen sometimes and then we have to shuffle around a little because we pay a lot of attention to not bother people when filming. That’s why we always try to sit in the back of the cabin or further away. In this case we’ll be doing the same. The gentleman who’s joining us there gets my seat by the window and Dominik and I are going to sit on the other side OK! Pick-up time for us and the limousine will take us to the aircraft It was a great time in the lounge This was the first video of the “Air France La Premiere First Class” Lounge. If you want, we invite you to watch the following video as well, which is the main video of the spectacular “La Premiere First Class” in the 777-300ER to Hong Kong. Thank you! Bye bye!