[Music] proper restroom cleaning eliminates the source of odors and restores your restrooms to their cleanest state today we’ll learn how to clean a restroom with h2o Orange to hyper concentrate 1:12 this product cleans everything in your restrooms from glass to grout to fixtures to clean restrooms you’ll need pump up sprayer filled with red heavy-duty green light duty spray bottle green light duty in a bucket and mop dust mop or broom and dustpan restocking supplies trash can liners paper towel or microfiber towels high duster wet floor sign will be following these simple steps to restroom cleaning will use red heavy duty on all fixtures and heavy touchpoints and green light duty on all glass and stainless steel step one clear the restroom knock on the door and announce yourself if you have one place a restroom closed sign outside of restroom to restrict outside access step 2 put on gloves put on gloves before starting any work make sure to change gloves frequently if you’ve touched contaminated areas don’t go from cleaning the toilets to cleaning touch points with the same gloves step 3 spray down toilet area and counters use pump up sprayer of heavy-duty red to thoroughly spray down toilets urinals beneath the toilet area the walls behind the toilets partitions feminine-hygiene trash cans counters sinks and high contact areas like door locks and handles leave these wet you’re giving the product time to work step 4 dust use your hai duster to clean high shelving and surfaces paying close attention to Vince air returns and window sills dust from top to bottom working from the left to the right step 5 sweep the floor pick up all loose trash and sweep floors thoroughly taking care to get into corners step 6 remove trash remove full trash bags and replace with fresh liners step 7 clean glass use the light duty green in a spray bottle to clean glass mirrors stainless steel and all other shiny surfaces use clean paper towels or microfibers on mirrors to ensure streak free results if streaks occur clean mirror with red heavy duty dilution to remove residue then resume daily cleaning with light duty green step 8 clean counters and sinks by now the heavy duty red should have sat for at least 5 minutes wipe down all counters and sinks once the surface has been cleaned spray it again with red heavy duty and leave wet for 5 minutes to get the sanitizer virus idle kill claims step 9 clean toilet area detail and dry all toilets in urinal areas swab toilet bowls and wipe toilets clean wipe down high contact areas like door handles make sure you use a different towel for touch points and toilets again once the surface has been cleaned spray it with red heavy duty and leave wet for 5 minutes to get the sanitizer virus idle kill claims stuffed in stock the restroom replenish toilet paper hand soap and paper towel dispensers step 11 mop place wet floor signs up with your mop bucket of light duty green mop the edges of the restroom then mop the entire floor thoroughly regularly wring out your mom and change the water when it’s dirty leave wet floor sign in place until floor is completely dry thanks for watching for additional support please call us at