And this week’s episode of abandoned adventures before and after we’re going to be taking a look at a hotel That’s supposedly haunted as well as taking a look at it before and after it was abandoned come on. Let’s go take a look So the name of the place we’re gonna be exploring is echo bay resort Now if you guys don’t want to listen to the story of the place you just want to skip straight to the exploration I’m gonna leave a link to the top right corner, so you guys can just get past the whole story But anyways Echo Bay is located about an hour and a half or so outside of Vegas otherwise It’s extremely close to Overton, Nevada if you know where that is so echo based popularity came from the huge marina Which could house up to three hundred and sixty boats as well as how close lodging was to the lake so during a stay at? Echo Bay visitors were able to camp boat fish basically everything that makes going to a lake fun Visitors were able to do and with the hotel so close to the water if you didn’t like to camp you were actually able to Stay at a hotel so a couple of different productions were actually shot at Echo Bay – such as Star Trek generations And a couple of different films I don’t know how true that is though, but I did find that information on the hotel’s website So I mean if it’s on their website It should be true during the 2000s Echo Bay began to lose a lot of its popularity Partin due to the recession But the other part being because the water levels of Lake Mead were drastically dropping so Echo Bay Resort experienced a huge decline in 2010 of stays in 2009 from January to July Echo Bay or out had around twenty nine hundred days give or take but in from January to July of 2010 the hotel experienced fewer than 1,200 stays Obviously this caused the hotel to cease operations then a few years later 20 in 2013 the marina also ceased operations so all Operations at Echo Bay at this point were pretty much done so now before we get exploring I know exactly what you’re all thinking how the hell is this place haunted well That’s exactly what I thought – so I decided to Google it after literally finding nothing on Google I decided to try YouTube, so I’ll do two bit. I looked around a little bit and according to some youtubers There’s apparently some paranormal crap going on here, so you either hear footsteps voices Objects moving that kind of stuff is what you hear And they’re at least according to other you Uber’s so while I filmed this place I focused mainly on Documenting the place so that way you guys can decide for yourself if the place is haunted or not But I do have to say please stick til the end of the video because something Extremely terrifying happens at the end of the video alright, so we just got to the motel right now So we’re gonna go inside and explore, so let’s take a look around guys So right now Brian is gonna be the hotel lobby area so in here’s gonna be the hotel lobby So as you can see from like just looking around this area. It’s been like left. Oh It’s been left abandoned since 2015 and it’s just getting like destroyed look at this In here so supposedly this hotel is actually supposed to be haunted from a couple of videos I’ve seen on it so I guess we’ll see if it’s haunted or not Look at this on the floor. We have a bunch of like fliers from Lake Mead So over here, we’re gonna have the front desk area, so look at that fuck Trump right there But this is gonna be the desk area right here, so it’s going to take a look behind the desk Do you guys take a look at that this is where all the front desk staff would sit and take everyone who are coming into the hotel to stay Let’s take a look back here Back here was probably an employee the break room or a managers room Whoa Creepy Anna dude got a bunch of files and stuff like that Clark County, Nevada Housekeeping deadlines oh Look at this this is right Here is where they’d have their housekeeping stuff for the rooms if they were dirty or clean or not So if they had the clean slip they were clean if they had the dirty slip they were dirty. Let’s go look through here Slit your throat Yeah, oh Yo Does assault papers, this is paint Someone really tried to fuck with us hardcore though here look at that on the window over there nice creepiest fuck It leads to another room over here to you Look at this right here Nice fake blood yeah, take a look at this room right here They’ve got to destroy this yeah They’ve got a destroyed chandelier over there Alright, let’s go take a look around some more Here and take these stairs oh Shit right here, we’ve got a bunch of TVs and shit Alright, let’s go up these stairs I’ve got another hallway. Let’s take a look in here, dude It’s got a bunch of Stuff TV I’ve got a bunch of New Testament Bibles Rival right here dude look at this they’ve got literally a whole box of Bibles Look at this they’ve got a bunch of desks and crap in here That’s pretty tight Haja today about that the door is already here though room 258 This is another room right here What are these oh, this is the bathroom right here? Looking here dude got like a Assembly or like a conference room in here or something Look at this room right here. Okay? You cannot possibly be creeped out by this room This one’s got someone looks like someone was doing some type of work in here or something They got the – Trading hearing everything still do the TV still in the holster in this room The remotes up there and everything you Take a look down to this dude look at this shit. This shit’s creepy Look at that it looks like someone like electric chair shit right there All yo And we’re on the balcony right now again boys right here look at this they got an old Christmas tin. It’s pretty cool All right, so me and Antoine are getting pretty close to being done exploring this place right now, so what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna split up and just get some final shots of the place, and then we’re gonna call it good. All right So Antoine went over that way, so we’re gonna go explore down this way real quick Let’s go down this hallway Take a look in this room right here All right guys so I actually forgot to film an outro for the video so here It is so the ending of the video obviously is fake I thought it would just be fun to do a little Halloween skit for you all obviously it’s like way past Halloween but happy late Halloween do you guys all I hope you had a great Halloween? anyways if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like comment and Subscribe for more content like this as well as check out my channel for other types of videos Just like this like my abandoned Prison Prison video anyways. I’m gonna get out of here. I’ll see you all next video peace After you you’re gonna stop, mr.. Mee I see You