If you had the chance to see what’s left of a bombed down mansion that once belonged to the biggest drug dealer in the world Would you do it? Now if somebody told you you could also paintball there is that too far or just the once-in-a-lifetime epic adventure? While in Colombia was hard to resist such an experience so even though the mansion was partly burned down by a rival drug gang Seeing what’s left of it today felt like a must. However his bedroom has apparently been completely closed off to the public So I guess we’ll see if we can sneak our way in All right, so this is one of Escobar’s property This was like was one of his getaway he could come here for parties Built in 1985 and it’s named after his daughter Manuela, Pablo Escobar’s bodyguards would stay here. And his room was up there Along with his daughters were just where that tree is The Lost peppers who were the rival like drug gang came here I think he said what 1993 yeah, and burned it down they were looking for him, and they didn’t find him here But they burned everything down So apparently he designed this pool right behind us himself like drew the entire thing it was very specific with how he wanted it So it’s got like a very unique cut K, I’m at the top of, like, a watchtower up here Not really supposed to get up here Like a security guard a watch tower to watch of any incoming boats It’s mostly just ruins this was burnt down his house was burnt down the main area up there that we’re gonna paintball in later was Bombed yeah, it’s in all kind of in ruins. Is it eerie to walk around here I don’t know I’ve never like felt like that in the bend in place But just because of the history of who owned that just know that **** went down here. I’m getting chills The money the horse cotton Fox Cool The publisher it is chilling like You can feel something here These selectively burn marks This is the craziest amendment I Don’t know I’m having this like internal struggle. You know we’re coming to Columbian We’re making content, but like we’re still talking about Escobar was just something that they’re trying to get over, but at the same time It’s such a big part of the history so many people are curious And I think as long as we do it looking at it in an objective way feel We can like really tell interesting stories, okay. We’re just trying to capture our experience Experiencing why Louis Pablo’s like legacy in Madison and the towns around it They’ll be messy yes forget. We are live If people on the other team or Israeli army an idea about to get correct how to hold this gun We’re just going through gameplay for two seconds Thomas is at 57 and Cod, so he’s got this they come back every 30 seconds So we can’t like wait here and just shoot and hoping that something will happen People just shooting at the building while someone runs up and gets the flag I’m so scared Yo, dude communicate oh I see a foot. I’m like dick open to them spitting like that Okay, I’m up. I’m up I’m going to glide up in now which is like a beautiful small town. I love the Insane insane view from the top after seven hundred stairs you get to the top and apparently the view is crazy, so let’s go Are we almost there how many more steps almost there right cool Okay, we’re about six hundred seven hundred steps. He says Tell us be alone The most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen in my life, we’re all turning into Matt Matt is hyperbolic but like on this trip We’ve seen just things that we’ve just are supposed to really experience and look at this All right walking down less few steps Obviously I’m the last one supposed to be there at 4:10. It’s currently 4:15, and I’m still at the top most beautiful thing We’re noticing about Columbia is everything around. You know the people just beautiful and nature and just the cities are it’s truly a place That’s changing and evolving growing out of its past and obviously it’s past It’s still here and people talk about it But I’ve no doubt that Medina’s the future We’ve just felt so much safer than what most people warned us definitely if you ever think of coming to Columbia obviously be careful And you also get to enjoy sites like this