It’s one of the spookiest places in America I thought maybe the world a little girl ran by welcome to the Stanley Hotel Why is this making me laugh. Oh god it did it again Anyone in this room with us. Oh My god Yo guys we Were all just like napping here for a second and there’s a giant slam That just happened in this closet. It was like *slam* It was a like that, but louder Louder than that and there was like this shattering too Well, I heard it go. Yeah. Yeah, it was like a crash almost Like what is someone outside? No, not even a door right there no, no, yeah. This is the last one in the hall remember Yeah, you heard that too right Yeah They’re shaking oh I just did it again. Did this shake cause you just opened it really fast or something But no, when me and Sam opened it two minutes ago It wasn’t and then we both hit it whatever that sound happened just happened again But even louder it’s like this giant *slam*. You know how the hangers were just shaking. Yeah Dude it is going out of focus, bro it Look, it’s not focusing on. Oh But now it is it was able to focus on you. Look at my arms bro. I have chills standing right here Oh my god, you can see the goosebumps – dude stand in here It’s f*cking freezing in there. I’m not even Sam you go in there too – is it not freezing? But yeah, you can definitely feel the different temperature like as soon as you get past like don’t feel that feel this and then go like this Yeah, feel that. Mm-hmm that literally I mean, I don’t know that’s weird we’re gonna do an exploration when this gets Was that a thud? Was that you Jake? What do you mean? can’t you see I’m casually just laying here Sam. No, no, it just sounded like a thud on the bed, right? I Don’t know what we’re gonna do an exploration when it actually gets dark out, but literally already we’re just sitting in here We’ve only been back from our dinner for like 10 minutes. We did end up getting a speaker system for this What is it called? Like spear box thing for later tonight We’re gonna take that to 217, but we’ll play with it right now for a minute. I wanna play with you, right? did you just hear that. Colby’s naked. Colby god dang it! Yeah, that was a wait. We’re the top floor We’re at the top? There’s no one above us There’s no one above us. You heard the booms above us. Yeah, there’s no one above us It’s the f*cking roof that’s above us. How is no one else scared right now? Okay, okay, taking one step back we did see a lot of construction on this, you know Someone could be on the roof, but I don’t think that would make it slam in the closet if that happens tonight I’ll be scared So Sam finally came out of the closet Dude it was so weird. I thought something grabbed my d*** bro. Do you see I was laying down It must have been a ghost or something. Yeah, that’s probably you’re the only other person other bed, This is the worst part about the hotel right here, oh my god, dude, it’s dark now. It’s so much scarier I don’t like the vortex just to give you guys a little update on what’s going on We got the speaker finally set up with this thing And we’re just gonna walk around like the hotel and maybe we’ll pick something up. I don’t know We’re at the vortex place right now. It looks really scary. It looks like that Luigi Mansion game. You want to do it here first? yeah, let’s see if we find anything definitely think this is supposed to be the most with ghosts and 217 and ours, we’ve got to stand right here and do it Right in front of the portal. Yeah, this is it. Don’t try this at home guys. Alexa play Lil pump Redrum. Thumb in bum. Okay, so he finally got it work We literally George, Washington Okay, did your psyche upset me so only one person talk yeah, yeah No, because I would have said no no It’s over going through stations right now and we keep hearing a woman there’s only one portrait of a woman Hey, look at that What’d you say Lily? Like if you look at that or look around look at that look around this series wavelet right there That’s the only woman So this is what’s talking or the who could be talking to us right now What is your name? What my name is Jake, I don’t know your name Dude you were well no, they know that Jake’s The do to close out the door closed early in the room wait when we were sleeping it was the door closing Is that what was making the noise? Excuse me? Yeah Someone just knocked somebody just that was with your Sounds knocking at 2:17. Wait, I met you girl my heart and went Both whatnot. It’s probably just people like Oh knowing Who’s probably good because That’s not like T’s going off, yeah, so a really high pitch sound What do they just open it if they wanted us to leave? So do you think there’s someone still in there? I don’t think there’s someone in everything. It’s a spirit No, like if somebody saw somebody like us tomorrow, we’re doing that. We like yeah what we mess with them. Oh No, you’re good. Yeah We’re just hearing stuff We don’t know if it’s because there’s someone in there but they keep knocking on it like that door is knocked like 10 times in The past 60 seconds if I hasn’t said a word but no one’s open the door We keep asking if there’s someone there but did they just keep knocking on it? That’s the that’s one Girl have you been the fourth floor yet? Yeah, we’re staying on it. We’re on the fourth floor as well So that yeah, that’s where we passed you guys. Did you guys see that stairwell that like went to the Attic? Yeah, did you did you look at like look at it? Why? What’s up much on my way to see the log Yeah, right beside it says red row Don’t think that there’s a human in there I got the moles in the door I got the magic touch you undo it. Yeah Jake what do you mean you have the magic touch a Break Jake, you did not just break it What was that I don’t click anything dude, this is beds and a half wait, let’s see if it turns on me It’s just one click. Yeah, they’re like holding in one click justice drink dead, right? Um, One click does the trick better? Start turning out. So Jake broke it No Take you drunk It’s okay, maybe we just take out the batteries and stuff you guys still have like the owner’s manuals stuff So let’s just do that plus we’re done here. Anyway, we actually have so many other things leading to do like explore really quick we’re sure that wasn’t like somebody I Think that somebody but I would think they would have said something by now There’s so many like not is that if we saw four kids doing the same thing? Hmm good point yeah, that’s probably not we might do some more research cuz apparently these like Rooms have certain stories behind them. But like we don’t know that yet Yeah We we do like YouTube and stuff Wait what yeah. Yeah, we like lived in them really look in, Kansas Oh my god, that’s safe. Yeah, we’re just here filming a video For what? Oh Just like Stanley not like it’s haunted. We do a lot of paranormal investigations are about to like just tore the whole place how would you why here I probably would Oh actually You’re from we would where we grow up and then from LA and then now you’re here that’s crazy Will it be on so that nice meeting ya that’s second awesome a good to meet you He’s that you say you feel like connected to the Stanley Hotel, what do you mean yeah, I guess the story What’s your name by the way, Jenna what’s that? I’m Sam Kovac We all do fine though, Jake and and Cory will do fine right now We’ll take chocolates us at what do you know just like random stuff. So did you like take a tour or Are you look why are you doing are you going anywhere are you alone? Yeah Don’t you stay in a night with? Well cool, if you want we’re about to go on it like a trip lights going around it Yeah, cool I do you have any recommendations on where should we should go first Trip children What That’s right. That’s where we’re staying. See you say there’s children on the fourth floor Yes, because this used to be where the children the mothers and the workers would stay Before they made it into rooms and then now a bunch of children run around You’ll hear them laughing in the middle of night and then in here a cowboy stands at the foot of the bed But if you are a woman he won’t come over and kiss you on the forehead Jake he’s gonna come and kiss you on the forehead maybe when Someone grabs my wiener. Maybe it wasn’t Coby Okay That’s a long story. We all have to talk about that but So we’re because we literally just like heard like two giant knocks in our room probably an hour ago in the closet Let’s just make him stuff. Have you heard anything about like the closets? But we were doing this remember we said like is there anyone here and we got a hey from the legged dudes voice Yeah, did anyone in this room with us? Oh My god, can we switch rooms? Why did you pick to prove with a haunted cowboy in it? Yeah, we should go to 427. Basically every room up here like has a story right? yeah, 401 has an Irish man who stands in the If you’re a woman you go in and you’ll start grabbing your hair putting this hands on your neck Oh, I’m glad we didn’t not come here as a woman Whatever thing we did come here six years from now. Yeah Yeah, can you show us Okay, maybe if we you know work with you know, get some cowboy words maybe he’ll communicate with us Dude everybody’s just Brandon Lee giving us facts about this place that guy said he saw red from up there Do you want to go see if you’re gonna look see it? Yeah, I’m gonna try not to take my head this See that do you not like other places besides his whereabout he worked here for ten years? Concert hall. It’s very strict on curfew and at 11:00 p.m People would hear him whisper in the ear get out because he wants them to go to bed and some people feel their chest start hurting because He had the heart attack so they start feeling it Oh Shoot. I thought the concert hall was where a Lucy stayed There’s tunnels in the hall, right? That’s what I just ran a question get like scared staying here. Like you said you’re by yourself I don’t like sitting in the vortex because every time I sit there my head starts to hurt really bad and I just feel really heavy but like just now I was down there for a Good five minutes, and I just like wanted to throw weight even though I kind of make Shan comfortable Can you she can’t wait I go towards the vortex The rare This detector thing here is a woman. She said she was by herself and then she told us to look around Do you know it much about that? Like why why is this like place like content? all we know is like it looks all these mirrors I Believe it’s because since they built this on a burial ground Normally that causes a building to form a vortex for spirits to be able to come in build the Stanley Let’s go by one of those houses, I don’t think we should do that but I do yeah I bet I do actually I Would not be that 1121 prophecy you like good for you or that’s kind of frightening You said you’re attracted to these types of things. So you like into paranormal ish, too? Cory has the same thing. He’s very drugs. Well, why don’t you bring a jack? Let’s go in there and then also not her coming. Yes, he’s still not reading working or maybe let’s go on the basement Not to be weird but like We shouldn’t have invited her she knows a bunch of stuff but it’s like what if she’s faking eyes ciao. Ciao What what does a little slow there, oh, sorry, let’s go Dude yeah, this is so much creepier at night All right shake Prankster I’m actually a little scared. Yeah, I’m scared too. So all we know kinda is like Lucy stayed here. Do you know anything about this or maybe like talk about the concert hall Well, I know she was a runaway and when they were shutting it down maintenance came down here and found her hidden and then But it was during the winter So what you went out, you’re gonna find shelter Internet Rosenberg. Oh, that’s such a sad. I Picture yes. Oh my god the seal. It’s it’s this type of mirror. They were all standing here And there was somebody standing behind them remember? I’m gonna do one more Okay, see if you see me What was that dude there’s so much construction in here I can move a tap here and then boys just tell us Wait, what is that? That work thing, no, wait, what is that line? Is that in? All that? That’s only in that picture? There’s literally on that picture. What look is that? What’s a hardcore Street? It’s going straight to the hole. What look What? Nothing notice. Is that way it even this and even this we just took the part of C. So most Do you see that? I? Is that you uh, yeah, yeah, I think that like you could be Jake’s lights like just like a streak or something I don’t know bro, but it looks like a poet does he look like a light doesn’t look like a rave at all it looks like Good you oughta go stairs or maybe the construction people. What did you say upstairs? There’s a dude that died I really want to go upstairs. I mean, they’re just like building it Whoa Yo guys guys. That light just turned off. What though did you? What is that standing in between me and any mic that I just turned off in there as soon as you took that picture? I? Don’t think we should be in here anymore. I want to go back Jake you break something. What is this could easily been a place that Lucy stayed? What I explained you, alright guys, let’s go let’s go yeah, what are you Cory Cory Cory No, what no you didn’t oh my god, what is yes. Well, actually what is that? Come look at it Yeah, that’s loose Yeah, Jake Jake Jake oh god, where’s Jake we can’t lose you wait what Look wait, this is the side. No, this is the side where it’s peeking out of there’s nothing I go to the other side That is what we guessed it, right that’s Lucy’s room We go in there and take a picture that exact spot and like try to debunk it real quick. Yeah, cuz dude, this is What it was at any percent in its day I charge it to 80 percent instead Here to shine the light of that kind of us see what from like a camera perspective Could it have been that we’re saying it could possibly be the handle? Hey, okay Are you sure no? way, I guess I whatever we were walking out my heart started beating fast when she said that and then I started hearing like I Felt like went okay. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go. Are you okay? Maybe something actually iscandar Just like that. That’s fine Do you think that we overstepped our boundaries? I? Mean, I think they were just telling us Yo send me that we’re gonna put that on the screen right now check that out that is a face Look at look at this. What do you think that is there? Do it like a child oh My god, it looks like screaming like it’s angry When did you take that just now? As we were leaving as we were leaving that was that was the second before you said, let’s get out of here That was the second before you said that That entire time something was watching us Perfect, I don’t say yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say me neither like it’s like it’s so weird Literally, I always just like to mess around in our videos and then once stuff starts to go down, you know It’s just oh, she’s right. You were guys. I think she’s gonna peace now She’s got that gig tomorrow. Okay, cool. Thanks again. Thank you so much. Yeah, like That’s yeah You’re gonna text her she’s creepy as Frank was she helped us I Know she was that creepy You didn’t think so dad. No, dude. She like a left like four times while we were in the concert hall alone She didn’t have a flashlight. I don’t but she was like nice. She hoped his how she gives the tour I just was talking to her about how we’re gonna do seance and let’s meet up with her tomorrow like there’s talk about You’re gonna meet up with her again. I Mean if you think about it, like a lot of the stuff that went down like she was with us I just said come meet us for breakfast in the morning cuz she’s leaving for a gig tomorrow Okay, I mean She might feel like a fan though. She might like give out a good number if you did that. It’s too late I’m not worried about you Kansas do you like still wet whether or not she was cooler? It’s not that like I’ve kind of got weird vibes She’s creepy for sure Yeah, like why why does a girl like come here alone? And then come around with four dudes Even if she knew us like literally ten minutes before we met her there was not one guy – that was just like Tonga stores Maybe there’s just so many creepy people that come here or like ghosts of investigators like look at us right now that we’re being hypocrites True. So apparently there’s there’s a cowboy that sits right here She said that he like hides in closets or they like to hide in closets So the noises that we heard when we were like sleeping earlier Could have been like a haunted cowboy bro. She was about to cry when we left I know and she was like so into all this stuff and she’s like, I love it I love it and then boom like told us his face changed twice though like one time when she first came out and said like get the fuck out of here and then another time right when we were Standing in for the entrance I don’t know if he could cop this but as soon as she looked at Corey’s photo She like went off and then like started like like kind of like watering her eyes And I looked over and she was like this like she didn’t want not want to like have a see that she was I watering Kraji, so know so much about dude We talked to every employee here about trying to find out facts and nobody knew anything a menace fan Fangirl that nuit that went to Oak Park Mall, what would like the coincident like chances of that? I wonder you should try to get like some information on her. That’s why I got a number. Yeah Yeah, cuz what if she was be s egg dude, she could have like not even been from oh, that’s why she interested Alright guys a little update for you we’ve been waiting around but we’re starting to get tired We’re trying to get it as late as possible to do the seance But I think we’re prepared and I don’t want us to be like super sleepy for this sound So let’s just do it if you’re down Cory You ready to summon some some demon Cowboys? Alright I’ll deal with that I like how we’re still doing this when we went out of the way to hire a freakin psychic and Then she was just like yeah, don’t do anything stupid at the Stanley Hotel, especially like organized. We’re still doing it But then let’s just be safe about it. Do we have green wait’ no, we don’t wait Dude I put on green I forgot this morning. I am safe safe. I am saved brethren. This is awesome for your fat That was not accident. I completely didn’t wish also when she read you said you were gonna be totally fine Anyways, so like you want to give me that under way I Think we should just start it. That’s cool What if we’re a lot more safe about at this time Cuz we have like a lot more tools and we’re not gonna ask creative questions. I swear Let’s just set up and then you can see if it’s safer. Oh, yeah. Yeah Yeah, that’s something that they don’t know this time is like this is not a regular sounds like well actually, you know Just like sit down with the candles hold hands and stuff like that. Yeah, we have like what salt? And salt which helps protect? Pendulum like necklace things. Yeah, we’re gonna put out a bunch of objects. It’s gonna be more legit. We’re gonna figure this out Let’s let’s just it’s the most horrid we have to go hard. Okay, and a really quick one more time. Just look what’s in here Just a tiny closet and you got just saying the other tiny closet which is where we heard like the smacks Janna Kayla hangers just to remind everybody one more time. This was the room where apparently there was like a Perverted cowboy that would like kiss girls while they’re sleeping I just can’t like his people only if they’re naked in bed. Yo, I forgot this What is that George then we bought lipstick. You know, how we saw At the top of the attic. Yeah. Should we write this? on the mirror, dude Literally everybody comments that you’re like the creepy guy of the group and I’m starting to agree with everybody Like why would you want to do that? If you look into Jake’s mind, I feel like you just have like the the marquee with the symbols going I realized that there’s a cowboy in here and he’s probably got the horses in the bag Okay, just a little kid by the way that’s like In the back SH I’m just building Oh god, that’s horrifying That looks fantastic honestly not sure why we did that but it just feels like kind of right That we just seen now. You’re being creepy. Okay picture time Read Ratan He around there for a possible Lucy or whatever I think they said like online that she moves it kind of like like this like if it’s upright like this So moving in a circle. I don’t know how we’re gonna do that Oh dude, look at that one. Oh that blue ones perfect No, that’s a cool vibe we have candles in a circle both angles You said you had saw right salt? Yes. You just broke it. No No, they say that like demons can’t cross over the soul, right? Yeah, sounds like a protection thing never we go to Utah in their basement like once it gets like they’re super scary spot They only get like a 15-foot salt line. They don’t want that should be protection like that Oh, I have a couple things to you. Actually, could you others? Yes, I have a Necklace and we can just like set up and see if I like moves kind of like a pendulum or whatever you call this Oh speaking of things that move can one of you guys grab some of those cups and fill it up with water We’re gonna see if I like ripples this honestly, isn’t that bigger with you? But it’s just a test if things move I mean if like see how that moves right now Once it comes to a stop we’ll see if like there’s any wind or like movement from behind. Yeah, and then we got the water we can see if it’s has any ripple effects Oh Got some sage which I think like we should be smart especially here and I quarry and like before we do this thing Yeah, maybe it’s like step outside really quick and just like some a just really quick. Yeah, super easy, okay Other than like just setting up the cameras. I think we’re ready to go. So like I’m down to go out right now Yeah, let’s go It’s really as simple as this this is called sage and what I’m about to do is called smudging I light this on fire the smoke Is gonna go on you guys? And apparently it’s just like Good energy, and it protects you from like spirits and evil things so easy guys We’re finally taking precautions for all this demonic stuff. Don’t set my shirt on fire right here, or I’m gonna do you first There we go, we’re being protected yes, I’ll get smudged right here spirits Probably don’t like this right outside. They’re freaking out Oh, it’s just like a protecting we can still talk to them, but they just can’t come inside That’s what makes me so curious though, bro It’s like what if the spirits in there wish that they could have had this, you know done to them before they were gone Oh, that’s a good point. See those smoke. Yeah This is a beautiful shot. We’re gonna smell so bad coming in don’t like this smell it it works I like it. Could you get me real quick? It’s most kind of like burnt little people but like in a good way But you gotta kind of got a waft a little bit. Yeah All right cool use use that perfect so I think now it’s time to contact whatever is in our room How about we like wipe off any bad energy to like that psychic? Oh, yeah. Can you wipe it off me man? Get out of there. I think we’re clean now. We’re coming in here Just like we’re doing everything we possibly do this one’s gonna go over here. There’s no way Anyone move Anyone moved along we’re all left at the same time standing up right there. Yeah. It’s in front of the bathroom standing up No way. Yes. No way. I got that on camera. No, I got that one on camera. Whoa. Whoa right there Do you really think we moved it? Yeah. Hey well, but that’s okay weren’t we still Newlin? No well See if we watch the footage back. That one’s not gonna be there It’s gonna be right there and it’s you know is perfectly zoomed up on that We pointed that out when it first happened and that was under there. Oh Dude, and the ones say to go from the end. It’s not studied every morning. Never Cory corners this one out Oh, you’re right this one over you were standing up dad just knock it over I just did okay. Oh my god, you know but he’s gonna believe that there’s nobody else gonna believe that That was nuts, dude It’s like it’s like whatever’s in here heard me talking about that one specifically and that’s why I moved it over here, that’s so Especially in front of that We got to do this now it’s a present it’s yeah Back in the wallet Oh Forty holy All right, I’m not gonna lie, I’m about to stink up this guy bathroom. Yeah