Hi, I’m Kate from Kate + Co Design Inc.
and I’m here in Mississauga, Ontario and I’m going to walk you through my
clients’ fabulous living room and dining room space. When we were first
hired for this project, the space looked like it hadn’t been updated
since the 70s. It had red shag carpet and faux wood beams, and some interesting character as well, there was the faux-finish walls that were cracked and peeling, so we really did a lot of changes to update this space to make it a really wonderful, fashion-forward, glamorous lounge. So the color palette we chose for this space was to keep it really tone-on-
tone and moody. We used a lot of jewel tones and we also mixed and matched a lot of metals, which is really fabulous and it makes the space have more character and interest. Laying out this space came quite naturally.
There’s the raised area for the dining room that’s just off the kitchen, and this sunken area with the stairs going down worked perfectly as the lounge.
The client previously purchased a baby grand piano — this white, glossy one that’s just fabulous. So when we put the fireplace in, we made sure there was enough room for it off to the side, and giving enough room for the fireplace
to be a great feature as well. One of the fabulous features of this room is the textured plaster walls. It transitions from the plaster into brick at the dining room area. Originally, it was cracked and a bad beige color. A lot of people might be intimidated and just rip it all out, but we filled the cracks and put a grey wash over it and now it adds so much character to the room and is a really wonderful feature. Since the clients entertain a lot, the dining room was very important. Rather than putting a rectangular dining table in this space, they opted for a large, oversized round table which is great for entertaining, and it really is a great feature and focal point for the room. We put modern, clean, sleek black chairs with it
that are quite sculptural and a great oversized black and white piece of art, which is a wonderful feature and pulls the whole room together. The bar area was pre-existing, to make it even more special we added a great metallic, copper backsplash from Ciot. It adds so much personality and really pulls together the room, adding another metal element. To soften a space that has a lot of hard surfaces, a good tip to consider is to add a lot of luxurious, tactile materials. We added the velvet, and the fur, and the shag rug that
add a lot of nice texture and warmth and soften the room. We furnished this space with a lot of items that are old and new. The clients had a vintage light fixture that was very sculptural and interesting, but we also paired it with new pieces, and having the combination of the old and new adds a lot of interest and character to a space. For the lighting in this space we kept the existing track lighting which is really great ‘cause it’s oversized
and it looks like theatre lighting. For above the dining table we put a new light fixture, which is quite cool and modern looking. And then, we added some floor lamps by the sofa for another layer to add interest and mood. I really loved working on this project, first of all because the clients have great taste and they were willing to take a risk. And secondly, the space has so much character to begin with. They had the great textured wall, and the fabulous lighting. So we used all these elements to create this wonderful lounge, which is glamorous and elegant.