Hi, I’m Margaret. I’m Corey. And this is A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour. We’re traveling the country looking for hotels
that make us say “Yes!” Or “No!” Or “Aww!” Or “Eww” Or “What!?” Or “Gross.” We never know what we’re going to find. But either way we’ll probably say …”Pretty Cool.” Welcome to A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour, Cove
Haven edition. Cove Haven resorts is actually three separate
resorts all in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, just a couple hours outside of New York City. The three resorts are called Pocono Palace,
Paradise Stream, and of course Cove Haven. This place has been around since the 1950s
and by the 1970s it was known as the honeymoon capital of the world. We went to all three of these resorts on three
separate occasions. So you’re going to see that I had three separate
hairstyles. I was going through a lot last year. So a lot of change. It has somehow completely maintained its charm,
its sincerity, and honestly its retro vibe. It is a serious national treasure…although
then they’re going to think of the movie. It’s fine, it’s a great movie. We reached out to the resort to try to get
a tour and some more information and they hooked us up with Kyle. Can I take a photo of just you sitting on
this? Love it. My new LinkedIn profile photo. My name’s Kyle Kuczma and I am the public
relations coordinator for Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts That’s Pocono Palace, Paradise Stream and
right where we’re at, Cove Haven Resort. He was honestly just as delightful as the
resort itself. Let’s check it out. Ladies and gentleman we’ve been cleared for
takeoff. Please double check your seat belts. Make sure they are securely fastened. We are going to go so fast. We are going to fly. There she blows. Thank you so much for meeting us. Absolutely, absolutely. This is my husband Corey. Corey, very nice to meet you. How are you? Everything is all under one roof in here with
the exception of, of course the outdoor bar and grill, which wouldn’t be an outdoor bar
and grill if you put it in here. We are here live at Cove Haven Resort in the
heart of the scenic Pocono mountains, otherwise known as the land of love. We’re on 400 acres of land with a thick of
trees all around the property. The perfect getaway. Typically in the Poconos, the weather is beautiful
and nice except when it rains or snows. Then you’ve also got water skiing, canoes,
rowboats, and the speed boat tours, which they’ll ride you around the lake. Ready? Yeah. It’s always been said that I was meant to
be here because I was born on Valentine’s Day, so I am the prodigal son of Cove Haven
Resort, apparently. We have so many different dimensions and layers
of how you can fall further in love. There’s only one real romantic resort with
a heart shaped whirl pool and a champagne tower that you’re going to go to and it’s
us. We are in room number one, the Roman Tower. This freaking wallpaper. Starry sky above the bed. I love you bedroom. It’s beautiful. A heart shaped hot tub in that room over there. I don’t think I could have designed a room
better than this one. Oh, that’s a penis. To answer everyone’s question. That is how you get in to the champagne tower. This is the dream. Well, it’s my dream. What? I’m just smiling at the nudity, relax. Oh. Mm-hmm. Welcome to the Fantasy Apple. This is a fancy apple. Nice. There’s our next hot tub. Right through the floor. Sweet. Would have been great if you didn’t have a
little bit of a boner. Let’s roll. Let’s roll. Let’s Pocono go to the palace. It’s also like still so retro, which I love
because so many places update and they get rid of all the original. You couldn’t come in here and say “We’re going
to upgrade this,” and then remove what’s our soul? You know, what’s our lifeblood. Yeah. You know, we need the champagne towers. We need the heart shape whirl pools. Yeah, of course. B 13. Okay. I 30, 3-0. N 34. You know, it’s really a tremendous aspect
of the resort to have such a romantic dining room for people. You come here for dinner and that nice romantic
date night that they used to have. I look like a schlub compared to you. Work up an appetite? Yeah. All that boating. Holding onto that banana. Yeah. Yeah. Bless you. Can I get the G spot, please? And I’ll have the Orgasmtini. Cheers. Cheers. I was going to call it the Teeny Orgasm. Happy birthday to you. So it has that very homey woodsy feel to it. Very natural and it’s an overall nice presentation
and it really takes oats and grains and oatmeal up a notch. People just love at the end of the day that
however silly it is or serious it is to them, they still have fun. They still find romance and they still have
that chance to recharge the romance. If I can’t help falling in love with you. Don’t care who you are, where you’re from,
don’t care what you did, as long as you love me. Every little thing that you do, Baby, I’m
amazed by you. Love is love. There’s just no easier way to say that. And we always thrive on our resorts being
a safe haven for people to celebrate that love. I think we sometimes pull people back to remind
them about the relationship. And what made you fall in love with that person
so much in the first place. I think that’s why we’re here and what our
role is in today’s society. Oh, we’re at our house. We’ve been here a very long time. My beard is getting white. Good night. Carpeting all the way up to the carpeting
covered heart shaped tub. All right, let’s say goodbye. Bye room. Is this heart like your logo? That is the logo. Yes. I just figured out what our Cove Haven tattoos
are going to be Corey. Love is never really complete. It’s never perfect, but you always find a
way to make it work and still enjoy it and have fun with it. So, that’s why we didn’t make a complete or
a perfect heart. We did something that’s a little bit distressed
looking but it’s not actually distressed, it’s just this is what a normal love is like
with all its imperfections. It’s perfect. So one thing we didn’t get footage of was
the in room photo shoot that you can book with their photographer. And we wanted to give full artistic liberty
to our photographer Duane. So that’s why the footage of this doesn’t
exist. We went to the gift shop the next day to pick
out the prints and we were blown away. Yeah, it’s a must do. This is the best photo of you I’ve ever seen. Are you kidding me? This is so cute. It is the most perfect souvenir you could
ever ask for from an experience like this. The photos are timeless. We’ll swing over here through the gift shop
real quick. Oh yeah. A lot of different options here. Some of which I can and can’t say on camera. Every time I come here, I hit the snack bar. I can’t help it. We have the “sexxxion” complete with the beads
that should make heart music when you pass through them. They don’t. Oh yeah. You know, if I didn’t have a beard covering
half my face, you would see me blushing about now. It’s another way to enhance your romance,
if you will. Can’t wait to come do a little shopping spree
in here. We might have to rent a golf cart…and move
here. Oh my gosh. This is so sweet. See you next time. Oh wow. People can’t help themselves. Once they’re in here and they see all the
mirrors. No, of course not. Cameras come right out. Yeah. Instagramming it. Endless amount of ping pong and air hockey. A lot to pick from. Yeah. Oh my gosh. It’s so, so good. There’s so much. John does green screen photography. Wait, what? With any number of props and costumes that
you can put on in here and he’ll green screen and you. And I saw him earlier, so I know he’s poking
around here somewhere. There he is. Welcome to my time machine. Wow. People who just like walking everywhere and
taking their time. It’s a really great spot for being able to
take long romantic walks. You can pick from a tennis, racket ball, bocce
ball, air hockey, shuffleboard. Oh yeah. So you’d come in- Oh my gosh I forgot about the ice skating
rink. Yup. They got ice skating in here. Can you give me three pairs of booties? Sure. So, this is
the indoor skating rink. Music, right? I’ll get him to lower it. The ice might be synthetic, but the love and
the romance here is real. Falling, it might happen, but you know what? You’re going to laugh about it and it’s something
that you’re going to remember when you’re doing it. Your biggest quote unquote complaint we get
is we had so much fun and not enough time that we had to book another night to stay
here and do more. Margaret. Right? For Margaret? Yes. Even I’m like, Oh man- How was it guys? It’s wonderful as always. We’ve got pool tables and the indoor archery
range. Nice. They’ve always seen it in The Hunger Games
or other TV- Yeah. And they come in, they go, “Can I do that?” You can, you just got to sign a waiver first. Nice. Yeah. Spooner’s is really the central hangout for
most of our guests because you have food, play games, watch TV. At night this actually lights up so they’ll
turn out all the lights and do sort of the disco. Oh yeah. Oh my God. It’s still not even touching the rim. I just don’t have the arm strength. I’m not using all my strength is my problem. All right Corey, it’s your turn. Safe to say that your career choice as a vacationer
and tourer of the country is a good choice right now. Basketball star, no. For couples looking to come and enjoy romance
in the land of love. Well, folks, it’s a slam dunk decision. That sounded like it didn’t hit anywhere close. This is the Champagne Palace nightclub. All of our headline acts happen in here. Excuse me. Can I get a photo of you guys in front of
it? Absolutely. Heck yeah. Very distinguished. So many things are red around here. They’re either red or they’re in the shape
of a heart. It’s one of the other, or both. It’s the most ideal spot for hosting somebody
of Howie Mandel’s caliber. We get all the different variations of Howie
Mandel. We get him with the full goatee. We get him with the old Kangal hat. Howie’s good because he’s great for the older
crowd, for the younger crowd. Everybody likes him. Totally. So that’s one of our outdoor pools out there. Oh my gosh. It’s so cool. Oh, it’s majestic. It is something else. The infamous tan lines logo. Yes, that is an upside down heart made to
look like a thong with a pair of butt cheeks. Very nice. Very nicely done. The decision for guests to come and stay here
and enjoy a romantic getaway is as easy as a hole in one. That’s what I meant to do. Beautiful. Sia? Feels kind of like an abandoned basement that
we’re not supposed to be in. Do you want to go tanning really quick? I’ll get in the tanning bed. Shut off until you sign a waiver. That’s an emergency stop button. I feel tanner. You look tanner. Let’s play. Hole in one. Is that it? What are you trying for? That’s what freaking happens. People with heart or skin conditions. Children under eight years old and pregnant
women should not use this machine. Please remove jewelry on hands. Take off the jewelry dude. It feels like I’m mowing the lawn. 3000? …did you come? It was everything I ever wanted Margaret. Is that a reindeer? You know, it’s all about wanting to see life
and see what’s out there and we’re going to continue to give romantic getaways to all
these couples that want to celebrate their love here. That’s nice. Do you want to at least get a mug? Oh my. That scared me. Wait, is this a boob candle? This, yeah. This is what I’m getting. Oh hey. Want to come check out our suite? First of all, the classic touch of little
bit of humor. Fall for each other, but don’t fall down these
stairs. Fun way of saying stay in love. Don’t hurt yourself. Well, we realized we forgot swim suits. Let’s go swimming anyways. Our favorite classic circle bed that we all
know and love. It’s a very private suite. We don’t know what time it is. We don’t know what day it is. We don’t know what year it is. You’re in your own world here. Can’t fight the moon light. Yeah. Did you just catch that? Yeah. It’s hard to keep track of these balls. We don’t know that the world outside is even
continuing. That’s a great feeling. Like this beach scene, too. Pleather? Easy to wipe down. That’s a plus. You can always go to the gift shop. Get yourself some wood, get yourself a bottle
of champagne, hit the nightclub, or maybe get in your private heart-shaped tub. So let the romance begin. What are you, me? Want to take a bath? The number one reason why I like coming here
is because I know how happy it makes you. It feels like when I’m here, if I didn’t have
my phone on me, I’d forget what life I actually live. I feel like no one knows where we are and
no one would find us if we disappeared. I’ve loved every room we’ve stayed in at Cove
Haven. Like I love all of them. This weird spot is so not us, but that’s kind
of what makes it us. Oh, it’s the most sincere place I’ve ever
been. Nobody here is trying to be very cool. Nobody here is trying to be cool at all. And it’s really fun. Trying to see if my penis is poking out. Pokin’ Out Palace? We are incredibly humbled and honored to be
a part of somebody’s relationship. To be part of those memories and to be the
choice destination for people who want to celebrate something as important as a one
year anniversary or a 50 year anniversary. So, thank you. Awesome. You ready? Yeah. Let’s check it out. We did it. I bet you’re so jealous. That’s a big whip. Did you have a good trip? Yeah. Did you? Yeah. I feel like it was a great experience. I wonder if I can ever capture what this is. Was this lake really made by a man? Probably more than one man. Did they just dig a hole and hope enough rain
falls into it? No, they have to have a way to fill it. Ready to go to the next place? Wherever that may be. This one goes out to Margaret. Take it off. Makin’ love in the green grass, behind the
stadium with you. That wasn’t me Fred, that was some other bimbo. Woah ew woah woah. You’re my brown eyed girl. Alrighty. Woo. I’m not dancing. I’m just trying to get this wedgie gone. Oh my goodness gracious.