– His attitude is what’s
gonna kill his future.
– No, it’s not. When I came
to Dirty Rooster, you had two partners. – What were they’re names?
– Scott and Steve. Steve was a friend of yours for most of your life,
correct? Steve got ( bleep )
out of $40,000. Scott was in for $25,000. And at the end
of the episode, Scott looked at me
and said,I wanna stay in.– Did he stay in?
– No.Him and I
can’t see eye-to-eye
on absolutely anything.Did he get his money back? He didn’t get
all his money back. He bailed for a lot less. He bailed and ran like hell.
Do you blame him? ( audience members )
No. Here’s why.
Look at this. Rob:
A lot of times they call me
George Thorogood,
cause I drink alone.
( laughs ) Jon:
Over the course of just
a few hours filming with Rob,
what he didn’t know is that
we were rolling the cameras
every time he had a drink.Not surprisingly,
by 6:30 p.m.,
he was flat-drunk
in front of customers
and right back
to his old ways.
Hey, Rob,
I have your shots! woman:
Shots, shots,
shots, shots!
Cheers. To our girls night. – To the girl’s night.
– Woo. I wouldn’t really know
that Rob was the owner because he definitely drinks
like he’s a customer.
( laughs ) Somebody better be buying me
the next one, that’s all I got to say. Jon really missed the mark
when he says that I was wrongfor drinking at my own bar.I actually get phone callsif I’m not here
by nine o’clock. People are looking for me.
They come here to see me. I am the life of the party. ( cheering ) It’s pretty nuts here. He promised Jon and I that he would never drink
in this establishment again. And here he is
back to his old ways. Shots, shots, shots, shots! (woman cheers) – ( audience boos )
– Big ego, small wallet. We proved
you’re not making money, we showed
that your food sucks. Your two partners
have bailed on you. How do you justify
your drinking now? I party at my bar, Jon.If you’re gonna go out
and have fun,
go to the funnest place. That’s my place. You see, this is what
makes you an ass. If you made money
in your bar, you could party anywhere. Lousy bar owner,
even a worse drunk. Rob, for your business’ sake, you have to learn
to drink responsibly. Verdict?
Complete failure, Rob. No, I don’t believe that. You’re a good guy, but you are one ( bleep )
bar owner, Rob. – Let’s hear it for him.
– (applause)