Last night, one thing I noticed
right away is he brought this card
out of the walk-in with all these proteins
and all his sauces. He didn’t bring this cart
and put it back in. He left it there all night. It’s critical violation
for the health department. First of all, we don’t want
food sitting out. I saw you bring the cart out
and it sat out here all night and you can get someone sick,
so that’s your most important. We’re going to start off
with the smothered chicken. Chicken breasts.
Wow. Just going to drop it
right in the fryer. So while that’s going,
I want to make a quick gravy. A little bit of oil
and we’re going to take a little bit
of these shallots, garlic, mushrooms brought with a rue,
little bit of cream, nutmeg, white pepper, salt. I’m going to set off
to the side a little bit. We’ll get in on point. We’ll get it to go
with our chicken, and then this gravy
just kind of over the top. Everything like that.
Big gun. And there is our smothered
chicken. So let’s taste it. I like that gravy.
That’s awesome. When John came in,
he brought an excitement in a level that’s been
missing from me for a while. I’m motivated. Really it’s going to change
the whole atmosphere down here. Tonight’s going to be
stress test. We’ve got a lot of work to do,
so let’s get ourselves ready. Okay, it’s going to be an honor. I look forward to it. Brad let Alisa go
with no consequences and she’s clearly enough
coming back, which means he’s down
a bartender. So tonight is a big knife for
Brad during this stress test, he has to prove to me
that he has the ability, the energy,
the insight, the desire
to really run this place. Because if he doesn’t, then I’m going to build it
for his daughters, not him. I’ve been tough on you.
I have a reason. I’m trying to kick your butt.
Show me that you still got it, okay?
Okay. Okay, go ahead. Invite them in. All right. Here we go guys.
We’re opening up. Here we go. All right, well welcome
to Fifth. Come on in. Thank you.
[crosstalk]. Hello, how are you? Let me know what
I can get for you guys. No drinks one at a time, guys. Who else wants a margarita?
Two, three, four, five. Make five of them
get ahead of it, okay. We literally just opened.
In the next 10 minutes, brad has an opportunity
to get ahead of it. He’s got to move tonight.
If he doesn’t, he can’t do this. Holy shit.
[crosstalk]. He just stands around
like a deer in headlights. What if a party like this
actually showed up? [crosstalk] Why isn’t he taking food orders
or doing something? He’s just wandering around. We might be a minute. Okay. I thought you were coming
to take our order. Nope.
Jump in, do anything. I really thought he was going
to step up and be more involved
and be an owner, so it’s frustrating
for sure. Yes. Give me a second,
I’ll do that for you. All right. What are you doing?
Six stone sours. Why is this slower than that? Very good question. (beep) this pressure. This is what’s called
[inaudible]. Move faster, guys. (beep) shit. This is a mess. Who’s still waiting to order?
[inaudible]. Everyone. Where’s Brad?
You want the chicken? Go ahead and figure out
how to work this damn thing. All right. Smothered chicken.
All right, I got that. Talk to me.
What’s going on? They’re trying which I like,
but Brad needs to be faster. I want to trouble buddy. Yep. Yep.
There’s a smothered chicken. All right. Ordering one
smothered chicken. Tony, somebody’s got to get
this side of the bar. Brad. This is on you.
Get them served. Just because there’s
so many people at once and we just can’t
keep up with it. Right now I’m just trying
to get food out because I can’t
really order drinks. So do you guys
need to order food? Where’s Brad?
Brad? [crosstalk] And then you’re smothered sauce. Okay. Right on the top
and there you are, one order up. Ah, I need glasses. Yep. Yep, yep. Can I tell you guys
what’s going on? I need a runner. Is Brad around? Brad,
could you run? Where the (bleep) Brad? He’s not walking fast.
He’s not asking questions. He doesn’t know what to do. And after 20 years,
if he doesn’t know what to do then he didn’t care
enough to learn. Brad, I got your attention here?
Yeah. The biggest problem
in the kitchen tonight is Brad. He doesn’t have systems
in place, and he’s lost. Two tickets right here. So you got this one here
and his one’s these three here. Okay. That can run.
They’re getting cold. Thank you.
[crosstalk]. This is a law suit
waiting to happen. The wheel just came off. Tony.
Yes. Where’s this one go?
Very first order you put in. So the wheel fell
off your chair? Brad. That’s not my handwriting, dude. Seems like this whole bar
is missing a wheel, doesn’t it? When an owner knows
how to manage your bar, he gets involved in ordering,
systems, procedures. When he doesn’t know
what he’s doing, he runs food because he doesn’t
know what the hell else to do. Shoot, that went
to the wrong person. Okay, so we can’t get
these people serve. We can’t get food out.
I can’t get the other rooms, so the food is going
to the wrong tables. Where’s Brad?
Right here. Right here. And your presence
takes up space, but honestly, you’re not accomplishing
a damn thing. That’s why you’re failing. Oh shit.