Hi, I’m Falk! I’m a second year Hotel Management student at Saxion and today me and my friends will show you what a day at Saxion looks like from a student perspective. I’m in Deventer, at the Saxion living location where all the students live at the moment and we’ll start driving to Apeldoorn now. So, let’s go. Hello, my name is Glory. I’m in the third year studying Hotel Management at Saxion. I live in Amsterdam now and I’m travelling to Apeldoorn to go to school. So, let’s go! This is the train station in Amsterdam and I’m going to use my OV-Chipkaart to check-in and get on the train. Hi, good morning! We’re now at my place. I live here in the centrum [of Apeldoorn]. I’m Lucy, I also study at Saxion. I’m going to school by bike, okay? So just follow me! Hi, so now I parked my bike here. We are at Saxion Apeldoorn Let’s see if we can find other people. So I can show you the parking for the bikes. Oh, there you go. Hi Falk! – Hey, how are you? – I’m excellent, how are you? – Let’s get into the building, yeah? – Okay. – And there’s Gloria already. Alright, let’s go inside! Now we’re in the canteen of Saxion and we found the perfect spot to do some group work. It’s Friday at the moment, so we didn’t have many difficulties to find a spot but there are still some people around. So now group work is over and decided to sit a little bit at the bar and enjoy a drink. – What do you like here? Lucy: I like the people. – You like the people… The students or teachers? Everyone! So now we’re done with our day at school, and we’ll go to the city centre to enjoy a last drink and then we’re done for the week. – And then weekend! We are international students. Could you maybe speak in English with us? Oh yeah, of course! What would you like to drink? So that’s what a day of a Saxion student looks like we hope you enjoyed the tour and hopefully we’ll see you around. Cheers!