And it just felt
like the right fit.I decided to
keep the name
because it had a good name
for entertainment at night.
It was real busy, presentable,
and we have a lot of fun here. Announcer:
For the first 3 years
Rob’s investment paid off.
In 2013, the Liquid Lounge
posted over $650,000 in sales.
But just months later,multiple setbacks combined
with Rob’s lack of experience
sent the bar into a
downward spiral.
Rob McCarthy:
It seemed like it
was the perfect storm.
We lost one of
our two cooks,
also we had a citing
for fruit flies publicized in the local
papers. That hit us hard. Announcer:
What seemed like a
good investment
quickly turned
into a money pit.
While Rob’s inexperience quickly
turned into incompetence.
What’s stopping this place from
being successful is Rob.Rob’s just a nice
guy, to a fault.
He’s just so nonchalant
about everything.He procrastinates and
he puts everything off.
There’s a lot of things that
need to be fixed.
He just doesn’t
pay attention.Doesn’t look clean.
The walls are filthy dirty.
That’s mold.(Speaking in Spanish) Rob McCarthy:
It’s a constant 24
hour a day job.
I tend to put things
on the back burner.All the problems
that arise
can be very overwhelming
at times.
You can never
escape that. Lola:
I love Rob, but at
the end of the day
this is his bar and he’s
letting the place fall apart. Announcer:
With the Liquid Lounge falling
into a state of disrepair,
and Rob checked out…Rob McCarthy:
Where we’re at now?
Yeah I wouldn’t be real proud
to bring my family over here.
I’m embarrassed. Announcer:
Lola checked in her husband.
I love him being here with me. I
know everything’s gonna be OK. My main responsibility
is support her. Lola:
Husband, I need you
to fix the toilet.
Are you serious?
Seriously, I need you to fix
the toilet, it’s not flushing. I gotta go fix
the toilet. It involves doing
anything that I canto help the bar
run smoothly.
If this bar closed down,
it would crush my heart because I love this bar. I
love being a bartender, I love interacting
with others,you know this the home
for a lot of customers.
We are a family, and for it to
shut down, it’d be terrible. I put my entire life savings
in here, over $400,000. I have at least 6 months of
checks not cashed for myself. Announcer:
With his life savings
on the line,
and nearly $270,000 in debt,
Rob has nowhere else to turn.
e,this bar to keep the doors open.This is the end
of the rope. Announcer:
He’s agreed to pull
back the doors,
bust open the books,and make a call for
help to Bar Rescue.
If this bar does not succeed,
I would be wiped out.