So what’s very special about hotels? If you ever feel more comfortable sleeping
in a hotel than your own home, then you might wonder what’s exactly in it that makes you
feel good. If you actually enjoy staying in your home
than in a hotel on the other hand, but want to get some ideas on how to add more luxurious
vibes in your own home, then stay tuned. Today we’re gonna talk about 9 Tips How to
Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel in any Budget. The following tips are ranked from the easiest
and cheapest to the more expensive makeover. Whether you wanna have a staycation or wanna
make your AirBnb rental more enticing, transforming your personal space
and real estate investment into a 5-star hotel suite experience is possible even without
a concierge, limousine or priceless view, and it’s also highly worth it in the long
run especially you can stay in for as long as you like since there’s no need to check-out. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #1: Lounge
in a silk robe Donning a silk robe and just lounging in your
favorite spot at home is the easiest way to get that instant luxury hotel experience. Doesn’t matter where you bought that silk
robe, just buy the most comfortable silk robe you can afford, preferably from the malls
or a brick-and-mortar shop. Don’t buy this online unless you know the
quality and trust the seller already because you need to feel the fabric in-person before
you purchase. If you wanna be extra, then you can have it
custom-made from an experienced taylor and even have silk robes and towels with personalized
name or monograms on them for each member of your family. Wear these when you’re on staycation mode,
or even every weekend– why not? You can chill in this while reading your favorite
book or magazine, catching up on your favorite movie or video game, or for that extra nice
hotel experience, even consider having a breakfast in bed. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #2: Avoid
clutter and dust accumulation Every hotel even the 3-star ones are very
organized and clean. You can use the KonMari method to sort out
your clutter, or feng shui to ensure there’s good energy flow around your home, or simply
minimalism. You can buy extra bins, baskets or decorative
bowls from the dollar store and its equivalent in your country, so all your family’s
belongings have their designated storage. But if you have the budget, you can also hire
a contractor to install additional built-in cabinets. Aside from that, make sure to vacuum or sweep
regularly and keep the floors, furniture and fixtures polished. You may also use special cleaners against
molds and dust mites. But if you wanna go natural, you may also
use vinegar when cleaning non-wooden and non-metallic surfaces such as glass or tiles since the
acidity in it makes it harder for molds and dust mites to thrive. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #3: Use clean
and crisp, high quality white linens Back in the day, hotels like using colorful
sheets especially darker ones to hide stains. But when major hotel chains opened design
labs to experiment with different types of ambience to improve sleep, they discovered
that white sheets actually create a “halo effect”. Now white linens are considered essential
by every luxury hotel in their bedroom suites, especially after Westin popularized its Heavenly
Bed in the 90s. According to Erin Hoover, Vice President of
Design for Westin and Sheraton Hotels, “Visually, the idea of the white bed is important. Something about an all white bed connotes
luxury and a good night sleep.” And he’s definitely right. Aside from the practical side of it which
is being easier to bleach back to pristine white and making guests feel that the sheets
and towels are brand new, people subconsciously associate the color white itself with luxury. If you’ve noticed, most affluent people wear
white clothes regularly even outside Memorial Day since they can afford to have them cleaned
well. But it’s not all about having white sheets
though. To achieve ultimate comfort, get a mattress
that doesn’t sag easily over the years to protect your spine, and make sure to invest
on high quality sheets. If you’re on a budget, as long as the quality
of yarn is good, say, it’s made of Egyptian or Pima cotton, then it’s ok to buy white
sheets with lower thread count. If these are not available in your place or
your favorite trusted online shop, then look for at least 600 thread count generic cotton
satin or 400 thread count lighter cotton sheets. If you can splurge, then buy the highest thread
count you can afford but again make sure it’s made of high quality yarn because those sheets
should last for decades. Also wash the sheets including towels regularly,
preferably weekly and at 60 degree celsius to eliminate any dustmites and bacteria. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #4: Don’t
scrimp on curtains Consider layering a translucent white fabric
along with your blackout curtain. Not only layering imparts a lush sophisticated
vibe, it helps maintain a clean look from the outside, which your building administrator or landlady will also love if
you live in a condominium or apartment. To get the hotel vibes, if there’s no flood
in your area then it’s safe to have curtains that reach the floor. To save a bit, instead of buying ready-made
curtains from shops, you can buy raw fabric instead and have them pre-cut and sewn, some
retailers offer this as extra service. Then add custom ribbon trimmings and tassels
at home. But if you’re into sewing, you can also sew
a simple curtain yourself using your mother’s or grandma’s sewing machine if available. If you wanna be extra and if your home is
more on the contemporary side, then you may consider installing motorized blinds or shades
which you can control via a remote, your smartphone and even Alexa. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #5: Add mood
lighting For that ambient, moody hotel feeling, don’t
simply just put one source of light directly above your head. According to Nora Voon, co-founder of London-based
design and architecture studio, the more lamps around a room create soft ambient lighting,
the better. If you’re on a budget, you can use programmable
LED strip lighting especially in your home office or computer area, and also behind your
television to avoid straining your eyes when using them at night. You can switch up the colors according to
your mood. Using yellow-orange or warm white may be boring
for some but I personally think they’re the best since they give a posh and elegant feel
unlike the neon alternatives. But if you wanna splurge on lighting, you
may switch from regular lights to dimmable lights. Also consider buying floor lamps, and installing
wall sconces and recessed or cove lighting in the ceilings and even stairs. You can also add art spotlights or extra lamps
to highlight a room accent or artwork in your home. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #6: Add some
greens in your home If you’re already contented with small potted
plants made of either plastic or clay since it’s the only thing you can afford for now, and they make
you feel good, then use them regardless of what other people say. It’s actually better than none at all because
aside from their green color breaking the monotony, manufacturers of these artificial
plants and flowers use better technology nowadays that make them look less fake compared to
those that were manufactured a decade or two ago. You can also DIY this at home if you’re into clay art. Also if you look closely, even some well-known
luxury hotels try to get away using them. Aside from not having to worry about forgeting
to water them, they help you visualize having real plants– which you can add in your home
later on. Maybe start off with some potted herbs, then
eventually add great indoor plants such as the snake plant which also promotes good feng
shui. You can also use preserved pressed flowers
as added decor. If you have the budget or even your own flower
garden, then liven up your home regularly with fresh bouquets and other floral arrangements. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #7: Add a
personal designer touch Most ready-made furniture and other home items
come in stock colors. You can have them varnished or custom-painted
to better match your interior theme. You can also paint certain walls in your home
in different colors from the rest to serve as accent walls. If budget is limited, you can just
the cabinet handles and knobs, and elevate some of your furniture with mid-century legs for instance. Also add memorabilia and art prints with interesting
frames. If you have the budget though, then you may add sculptures
and oriental accents like feng shui charms & cures for more auspicious chi. Also consider investing on real paintings
or if you’re artistic, you can paint your own because real artwork increases in value and
can be a good investment since the texture, story and inspiraton behind it can never be
replicated by art prints. Just ensure you have a certificate of authenticity
if buying from a gallery. Ensure that the genuine art pieces you’re investing
on personally speak to you, inspire you or empower you. After purchasing them, that’s when it’s best
to re-decorate some areas of your home using Pinterest as inspiration and 3D apps for planning
your new theme and design elements that won’t clash with your prized artworks, instead of
doing the other way around and delegating art works as mere accent wall filler– but well, you can do that too, it’s up to you. You can also hire a professional home decorator
or interior designer to do the makeover for you. DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip #8: Install
a good quality tub Having a nice soak along with your favorite
soap after work or school always spell luxury. Having a good quality tub at home not only
boosts the house’s value (therefore it can be considered as a good investment), it also
gives you a regular opportunity to relax and let your mind easily go to the theta state
which is very important when you wanna do effortless manifestation which I’m gonna talk
about in another video soon. If having a bath tub isn’t possible in your
current space, then a good alternative to still have a luxe hotel experience in your
bathroom is to add a wall speaker or a simple bluetooth speaker nearby so you can play some
good music to enhance your shower experience without having to bring your phone in –especially
with known trackers and hackers these days, we need to be extra careful with anything
that has camera in it and can connect to the internet. And finally, DIY Luxury Hotel Experience Tip
#9: Add designated recreation spaces Depending on you and your family’s favorite
hobbies or down time activities, you may add these extra amenities at home: to create
a spa experience, choose a dark, quiet area in your house where you can meditate, do yoga
or just simply unwind. You can hire some personal home massage service,
and also add scented candles along with some soft plush rug while playing zen music
in the background. If you’re the fitness junkie kind or you plan
to be, then you may consider creating a home gym instead. You can add some barbels and a treadmill infront
of a TV, or oftentimes just a TV and DVD player that can play some zumba, pilates or a little
more advanced workout programs like Intensity and T25 will do. If you have enough space, then it’s advisable
to consider mounting huge studio-like mirrors so you can see your form and ensure that you’re
having the right postures while working out. If not, then scheduling regular sessions with
a personal fitness coach who can safely guide you is also a good option. Add a small fridge in there for drinks and
towel rack, and this hotel-inspired mini-gym at home will encourage you to workout regularly. If budget and space aren’t a concern, you
may also consider adding a designated jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna to
top off that luxurious hotel experience right in your home. If you have any more ideas how to bring hotel
luxury at home, kindly share them in the comments section below. If you find this video helpful, share this
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