Hi, I’m your local bartender and here’s 8 ways to piss me off! Hey, hon, what can I get ya? I don’t know. What’s your favorite drink to make? A shot or a beer, the easiest ones to make. But I’m going to tell you an Old Fashioned because I appreciate the craft. Which is total BS because they suck to make but you might write a Yelp review. Hey, can I get something strong but not too strong? But not too sweet either. Actually can you make it sweet but still strong? Actually can I just get a sangria? Sure. No, no, that’s too sweet! I’m shocked. So did you want to start a tab or pay with cash? Uh, cash. Ok so it’s $9. $9 great. A Dollar. CVS So long! Another dollar. Oh my gosh. I left all my cash in the car. Ok um can you split it between cash and card? Thanks. So when are you gong to take me out? Never. C’mon you’re obviously interested. You’ve been looking at me all night! I’m basically trapped in a rectangle, there’s no where to look. How bout uh here huh? Or maybe uh here? Or how ’bout a little uh over here? Check them out. They’re like hams. Look at that. Crack a walnut. My boss keeps calling these two hour lunch meetings and I’m just like … You can do all of this in a paragraph of an email! So I was ranting about it on the way home to my boyfriend I was like, I thought of all the best things I could say but you always think of those things like in the car, on the way home, or in the shower. So I’m not really sure, I think I’m turning
into my mother but should I quit my job or should I not? I just wish he would propose already! What do you think? Pay your tab. I’m a bartender not a therapist. Oh, uh can I get easy ice? Sure. He thinks that means his drink is going to
have more alcohol. It’s really just going to have more mixer.. I don’t know can you just like make something up? I’m going to close my eyes and make up that
you don’t exist. Like do whatever your heart desires, be creative,
surprise me! Hey I can’t tip a lot right now but I promise
I’ll get you next time Ok? Bye! I will never see that man again. Hey are you going to do an outro or what? Oh my gosh yes uh hi uh thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. We are uh, HoweFunny, and we put up videos every um, gosh every … Thursday Thursday! Every Thursday! Have a great day!